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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Meditation Academy

Lead by meditation master

Let's live much healthier, richer and happier. That is simple and easy, because the majority of illnesses, miseries and sufferings of people are only the consequences of their habits, superstitions, expectations, beliefs and other addictions – ignorance. That is changeable and transformable the way a grain transforms into bread, mud – into lotus or anger - into love. Keys of transformation are consciousness and meditation. One learns at Meditation Academy (MA) how to create and use the keys.

Evolution and society brought us to a human body, emotions and mind. Further one needs to go individually. Consciousness and its especially high level – meditation open the way how to properly use not only outer, clearly visible side of a human and the world – body, emotions and mind, but also how to use its less visible inner side – bioenergetics, vitality, heart, and soul. With meditative consciousness we see that roots of freedom and love are responsibility and behavior from the inside. That gives to an individual not only more health, wealth and success, that what comes from the outside, but also more happiness, love and freedom which comes only from the inside.

Raised arms in "Stop" stage of Dynamic meditation, shows meditativeness and spirituality.

It is a miracle that we can discover and awaken an immortal spiritual center – soul inside of us, not in the caves and monasteries of the Himalayas, but without leaving the world, easily and safely. After we learnt to get tensed and concentrated, let's also learn to relax and meditate. Meditative, fluid soul can easily pass through death and without losing spirit joins itself harmoniously with mind and body and through them also with nature, society, and the Existence.

Meditation Academy is the higher level of the Meditation School. In the Meditation School one is introduced with the outer and a little bit with the inner sides of physical, vital, astral and mental bodies as well as with quality of their energies. One also learns to recognize these bodies and improve them, their energies and use them harmoniously in life. To love and create.

In Meditation Academy (MA) one learns to know deeper and develop the inner sides and energies of physical, vital, astral and mental bodies as well as outer side of spiritual body. One learns to recognize and improve the quality of these bodies and energies, use them harmoniously in their life, at work and in society. Besides, in MA one is introduced with spiritual science and its laws, their application and one together learns to create, preserve and share buddhafield – the space and energies of love and consciousness.

Studies in Meditation Academy continue for four years. Every year studies take place in 6 courses, in total for 25 days. The second crop of Academy commenced the studies in 2007 and graduated in 2010.

The fifth crop commenced the studies in February 2020.

Heaven is possible already on the Earth. If we create it in life, it will also remain after death. A method to eternally live in heaven is knowing the laws of nature and spirit science as well as meditation and their harmonious application on the way.

We were born out of silence, harmony and unity and we are returning back to there.

Harmony Palace in Resort

Courses of Meditation Academy take place in Ojas Resort. Only graduates of Meditation School are accepted to MA or those who passed respective exams of meditativeness and consciousness.

Former MA students may continue studies. You may find a schedule of MA courses in the upcoming or annual program.

I understood that here [in meditation] there is heart with which I need to live, go – and all the answers. I am very glad that I can be in the Meditation Academy and that I have not escaped to abroad. And that is the only moment why I did not leave, because I feel that I am appealed to graduate the Academy and then I will see whether something needs to be changed. Tomas Z.

I discovered the Meditation Academy as a quality of energy. Up to then I attended different seminars of the Esoteric School and I found myself in inner chaos. I thought that maybe there is something else, maybe I do not need meditation yet. The others were saying that they come to the Meditation School or Academy as if to drink from a spring. That is in fact true and I need this, here I am refreshed. Daiva B.

Echoes of Meditation Academy.

Updated on 16-02-2020

The nearest practicum (course) at the Meditation Academy:

Meditation Academy Lead by meditation master Prembuda

December 18-25 (Fri-Fri)   Starts on Fri at 6:30pm

In Ojas Meditation Center, Pavasario Str. 21d, Vilnius

Lead by meditation master Prembuda.

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