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Metchislovas Vrubliauskas

Witch hunters - the new 'researchers of religion'

(Published in 2001 and updated in 2003)

     Those, who like calling themselves researchers of religion or those who appeal to them, according to attributes and methods of activity, used to be called witch hunters, inquisitors or KGBists. They called themselves “researchers of religion” in order to create an image of scientists. One of such waves of “researchers of religion” rose at the end of 1999 and at the beginning of the year 2000. Just then, they failed to live to see the second coming of Christ, which had been promised.

     The other waves of “researchers of religion” and new saints appear because of fears, interests, and orders. For several months already, after finding out they failed to ruin meditators in Lithuania till 2001, and seeing their lives becoming nicer, more conscious, some of the scandal sheets started witch-hunt again in the summer of 2001. Among those, “republican” (a pressman working for "Respublika") Mr. M.Peleckis has good track record in writing scribbles. He has managed to make even two chicken tracks about meditators this summer. On the whole, he keeps watching that people, who don’t belong to sect of his own, wouldn’t start living better. Actually, one of his lies tells that Osho meditation center was given a house by a generous woman from Vilnius. It was disapproved by tabloid “Lietuvos zinios” (“Lithuanian news”), which is sponsored by the millionaire Mr. B.Lubys. This tabloid is probably the one, which noised about most of the lies about meditation, Osho, and Osho Ojas meditation center in Lithuania. Natural question arises: whom and what for newsmen want to please by lying about meditators? It obvious that to Catholics, but the main questions remains: why do they want to please Catholics?

     Certainly, we are not going to establish all the falsifications here, for there isn’t enough writing space and there’s no point. Newsmen’s attitude is proven by the article of June 13, 2001, with screaming headline “Osho meditation centers are places for group orgies”. While talking in terms of sectphobia, sexphobia, meditation, there’s no wonder that attitudes of ex-communists and Catholics coincide. They are afraid of these matters as well, as they don’t know them and try to reject them. But the rejected thought falls back on the obsessed one. The grounds of their attitudes are similar. First of all, their belief; the first ones believe in the existence of God, the second - in non-existence; second, their inner ignorance and lack of inner knowing of their own and peoples’ subconsciousness. Catholics can’t change anything here, since knowledge is forbidden for them. They will remain hypocrite and sectarian, dividing the world into light and dark, divine and devilish, denying and rejecting a part of the world and themselves (Latin word sectio means partition, section. The words sect and sex were derived from the former). While red color symbolizes not only communism, but sex too, reds gradually can understand that life isn’t only sex, money, and power. According to our experience and understanding, true life needs love and consciousness also. Consequently, it needs meditation.

     Here, we are going to mention some of well-known “researchers of religion”, who actively took part in spreading lies against meditation, buddha Osho, Osho Ojas meditation center and “unmasking” them.

     This is Ronald Reagan - the former U.S. president. He was the one who did his best not allowing Osho to stay in the U.S. and made efforts to prevent him from getting visa to other countries. Liars and pharisees take delight in the fact that even 21 country refused Osho to issue visa. This happens at the time when people in Europe and around the world will soon start crossing borders without visa. Bugs and birds can move from country to country freely but this is not allowed to human being, buddha. The reagans want to constrain more people than bugs. At present time he does not play active role in researches of religion. According to the latest press reports, picks up leaves from a pond; or maybe bugs?

     Pope John Paul II, who became Pope after death of John Paul I. Popes have always been moving spirits of inquisition and witch-hunt except for John Paul I. Osho pointed to the facts, showing that John Paul I was ready to bring forward reforms in Catholic Church. John Paul I was probably killed, for his personal doctor stated that Paul I hadn’t had heart dysfunction, therefore he couldn’t die from heart disease, as it was reported officially. The personal doctor wasn’t admitted to the body of Pope after Pope’s death. Certificate of death wasn’t issued.

     Mr. Vytautas Bogushis - the leader of Modern Christian democrats party, former parliament member, he was the first who sent Lithuanian national security agents to Osho Ojas meditation center in 2000. He came to such decision when some pranksters placed a congratulation ad in “Lietuvos Aidas” with greetings to a newborn Christian party (already disappearing). Among those, who signed greetings, someone wrote down the name of Osho Ojas meditation center, though Ojas wasn’t involved in sending greetings. Then, security agents stated that representatives of prosecutor would soon arrive.

     Mr. Petras Plumpa - the henchman of Catholics, former Governmental adviser, responsible for religious questions, the one who shut the door on leave, for the Government didn’t pay much attention to his workplace. Mr.P.Plumpa has good track record in instigating confessional strife in Lithuania. He directed Lithuanian National Security Department and its leader Mr. M.Laurinkus to investigate the activity of Osho Ojas meditation center and Mr. M.Vrubliauskas. At last, Mr. P.Plumpa belief and hopes have come true. The god of Catholics heard his servant’s prayer. Policemen were told to interview everyone who signed under the petition, so that Osho meditation center could be registered. The policemen confirmed that questioning was carried out along with the initiative of Department of National Security. The questions were asked if Mr. M. Vrubliauskas had ever cheated, committed acts of violence, persuaded to share out one’s property, etc. The activity of this catholic clerk is not only antidemocratic, but also anticonstitutional and antihuman.

