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Catholic Law of Lithuania and ECHR Lack Humanism

May practice and science be separated? May one do contrarily than science tells? We know that practice from science is separated by faiths. Not religion, but faiths. Children at schools are getting out of their minds trying to understand how Catholic God created nature and a man, if they evolved. Faith tells that a man was created. Facts, science shows – evolved. Meditation also confirms that. When researching visual perception at Vilnius University I saw that either you follow belief and do not understand anything, remain old minded; or accept evolution and a direction of progress becomes clear. Then just catch the time to embody insights. We also know that all wellbeing of the West is achieved through unity of science and practice. Countries in which science is not being developed and its results and conclusions are not applied in practice, remain old minded, false and unhappy. So far such is Lithuania. And situation yet worsens.

Exhibition Election and Choices. Recently in Lithuania not sincere, true answer is significant, but unfair, demonstrative choice of children that, unfortunately, may become a bad example for situation of parents and children that is already poor as it is. Several newspapers of Lithuanian on 28 July 2010 rather panegyrically announced that European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) following representative courts of Lithuania finally took away from mother minor daughters who lived with her founding this on their wishes purportedly. Here it needs to be mentioned, that “wishes” of girls were stated through fraud and violence after they have been already taken away from mother. After occupation similar “wishes” during election were expressed by grown-ups of Lithuania. So what could be told about children?

Kolkhoznaja pravda -  
Kolkhoznaja pravda - "Truth of Kolkhoz" [1] 

What are the facts of this story and what life and science tell about such "wishes” and elections?

In the Soviet Lithuania and in entire Soviet Union collective farmers elected the chairmen of kolkhoz (collective farms). But during several tenths of years a chairman who is intelligent, suitable for people, but not pleasing the government was not elected at least once. Here is an answer. Even if those not pleasing ones were elected, then right away they were replaced by those who please, indulge. Intimidation of collective farmers by troubles and tampering with cookies, bananas and medals were used for that. All education and protection services of adults and children from little octobrists, pioneers to komsomolers and communists, militia, courts and armies were functioning harmoniously and effectively. Finally pleasing ones were elected by one hundred percent. Everywhere. Until people opened their eyes and started to say and act in accordance with what they see, and government could not already lie and abuse massively.

The conclusion and insight of these stories is one. Even adults may not choose maturely in face of physical, psychological and spiritual oppression, because that causes some or even all three – physical, psychological and spiritual sufferings. It is even more obvious that minor children may choose even less objectively in face of oppression and gifts as well as promises. And such purportedly objective and free statement of possibility of choice coming from inside becomes totally worthless, if circumstances of oppression and gifts-promises are determined by impartial specialists. The worst of it is that such “choices” to the prejudice of children are used by interested parents and other interested institutions, organizations, faiths.

Catholic Curiosities of Lithuania. We talk about two girls to whom courts of Lithuania and European Court of Human Rights, without taking into consideration basic and objective scientifically researched matters, possibly caused harm and even more shall harm in the future because their unqualified and interested decisions impede psychosocial development of girls. We talk also about mother of girls Ilona Gineitiene from whom daughters raised by her until six and seven years were taken away unjustifiably, and who lived together with mother for the last two years and were not receiving almost any support from their father. It is strange, but in a case of near story with Inga Rinau’s daughter, the larger part of Lithuanian authorities and legal institutions requested that a girl should not live with her father, but with mother only, but in case of Ilona Gineitiene, that girls have to live with father, but not with mother. An opinion is probably changed because a father of Rinau daughter and mother Ilona Gineitiene are not Catholics and it is bad all by itself, while Lithuania is governed by Catholics.

May any woman feel safe in Lithuania, when government, child protection agencies subordinated to it, courts may take away children from her at any time? May children feel safe, if their mothers are not safe? No! Then both children and a mother are not safe. Then safety may be performed only. And performance shall bear fruits. The fruits of lie, oppression and violence. In fact, fruits are already seen. Lithuanian people are not only unhappy, but also evacuate to other countries.


