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Insane children of Catholics' want to meditate

Response to LNK television program "Sroves" ("Streams") of 17th of June 2003

Neringa’s answer, who was deceived by Christians, put into mental hospital and hurt by the falsifications of LNK television program “Sroves”, has been put on the news “Public letter to LNK falsifiers".

Audre Kudabiene

Audre Kubabienes’ words in the beginning of the show: “Bronislava is one of those women, who had always been taking the leading role in work. <…> Today Bronislava agrees to talk, for everything that has happened is too unexpected. The woman didn’t have foreboding of disaster, of what her elder daughter, now an adult, a thirty-years-old Violeta had been charmed and where she had got into." (The name was concealed on purpose by the authors).

Additional information.
Unfortunately, Bronislava and show creators knew that thirty-years-old Neringa had already been treated in mental hospital in similar time periods and was more likely to get there again as she hadn’t eliminated the causes of emotional and nervous attacks. However, she was eliminating them and the chance of never getting there again existed. Today we know that while resting at home, by fraudulent method, using the given to sister flat key, Neringa was driven to mental hospital by force, there she was tied to bed and treated for 52 days by force… What is more. Everything was arranged by Neringa’s mother Bronislava… and LNK TV show “Sroves” encouraged and falsified the sustaining atmosphere…

LNK falsifier
Ruta Stalionyte

Comment on the program:
„Suddenly Violeta was attacked by strong psych-out, acute psychosis. Her relatives bind its cause today with the influence of Osho Meditation center“.

Journalist Ruta Stalionyte is making conversation with Violeta‘s sister: „How did she look when you saw her?“
Sister: „She was completely naked. And she talked nonsense, she was taking a shower, so she was wet all the time“.
Ruta: „What was she talking about?“
Sister: „She was simply talking <…> that she has to concentra-te her mind and has to do some kind of exercises, that needs to concentrate then, and she was driving us out. So we were there, then the ambulance arrived, two more people and there were six of us, and we couldn‘t deal with her“.
Ruta: „You mean that she was so wild and aggressive?“
Sister: „No, she wasn‘t aggressive, but she screamed a lot, and it did engrave in mind“.

We don’t know who and why called the ambulance, and how Violeta was taken to mental hospital, where is she now and what is her state. Mother‘s visit to meditation center and her demand not to let Violeta to meditate gives me the impression that Catholic mother put her daughter into mental hospital because the latter meditates and doesn‘t listen to her. The fact, that Violeta is closed in mental hospital, is being kept from her father doesn‘t do her good. Probably it doesn‘t do good for both of them. It seems that two members of this family - father and daughter - are two victims of faith and ignorance.

When uninvited „messiahs“ intermeddle into the life of close adult people, not feeling heart and love for latter, it can even end up with a lethal outcome. Such story had already happened once, but the new one is being rolled up, and in both of them Lithuanian press has played the destructive role.

“Messiahs“.Two years ago, citizen of Kaunas Saulius Meilutis was saving unasked his ex-wife, meditator Ingrida Meilutiene and, living illegally in the USA, in every possible way with the help of lawyers tried to prevent Ingrida from selling her property in Kaunas and moving to Vilnius. Moreover, he lodged a „messiahstic“ complaint in the Office of Public Prosecutor and department of State security against the author of these lines. Ingrida, who couldn‘t move to Vilnius and settle there with her children, was feeling keenly, and in the end, she got depressed. Only hope that she will go through enlivened her. Rarely, but one evening after Easter 2000, with her hopes to escape from her ex-husband‘s clutches dashed, maybe drank. Further we know that a drunk driver ran her over by the car driven, and he ran away from the scene. Yet this case didn‘t pass unnoticed.

In the number of “Lietuvos zinios” („Lithuanian news“) of June 11th, 2001, Joana Gailiene in the messiahstic article „Carefully, Osho!“ wrote: „ <…> Crash<…> As it was mentioned, Mrs. Ingrida M. (Meilutiene - auth. note) died in the car accident under the very unclear circumstances - she was just ran over by some car.<…> The circumstances of the traffic accident are under investigation, however, there aren‘t any samples evidence that violence was used against IngridaM.“ Police was looking not for culprits, but for the way to punish meditators. As it turned out, Ingrida was ran over by the drunk driver in the late second Easter evening, who was probably coming back from Easter celebrations, and who ran away from the scene. What was the driver‘s faith? The driver got only official reprimand, while a lot of meditators were called in for questioning to police, the case against M.Vrubliauskas was plead. Policewomen apologized for doing this dirty work. In order to support Ingrida truly, her ex-husband didn‘t need to call the police; the driver didn‘t need to drink and should have been more careful.