     Mr. Arunas Peshkaitis - the henchman of Catholics, a specialist working in Registry section, Ministry of Justice. He is considered to be the loftiest researcher of religions among his colleagues in Lithuania. He is thought to be a spotter of new religions and inquisition spirit mover. He did his best to instigate confessional strife in Lithuania and persuaded National Security Department to track Osho Ojas meditation center and Mr. M.Vrubliauskas. He is a clerk, and later - ordinand whose understanding of meditation and Osho’s teaching extends that far, as communist’s understanding about prayer and Christianity.

     Mr. Mechys Laurinkus, "generalissimos" of National Security Department. He is the "grand interceptor" of all Lithuania’s enemies and operation modeling fan. While not having caught enemies, he has decided to improve his fallen standing by purification of Christianity. Similar to other catholic “researchers of religion”, applying his sick imagination, he understood Osho teaching as “liberation of divine sexual energy…”. For several months now, he has been very busy with Mr.M.Vrubliauskas, other meditators. He was involved in step modeling and tracking. Mrs. R. Chirbuliene, in her reminiscences, called "generalissimos" as immature bleater. Then, as it follows from recall of events of January 13: parents of kids, who learned in a primary class, asked Mr. M. Laurinkus for some help, so that class teacher Mrs. Z. Likaite, who worked for putschist radio station as an announcer, wouldn’t teach their children. By the way, Mr. M.Laurinkus daughter learned in the same class. Mr. M. Laurinkus evading refused to help. "Immaturity of Mr. M.Laurinkus was obvious" said a former teacher of that school.

     Mindaugas Peleckis, a pressman working for "Respublika". He is assumed to be a hope for those, who are interested in witch-hunt. He was showed a door at Osho Ojas meditation center for lies, cheating, instigating confessional strife. And yet again, there appears a new failure of the young pressman. After having scared people about the self-knowledge school, which is run by Mrs. A. Kaziukeviciene, he placed a photo in the article of a different woman. One may excuse the pressman, unless his fascist desire as soon as possible to purify the nation and do much harm to meditators.

     In summer 2001 Lithuanian inquisition boom started purportedly from Mr. S. Meilutis complaint. He seems got very offended when Mrs. I. Meilutiene, having been exhausted from Mr. S. Meilutis rudeness and nag, divorced him one and a half year ago. Now such divorces are becoming common even among modern Christian women. It seems Mr. S. Meilutis, Mr. M. Laurinkus, “Lietuvos zinios” understanding about meditation and Osho looks similar to Palangos Juze understanding about computers. That reminds scribbles, where people describe their experiences of living on Mars, Venus, Sun.

     Firstly, it is immoral to describe religion in the words of national security agent. In the reference given by National Security Department, to which appeals “Lietuvos zinios” in its scribble, one may see complete foolishness and lie concerning religious questions. For example, statements like “the teaching of this movement is mixed to a great extent. Osho himself, while declaring his teaching, appealed to various holy scriptures….” This shows that Mr. M.Laurinkus and his advisers have no understanding about Osho teaching. The ground of his teaching is meditation and truth itself, not scriptures, beliefs or prayers. Then, “21 Western country has prohibited the followers of Osho entering their territories. By the way, when Osho died in 1990, there didn’t emerge a new leader.” Osho sannyasins freely visit all democratic countries of the world. Osho, after his death, left an inner circle consisting of 21 people.

     Secondly, the inspector, after having interviewed meditators, said that church is much scared of the meditation center. I understand church. Cardinals and Pope were afraid to look through Galileo’s telescope, so that they wouldn’t see outer skies, which contravene with teachings of Bible and church. These days church is afraid of meditation, since inner skies are not according with church or Bible also. So, the question sounds natural, to what purpose their teaching serves and who benefits from it?

     Christian religious faultfinding attitude is unjustifiable and illegal. Appealing to my experience, I could say I don’t need Jesus and Christian god. Actually, without them, a man is nicer, sincerer and more conscious. Everything what one needs is in one’s heart and soul. I have nothing against Christian gods, but at the same time I have nothing to do with them in pure consciousness and heart. Most meditators fall into depression, spiritual illness, after their consciousness having been intervened by the Christian gods. Actually, nothing should be intervened between consciousnesses, which is for most people outwards, and inwards, since spirituality is lost. Similarly, nothing should be put between tree roots and ground, between branches and the sky. Whatever god, saint, image or word blocks consciousness from continuous experience of inner divine ocean. The more one experiences, the more one understands that consciousness passes through death and it is eternal. After having known immortality soul returns to eternity. In this way, two of basic Christians’ and their god’s commandments are denied such as stay in ignorance, and don’t seek for immortality. Meditators go this very way. What else could any meditator or buddha say if the truth is as clear as it is?

