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ECHR Punished Lithuania for Inquisition Against Ojas Meditation Center Meditators

The Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on 27 February 2018 adopted the judgment in the case of Mockute v. Lithuania (No. 66490/09) [1] and held unanimously, that the Republic of Lithuania violated the Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights (right to respect for private life) and by five votes to two, that there had been a violation of Article 9 (right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion). This judgment was announced by ECHR in the 27 February 2018 Press Release [2] and the Judgment [1]. The most wonderful thing in this story is the ending with happy and anti-inquisitional finale.

Falsifier Audrė Kudabienė 
Audrė Kudabienė

The case relates to the life facts of Neringa Mockutė, the applicant, that the state N.Vilnia Psychiatric Hospital [3] and LNK television broadcasting „Srovės“ with Audrė Kudabienė, the main creator of such broadcasting [4], lied and disclosed very personal and highly sensitive confidential information about her private life to journalists and her mother, also that she was specially hold in State N. Vilnia Psychiatric Hospital [(5, in Lithuanian)] for 52 days under very strict regimen against her will and without any justified cause, even without required court decision, where she was injected strong psychotropic medication and tied to bed, as they call 5 point fixation, without allowing her to practice religion – meditate at Meditation Center Ojas.

Besides she was humiliated by doctors and enticed by the promise of release if she stops meditating. Also she was lead into the mischief against Meditation Center Ojas (hereinafter – Ojas) as well as Ojas was lead into the mischief against her.

State Vilnius (N. Vilnia) Psychiatric Hospital

ECHR established that the hospital illegally revealed personal information on the applicant in violation of domestic and international laws. The hospital has also breached the right to freedom of religion of the applicant by holding her illegally and forcing "to correct" her religious views and practices. The Lithuanian courts have already recognized illegal deprivation of freedom, thus ECHR have not examined this issue.

The ending of this story is the most wonderful. In the beginning Neringa Mockutė had several domestic emotional outbursts because of her mother's behavior with her in childhood. Having started her studies at the Faculty of Theology of Vytautas Magnus University she practiced and applied catholic doctrines and methods in every way possible. Then she had few emotional outbursts which were lied about and concealed by the broadcasting "Srovės" for the popularity of the broadcasting. Dear ones, it is time to change yourselves for the well being and happiness of people and Lithuania.

After a few years of searching, in February 2003 she started meditating at the Meditation Center Ojas where she realized finding the path and the first true answers. Fortunately and unfortunately, on 19 January 2003 Ojas started registration process as religious community and on 12 March 2003 submitted the documents to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania (MJ). During six month period MJ and other RL authorities had to find Ojas faults and register the community or refuse registration. The search for guilty ones begun. Upon agreement of RL authorities and the Catholics, Neringa Mockutė became the evidence of Ojas faults and wrongs in the context of the Christianity and other 'high' religions originating from the Russian tsar times. Nevertheless, failing to find any pretext for non-registration, Ojas was registered on 12 April 2005.

Ilona Gineitienė was the other victim chosen by the Catholics and MJ. Neringa Venckienė, Lithuanian judge, secretly took two daughters [6, in Lithuanian] from her. ECHR failed to understand the cobweb of Lithuanian law [7] and in its judgment [8] did not see violations of domestic and international law. Aistė, the daughter of Ilona Gineitienė, understood the ways of life [9] and enjoys communication with mother.

02 July 2003 photo after the Catholic treatment. (No higher resolution photo is available)
07 August 2003 photo, 1.5 months after release from the psychiatric hospital 
07 August 2003 photo, 1.5 months after release from the psychiatric hospital 
On April 2013 during meditation.No medications used since 2003
On April 2013 during meditation.
No medications used since 2003
August 2016 photo 
August 2016 photo 


Now, let's return to the wonderful ending of Neringa Mockutė's story. The story has already been published on Ojas website [10, in Lithuanian]. Having placed her into State N. Vilnia Psychiatric Hospital by lies and violence the activists, relatives and psychiatrists guaranteed that she will have to take medications daily and use their services throughout her entire life. But after leaving the hospital Neringa started again meditating rightly Osho Dynamic Meditation at Ojas Meditation Center and up until the year 2015, this was also noted by ECHR, she did need neither medications nor psychiatrists at least for a single time. That was also not required till the 27 February 2018 judgment of ECHR. The most wonderful message of her story is that for an individual who meditates even the most terrible behavior with her, promises and temptations do not determine her life. Neringa Mockutė destined her life herself by correct and modern choice and behavior. Now she rejoices in good health, well being and freedom.

Press release on the ECHR judgment [2] and entire judgment [1]. Ukrainian, UK, Italian internet portals as well as Lithuanian Human Rights Monitoring Institute [11] wrote about these documents. The other Lithuanian media, including the Lithuanian state television in its 27 February 2018 broadcasting Panorama [12] mentioning secondary legal violations, honored by days of silence the ECHR judgment on inquisitional violations in Lithuania.

Inquisition of Lithuanian authorities and psychiatrists and happy ending in this story evidenced the fact that Neringa Mockutė was not in need for any psychiatric treatment. All titles of their diseases attributed to Neringa are the result of their inquisition like imagination. That is proved by Neringa's understanding that correct meditation and meditating of dynamic meditation rightly is all what she needs. She found that at Meditation Center Ojas and she has never required any assistance offered and forced by psychiatrists. Such possibility is wonderful news to Lithuania, world and all the people. Only intelligence is needed to use it. Thus we wish intelligence and ability to use it to Lithuania and the world.

More on inquisitional acts of Lithuania and their coordinators as well as the ECHR judgment and wonderful evolutional possibilities of individual body, mind and soul you may read in our future publications.

Ojas info, 2018-03-02

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