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Why Catholics and their Cardinal Slander the Ones and Sweetly Lie to the Others?

On January 26, 2006 TV3 channel broadcasted a responsive broadcast to untrue information about a religious community Osho Ojas Meditation Center (hereinafter – the Community) and its members that was spread during November 13, 2005 “Comments of a Week” („Savaitës komentarai“) broadcast. The attitude of the first TV3 broadcast to the Community reminded an attitude of communists towards Catholics or fascists’ attitude towards Jews. An authorized representative of TV3 agreed that the broadcast in no way corresponds to reality and facts and suggested to prepare the response to the questions of the first broadcast and other questions of authors of the broadcast.

In the responsive broadcast, the authors opposed Catholic clergy as well as their intimidations and falsifications to meditation and truth. In the second broadcast, the journalists just as well let through some truths that can be verified and found by everyone who searches for them. Meditations and their truths fitted thousands of years ago, even before Gautama Buddha and will fit after many thousands of years to each man in his present and after-death life, when being born and passing through death.

A former religious researcher of Ministry of Justice, Mr. Arunas Peshkaitis, who took part in the broadcast, repeated his old falsifications and imaginations.

Cardinal of catholic net against Ojas - A.J. Bachkis is lying to Lithuanian people.

It seems that a criterion of truth about the Community of the response had to become words of Vilnius archbishop metropolitan cardinal Audrys Juozas Bachkis: “People there are only caught to its net, they are simply chained and exploited, and enslaved. I would say, oddly they are put-upon.” That is not a case in the Community. Seemingly, Vilnius archbishop metropolitan cardinal Audrys Juozas Bachkis will justify and explain such public charges thrown onto the Community, because so far that looks only like defamation of the Community and sweet lie to own Christians. The cardinal himself isn’t free according to their own doctrine, he is bonded and chained to Christianity more than any meditator, because he and all Christians are already in a sin, are guilty, they can’t be blissful on the Earth, knowing and truth are forbidden to them, they can’t liberate themselves, but can be saved only through Jesus. Individuals are absolutely free in the Community in letter and in spirit. Meditators bear responsibility for knowing and liberation, and their morality doesn’t come from artificial morality and orders, but from their own pure heart and awakened or awakening consciousness.

It is good that now believers don’t follow their spiritual leaders blindly. Even though almost three years ago faithful parents and psychiatrists listened literally to their spiritual leaders, caught at home a trustful Catholic Neringa M., who had began to meditate a while ago; they forcefully, without her consent brought her to psychiatric hospital, chained her there, injected “tranquilizers” and hold her as much as they could according to medical canons of European Union – 52 days, offering to let her go if she doesn’t go to meditate. As we know, psychological violence was supported by a psychologist, a wife of Donatas Glodenis, other Christian religious researcher of Ministry of Justice. That’s where is a true cobweb of Christian exploiters and slaveholders using psychiatric hospitals, law order and media. And that is not a single real fact. Until now we have heard about similar cases only in Muslim world.

Further words of Audrys Juozas Bachkis: “According to me, that is a harmful community, it is under guise of religious name. But there is such pressure on people and psychological.” – only confirmed the words said earlier and intuition of meditators that tax inspectorate and police invasion in 2003 to the meditation center and other their actions came from inquisitional ideology and attitude. Not so long ago, in 2003, the Christian attitude was passed even in a decision of administrative case against the leader of the center, that services rendered by him aren’t spiritual, but is commercial under the veil of religion.

Inquisitional and very cardinal-like decision of the court to the Community leader didn’t last even two years – maybe hundred times shorter than a victory of medieval and retrograde pope Urban VIII against Galileo Galilee. Christian ideology and law bent against truth. Meditators know that there is truth and are not only for truth, but also for the same right to all. After Lithuania entered European Union, inquisitional and very cardinal-like decision of the court was denied by the other 2005 year decision of the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania to register the Community – an interim freedom of the Community from the yoke of Christianity and Christian clerks. A victory of truth against belief shows not only clerks’ pull to euro money, but also that Lithuania is becoming more human.

Meditative sharing

Meditation is the very foundation of spirituality and leads deeper and higher than the most majestic prayers and imaginations of Christians. In meditation we see how we born and die, how we get in the grip of the world and get liberated from them. Why one should identify himself with belief if it takes away inner and outer riches as well as inner and outer sky? Through meditation thousands of buddhas have already got liberated, through Christianity not a single one is liberated so far. I learnt to love and live in blissfulness and that denies statements of Lithuanian bishops that a man can’t be blissful on the Earth. Everyone already on the Earth can live richly, lovingly and blissfully, but Christians can’t that. I as well as any other single one, wasn’t saved by known messiahs and gods, because they don’t go together with truth and freedom. Even if they went with them, anyway love and liberation don’t’ come through gods, but through man’s own going with love, truth and freedom.

Lithuania can’t be loving, rich and happy until there aren’t equality of people, freedom and truth in faith, politics and social life, until Christian discrimination of people and Christian masculine chauvinism is asserted in Lithuanian Constitution, Hymn and Emblem and women as well as non Christians are discriminated.

Prem Buda

Ojas, February 28, 2006
Updated March 6, 2006

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