Conclusions and Insights of Experts. Specialists of Child’s Development Center of Vilnius University Hospital based on clinical interview and clinical observation established that a father of girls "When communicating with daughters Vilmantas Gineitas judges negatively their mother Ilona Gineitiene and her behavior. By his words and behavior he shows that he wants greatly the daughters to live with him, promises to daughters to do that, to achieve that by fight. That is obvious from statements of girls themselves in which phrases of father are repeated. In such way girls are under an influence of their father.

Mother Ilona Gineitiene took rather neutral position and from available clinical materials it may not be concluded that a mother would condition negative attitude to daughters with respect to their father.<..>

Assessing the fact, that conflict situation into which girls are involved, continues for the long time, that father Vilmantas Gineitas conditions unfavorable attitude with respect to mother Ilona Gineitiene, we think, that currently girls may not express their impartial opinion. Currently girls are involved into loyalty conflict and they feel a need to emotionally remain close to their father. <…>

We offer that the older daughter would live temporarily with father Vilmantas Gineitas, and the youngest – with mother Ilona Gineitiene, without limiting a possibility of other parent to communicate with other daughter.

We think that after both daughters have been left to live with father, will condition to the girls negative attitude with respect to their mother and that shall impede their own later psychosocial development.”

Conclusions and insights of this the most important and extensive psychological expertise of 18-03-2004 were not considered when determining a place of residence of daughters of Ilona Gineitiene both in Lithuanian courts and in ECHR. The beginning of entire case was not considered either, when both daughters were taken away only because of religious discrimination and only later when Lithuania was completing procedures of joining the European Union, the government started amending decisions, coats. But turning of coat does not create humanism. Contrary. Only hides discrimination and corruption. Spangle placed on a wound not only does not heal it, but even impedes diagnosis and treatment. Lithuanian courts and ECHR lack humanism. Wellbeing is an outcome of humanism, but not vice versa.

Catholic Facts of Religious Discrimination. True intents of government and courts are revealed by other facts of their abuse and discrimination which were not known at that time, when deciding destinies of daughters and some other people.

Documents for registration of progressive meditation religion community Meditation Center "Ojas" (hereinafter - Ojas) were submitted to the Ministry of Justice on 12-03-2003. The Ministry of Justice had to reply in six months by 12-09-2003. Meditation religion which is practiced in Ojas has not any similarity to faiths and is based on practice, experience and science of spirit. During that time Catholic church lead by a cardinal A.J.Bachkis, together with Lithuanian government, courts and Catholic national television of Lithuania did everything they could to compromise by lie and defamation as well as to intimidate by force structures and courts the members of Ojas.

First of all on 07-05-2003 an ultimatum of government and Catholics to go to church or to mental hospital was stated to a beginner meditator Neringa Mockute. A girl who did not choose Catholicism was confined to mental hospital through fraud and violence for 52 days. She was given “tranquilizers” and bound to bed. Purportedly because of illness. Any signs of illness since escaping the treatment of catholic psychiatrists have not been seen up to date. Maybe only belief that perhaps something is not all right. If Neringa Mockute had illness by then that was illness of Catholicism. After she has let it go - only health and improving life. On 17-06-2003 a broadcast "Sroves" falsified by Audre Kudabiene was broadcasted by LNK television supporting Catholic hysteria of hunting for witches and sects. A case of Neringa Mockute is also in the hands of ECHR.

Catholic resolution of claim to take away two daughters of Ilona Gineitiene because of meditating in accordance with a statement of Vilmantas Gineitas of 01-07-2003 was adopted on 14-07-2003 though schemes of the father were probably born also on May as well as falsified forced closing of Neringa Mockute to mental hospital. Somebody was conducting Catholic actions behind the scenes. V.Gineitas somewhere on May also asked permission of I.Gineitiene to let the youngest daughter to visit him which with help of courts has never been returned.

Gen.specialist A.Venckus from the Department of Operational Control of VCSTI
and a policeman J.Kateshchenko during illegal incursion of Ojas [3].