     "Lietuvos zinios" scribble tries to attribute even Mrs. I. Meilutiene tragic death to meditators. Firstly, she really wanted to escape from Kaunas and Mr. S. Meilutis cobweb. She was scared by the words of her ex-husband. He threatened, that he would do everything, so that she wouldn’t leave for Vilnius, where she worked, studied at Vilnius University, and where her beloved lived. Secondly, random witness saw the number plate of the car, which ran down Mrs. I. Meilutiene. Isn’t the causer a Christian, if he was traveling during Easter? Thirdly, there are lies in the scribble that while meditating one needs a mate, that Mrs. I.Meilutiene on the day of the accident drank in a bar with her beloved, lived at Mrs. R.Chirbuliene place, left children to mother-in-law to look after, etc.

     Those, who suffer from sexphobia, had once found M. Vrubliauskas words that it would be better if physically mature, but under-age youngsters could correlate before the barriers and perversions are formed, but they are unable to understand these words. As if they don’t see that animals can do it, and they don’t become perverted or maniacs as become we, Christian people, but on the contrary, grow normal and become understanding partners? Why the more “moral insurance”, the more number of perversities increase? Actually, Osho is right by saying forbid and you will become perverted. We will discuss the harm of interdictions another time, while the very interdictions show that the forbidding one is already perverted. Have you ever seen wild animals raping, watching porn films or playboy? Why do these films are being constantly created and why there are idiots watching them? Moreover, I am saying for under-age youngsters would be able, but not do sexing as it is and has been in Christianity, Islam and Hinduism to marry children by force.

     Those, who suffer from sexphobia, can’t understand Mr. M.Vrubliauskas words that it would be better if parents, making love - that should be separated from sexing, wouldn’t hide from children. There is no doubt the ones must learn and prepare for it. Why children can watch and learn only from porn films, tittering kids and sexing animals? I saw; all country kids see it. It’s common knowledge that animals don’t make love, only do sexing. It’s good that at least animals are not ashamed of it, don’t titter, don’t demonstrate and are natural. I saw cock doing sexing with hens, dogs with bitches. When I was a little child, I had to take the cow to the bull, boar to the pig and so on. It was a part of country child’s life. Then natural question would sound like this: why it is normal for human and animal children to watch and take part in animal sex, while human sex is taboo? Is human sex uglier? Maybe Christians’ sex, who suffer from sexphobia, is uglier and they are hiding for they don’t know what is to make love? Maybe it is the reason for the “researcher’s of religion” A.Peshkaitis behavior in TV show “Paskutine kryzkele”, after having heard the word sex started to jump on the seat and titter. Maybe one of the show participants is right saying that horses are more intelligent than men because they don’t rape the females.

     I am saying, it is abnormal that human sex is becoming so ugly and perverted that ones must hide from children. I am not saying that making love must be demonstrated - it is also perversity, but I can’t ground the hiding of making love as it is incomprehensible how to convey making love and it’s divinity. Perverted sex will be changed by the normal not earlier than the official family sexing by the normal free sexing, and the normal free sex will be changed by the making love not earlier than we learn how to transform sexual energy into love.

     Actually, meditators more take care of love than of family. If there is love, then everything is solved very easily between man, woman and children. But meditators had never talked so abominably about family as Jesus had. Lets look at Jesus words in the Gospel: Matthew 10: 34:"Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35: For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law” 36: and a man's foes will be those of his own household. 37: He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

     In the Gospel Luke 18: 28: And Peter said, "Lo, we have left our homes and followed you." 29: And he said to them, "Truly, I say to you, there is no man who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, 30: who will not receive manifold more in this time, and in the age to come eternal life." Such interdependent family members instigation is absolutely senseless, though, it seems that Jesus had succeed.

     One is deeply astonished by Christian pressmen’s pastoral and missionary proposal “to infiltrate some active official into illegally existing organization, so that he would find out if it does any harm to Lithuanian people or not.” Actually, shepherds need sheep. For the sake of truth, it is worth mentioning there are no sheep at Osho Ojas meditation center. Moreover, the activity of this community is legal, for it corresponds even to the discriminative law on Lithuanian religious communities.

     The reality of this day shows that neither Soviet KGB found any facts proving Mr.M.Vrubliauskas being guilty of cheating under the protection of religion nor Lithuanian National Security found anything related to the matter. On the other hand, I have never paid much attention to those in power and their orders, for they are temporary and mostly immoral. I have always appealed to the heart and consciousness, for only through them one knows outer and inner laws, eternal Truth.

     Dear friends, live and learn to live outwardly, for this brings health and riches, but at the same time live and learn to live inwardly, for this brings love and blissfulness.

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