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Meditacijos centras Ojas

The roots of Ojas are nature and the world, branches – science, art and activity, blossoms – love and meditation, fruit – knowledge, equality and freedom.

Through meditation body and soul, matter and spirit naturally and harmoniously unite from within. This brings health and wealth outside, love and happiness inside.

Let's meditate together!

Meditation Center Ojas


Gautama Buddha was the first to bring meditation and nirvana or enlightenment to the world 2500 years ago. "Be a light unto yourself." These were his last words.

Meditation and its unification with science and life are the most important in Ojas. Here the depth and height of meditation are more significant than its width and mass scale. Ojas is more suitable for those who go towards the truth and happiness on their own, like plants do it towards the light. This way one grows, awakens and evolves.

Many buddhas were paving a path for awakening of consciousness and evolution. "Meditation is death and resurrection. When you go beyond the deepest sleep and still you are aware, that awareness is meditation." Osho

Osho cleaned meditation and enlightenment, the blossoms and fruit of religiousness, –from superstitions, beliefs, traditions, rituals and personality and laid the foundation for the unity of life, science and religion. Science, its laws and evolution is in absolute accord with meditation and spirituality as well as with true religion.

Meditation - flight and blossoming of soul

Responsibility is the root of freedom; freedom is the fruit of responsibility and their unity is meditation.

Meditation. Meditation is the greatest gift to oneself; love and sharing – to others and the world. Meditation is the method to look and see, experience and recognize the truth. It is a clear and thoughtless state of love, freedom and unity with the world. Without meditation a man does not know himself at all. Thus, in the most essential fields he is a heathen, believer, dreamer, even though he might be rational and just sometimes, but he is irresponsible and blind. He does not know where he came from and where he is heading, what he is doing here, he is neither responsible for his birth nor life or death.

The concept of meditation as it is mistakenly understood in the West and in Lithuania is only single-sided concentration, strain and identification with power, symbols, beliefs and gods. Concentration and contraction of body, mind and consciousness tore a man away from himself, from his inside and knocked him into immense physical, psychological and spiritual tension and suffering; i.e. to miseries, conflicts, terrorism and wars. Single-sided concentration and identification are a disease. For recreation of health and holism, a modern man needs to disidentify from others and the world, relax within oneself, in the unity of body and mind, in flow of consciousness – meditation.

There are ten basic keys to meditation: 1- naturalness; 2 – relaxation; 3 – openness; 4 – vitality and its flow; 5 – sensing and being within; 6 – non-judgment and non-imagining; 7 – insight; 8 – sincerity; 9 – totality and 10 – witnessing.

There are 108 basic methods of meditation known today.

Ojas leader, meditation master, Prembuda, DSc

Meditation center Ojas is based in a geographic center of Vilnius and Europe and it was registered in India, the homeland of meditation, Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune on January 23, 1994 and in Lithuania on April 12, 2005. The word Ojas in Sanskrit language means splendour, spiritual, sublime and noble. Ojas was founded and its activity is centered by the meditation master Prembuda, DSc. The team of Ojas harmoniously contributes to its activity.

Ojas team

A seed needs soil and light so that it could sprout, become a tree, a flower, blossom, and soul needs community and buddhafield – the river of love and consciousness to be able to incarnate, grow, awaken and finally liberate itself from body, mind and eventually from the grip of soul - to become enlightened. Ojas is such a body, not an organization, but a spiritual organism.

Here one learns to get to know and maintain hygiene, economy and ecology of body, mind and soul. Here the core of life is creation and support of love, equality and harmony and its application in life, the very center of its whirl.

Old and new meditations and meditation practices are practiced in Ojas. Here all bodies and energies of a man; i.e. vital, kundalini and sexual, are transformed. There are no orders and dogmas here, no repression and coercion. Everything is accepted and transformed as it is in nature and the Universe. Just much more consciously.

Through meditation and consciousness from within mud turns into lotus here, fear and anger – to courage and joy, misery to wealth, malaise - to capacity and wellness. In Ojas Osho dynamic and kundalini meditations are meditated with particular ease and inspiration; during which all energies and bodies from the matter to spirit clean, rise and transform. Afterwards silence and harmony come into life. Here all diseases disappear, wealth and happiness grow.

Zenhall from outside
Zenhall from inside

In 1996 a spiritual community Prem ashrama grew up around Ojas and Prembuda, wherein people learn to harmoniously unite body, mind and spirit. In January 1997 a unique Meditation School, and in 2003 – Meditation Academy were born in Ojas. In 2000 the center equipped Zenhall – the premises and the hall for meditations, later the center established Ojas Resort nearby Vilnius with gardens in nature and constructed the Palace of Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit with premises for living, activity and a hall for meditations – Buddhahall.

Ojas cooperates closely withOsho International Meditation Resort. Meditativeness of Ojas in Lithuania is developed by a meditation activity center Sadhaka.

Every day meditations take place in Ojas, "here and now" the buddhafield and wellness are being created and shared – those who seek may participate in meditations, meditation practices, courses, place an order for individual session, get involved into meditation activity. Everything is done meditatively in Ojas; books are published, films on meditation, its deepening and application in life are created.

Buddhahall from outside
Buddhahall from inside

Lithuanian people are interested in meditation and the center. Some are afraid of them, others intimidate, and the third ones dash here. Not a single meditation center survived for more than several years in the Baltic States and nearby post-communist Christian countries. Catholics and former communists in the Lithuanian government, national security bodies (1, 2), Parliament, presidents and church in particular have wasted much effort to destroy Ojas. For this purpose resolutions of inquisitive nature have been passed by the Lithuanian Government, which are valid today, Catholic organizations are founded on purpose and supported by the European funds, like the Center for Research of New Religions and Information (NRTIC). Information about Ojas is like information of the Chinese authorities on Dalai Lama, and about Ojas like information of Catholics about communists or Russia and vice versa. It is solely the truth that wellness and happiness.

Rarely and only temporarily does the antiquity win over progress, regress over advancement and fossil over evolution. Let's love our enemies and they will naturally disappear or transform themselves into progress and humanism. Caravan of love, creativity and meditation travels through the Earth and the Universe. There are still chances for humanity and humaneness to survive. Let's meditate together. This way not only will we survive, but grow and become happier as well.

So far Ojas has been the only meditation center in Lithuania and neighboring Baltic countries which was properly registered, active since 1994 and has been growing in body, mind and spirit. By sharing, health and well-being, love and meditation, truth and freedom spread from Ojas to the world. When our roots are in body and life, but blossoms - in soul and meditation, everything else adds up on its own accord and very easily.

In 2017, about 30 000 visitors visited Ojas website; kundalini video-demo was viewed by over 65 000 meditators from Lithuania and abroad.

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