During intended registration half-year, since 11-07-2003 Ojas leader Prembuddha (Mechislovas Vrubliauskas) started receiving orders of tax administrator of Vilnius County State Tax Inspectorate (VCSTI) about purportedly illegal simulated religious activity and on 05-08-2003 Ojas was captured illegally, discriminatively by officers of police and State Tax Inspectorate who wanted to lay down meditators. That is undeniable religious discrimination. Revealing final retrograde decision of this falsified story of the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania (SACL) with respect to purportedly illegal spiritual activity to punish Prembuddha by LTL 1000 fine, even though spiritual activity is allowed even by the Lithuanian Catholic Law on Religious Communities and Societies. Instead of going into very sensitive matters of heart and spirit, with war tribunal rhetoric SACL stated: "Statements of an appeal claim about what is religious community and statements on issues of registration of religious community, fall outside the scope of case examination, thus judge panel does not examine them. Irrespective of whether a part of activity of appellant may or may not be deemed activity of a spiritual master, arraignment of appellant to administrative liability is legal”. This charge was denied finally when Ojas was registered as a religious community.


On 05-08-2003 at the same time as to Ojas, the inspectors invaded a personal enterprise of a meditator who at that time meditated in Ojas. Intensive Catholic process of Lithuanian society took place through press, internet, radio and television by paying for pursuits by official money from our pocket. Inquisition commission of money laundering and persecution of progressive religions ( Official Gazette, 2000, No. 32-906) established even on 14-04-2000 by prime minister Andrius Kubilius has been active. The Parliament was pouring money for finding people who were hurt by sects and discussed laws of prevention of new religions. During ten years neither sects, nor people harmed by them have been found. During this Ojas registration half-year and about at that time also other smaller events of similar Catholic persecution took place. In such discriminative atmosphere of meditation religious community Ojas and its members a story of taking away daughters of Ilona Gineitiene took place.


Meditation center Ojas was registered on a day of 12-04-2005 by the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania after neither the smallest unintelligent word nor action, nor violations of morals or health have been discovered. Besides also later some retrogrades, priest Arunas Peshkaitis, priest Edmundas Naujokaitis, cardinal Audrys Juozas Bachkis defamed Ojas, but the number of backward people, liars, slanderers and those who supported them was decreasing. On the other hand, even today Catholics are propagating lie and defamation about meditation and Ojas during lectures of ordinands in Vytautas Magnus University, through Catholic propaganda center of Vilnius University which is named by them Center of Religious Studies and Research, etc.


Catholicism Law and Humanism. We understand fear and violence of Catholics in the face of humane, progressive new meditation religion. Meditation religion practiced in Ojas does not have a single order, any accusation or intimidation. Only ways how to know yourself and accomplish your own existential mission.

Just born child is declared guilty by Catholics. That is not humane. That is not true. That is a lie. Then using this lie they declare the beginning of salvation from which there is no exit, because it is impossible to legally renounce Catholicism. Such is Lithuanian law. Such unfounded charges to just born child is against presumption of innocence, against international law, against nature of a man, against truth.


Cross is also inhumane Catholics symbol of salvation and a way of resurrection. Cross will never grow to tree and tree shall never grow to cross. For a tree that would be retrogradation. There is much more humanity and love in a tree than in all crosses of the world. Evolution has happened through a tree. More simple and human is unconscious resurrection of seed through a tree and conscious resurrection of a man through meditation. Not a single man resurrected through a cross. Thousands awakened and resurrected through meditation.

Catholic Law of Lithuania and ECHR and Results. Dear people of Lithuania! We are for our and your physical and spiritual freedom. Without corruption, without lie, without inequality, without Catholic falsification, hypocrisy and compulsion.

ECHR states that considered circumstances of religion discrimination of Ilona Gineitiene. This was even talked about. But, firstly, it did not consider that in the beginning the courts of Lithuania took away daughters from mother only because of religious discrimination. Only then they turned their coats and started to play the roles of benefactors. Like China in front of Tibet. Secondly, courts of Lithuania and ECHR unjustifiably failed to assess and rejected conclusions of expertise of psychologists and psychiatrist presented above which show that girls are influenced by father; he harms them by turning them against mother, and thirdly, they are not able to choose impartially. That disability of theirs is announced as the great benefaction. Courts considered wishes of the girls the most. And all others specialists purportedly of child protection who came to girls’ home, behaved and wrote statements as communists about Catholics, crusaders about Lithuania or spies about meditation center.

Courts of Lithuania and ECHR have already announced their verdict which in the eyes of specialists of psychology and psychiatry, ours and of spiritual science, is very harmful to the girls and partially – to mother. On the other hand that is usual in Lithuania. You may not accuse Lithuanian government and courts of lack of cunningness. But cunningness – that is not humanism, not common-humanity. And foundation of well being, progress and evolution is not cunningness but humanism, cooperation. Lithuanian is known as a country of Jew shooters. Whether at least one Jew shooter is sentenced? No. And anger in Lithuania to Jews comes from Vatican, Catholicism to a large extent. That was during centuries.


Whether at least one pedophilia of priests was prevented in Lithuania and in the world and at least one bishop pedophile was sentenced, though their living victims are suffering and asking for protection and justice for decades? Only now and only after tens, hundreds of thousands pedophiles victims have grown up, and that - only not in Lithuania, justice and humanism are being reestablished little by little. Vatican and Catholicism so far are the only state and organization wherein pedophilia is massive and systematic. That is a natural outcome because where sexual energy of priests will turn, if it is repressed and women are despised? To children who are "liked" much by Catholic government of Lithuania and the Parliament. Children do not go themselves to church or care houses. Children are pulled to care houses and priests were brought there and to schools and "soul-leading" money is paid to them. Catholicism by suppressing sexual energy ignorantly directly and indirectly increases a number of sexual perverts and rapists.

Priests and Catholics did everything and observe very carefully that meditators would not step into schools and children - to meditation centers. And they have already "sheltered" these two minors. Meanwhile in Indian schools and universities namely meditation is applied to reduce psychosocial tensions and suicides.

Allegoric Story and Humanism. Two women who both stated that a child is hers were brought to a sage. A sage offered to the women to take a child by his hands and pull. A victory will show whose child he is. When during suffering and screaming of child, one woman won, a sage gave a child to the other one after explaining that none of the mother would pull out hands to her child. The same truth is in a case of dispute with respect to children between father and mother, especially when father pulls out hands of children and their mother. Let it be psychologically.


Girls who have to reject their mother as a result of oppression of father, government and courts will never feel well their own body, will not be able to relax, feel well their femininity, motherliness, love and always will feel fear that children may also be taken away from them. They will also feel a conflict with men because as per their experience men turn daughters against their mothers whom they are going to be. That is already in their subconscious. Specialists call that the aggravation of psychosocial development of the girls. In fact the girls are already disabled spiritually.

In case of such actions father also significantly hurts himself and that always destroys his closeness with women and children. This way laws of psychology, love and spirit function. Men who are looking for happiness and love should never behave like that. Men without having happiness and love themselves may not share them also with others.

Ilona Gineitiene who defended daughters, their rights and did not turn them against the father, remained with her own roots and own wings and could grow further. That is the true humanism. It seems that only she was capable to raise her daughters with love and humanely. Now when they are almost finally taken away, she will have to transform her loss and inner pain to love. But true pain creates also true happiness, love.


Life and future bring fruits of our works. On the other hand, the taste of works of Catholic parliament members, officials and lawyers of Lithuania today is shown already by self-feeling of residents, their running out of Lithuania and statistics and their taste is so clear to more perceptive man. Their works lack humanism, sincerity and love. Let’s place this. And put more. Not thought, but consciousness. Then the highest possible wellbeing, happiness and love will be born.

Prembuddha, Ojas, 02-08-2010
English translation 29-08-2010

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