Joana Gailiene ends her article with a really high chauvinistic note: „Saulius M. (Meilutis - auth. note ), who started to „chronicle“ Osho center, awoke the interest of General Office of Public Prosecutor in it. As at present time center is established in Vilnius <…> all documents were brought to the district of the Office of Public Prosecutor. Now the material of not opened case was taken to Vilnius local police. But it is doubtful that latter will be able to scrape up funds and infiltrate some active officer in the illegal organization so that he could find out whether it harms Lithuanian people or not“.

„Was interested“ - means they were waiting even for the false complaint, in this case, for the false complaint of Saulius Meilutis, and were in a hurry to let people know about the discovery of wreckers. About the expectation of such case earlier talked the messenger of Lithuanian bishops conference, the councillor of Ministry on religious questions Petras Plumpa. Has anyone heard Lithuanian press to blame Catholicism for suicides, the increasing number of alcoholics, mentally diseased, drug addicts and the number of offered people to infiltrate the ranks of priests? Quite the contrary, there are opposite views. Why don‘t they look of girl‘s acute psychosis in this case, if it has really existed, for the reasons in family and faith, although it is obvious that Catholicism is repressing people‘s emotions, sexuality and thoughts, and doesn‘t know how to express or transform them.

Is Neringa Mockute a victim of Catholic prejudice? With mentioned unhappy case in mind, and in LNK program “Sroves” seeing very tendentious facts and the presentation of words and their distortion, moreover, not finding any signs to help the mentioned girl, also not having any possibilities to support her in other way, I will reveal girl‘s name and surname made secret in the program, so that all sincere people, interested in religion and girl‘s freedom in Lithuania, could support her frankly and directly. It is quite possible that she can still be cured, though the story is similar to the stories of people, placed in mental houses for the freedom of word or religion in the Soviet times. The girl is Neringa Mockute. I ask intelligent people to take part in the investigation of her imprisonment in mental hospital and demand to carry out an independent psychiatrical investigation of Neringa Mockute’s Human rights and medical board, and report about the way she was imprisoned in mental hospital, what are the conditions there, and find out if she is a victim of her mother’s, close relatives’ or even other interested parties’ or organizations’ religious beliefs. Younger meditators are afraid of going home, so that their parents with physicians couldn’t put them into mental hospital.

Doctor- psychiatrist,
'researcher of religion'
Dangute Shapaliene

Unfortunately, we are not relatives and can’t support Neringa in any other way. Especially because meditation center now is being registered as religious community, and interested parties and organizations are looking for any motive not to register it. It is obviously that psychiatrist “researcher of religion” D. Shapaliene (see below) in the program recognizes her as member of a sect and despises without adducing any sectantic evidence. “She doesn’t talk about it (about meditations - auth. note) at all <…> But it is habitual between the sectarians, and they keep it from everyone. If it is being discovered once, they present it as an absolutely innocent thing. It is very habitual”. Doctor-psychiatrist, “researcher of religion” D.Shapaliene wants Neringa to feel guilty. How Neringa is dangerous for the society and how did psychiatrist D.Shapaliene establish her sectarianism?

According to the psychiatrist, the majority of people in Palestine, Iraq and in other Muslim countries must be considered as sectarians because they aren’t willing to open up before the USA administration, Jewish people and Christians, and consider their faith as not only innocent, but also grand thing. Interestingly, how does the psychiatrist cure the features of innocence and concealment? Psychiatrist’s stated words show that Neringa is in psychical space, which is being harmed by her spirit, and that used earlier and still is being used physical, psychical and even spiritual violence. Furthermore, Neringa obviously perceives what in charge of a possessed sectarian to the doctor in charge of the case can’t say. It reminds the story of the well-known film “A flight over cuckoo’s nest”. It is terrifying that physicians agree with inquisitors. The same was in Middle Ages.

Children of Catholics’ are looking for meditation. Neringa was hurrying up, but it looks that time failed her. She was thirty years old when she came to meditation center and asked out to meditate. She tried Osho kundalini, dynamic - and it gave the best fit. Her heart was bursting forth. She asked out to be accepted for meditation school. After two months she said: “Deep inside I feel that this is exactly what I needed, what I have been searching for a couple of years. What fascinates most, that I have a certain way, which I will follow, and what attracts me most that I will be helpful to myself and I will become a master of myself, and my destiny to wide extend. An exhausting search here and there had disappeared. And I discover others and myself. Peace and stability have appeared in a sense. Thereof in daily situations certain spontaneity, sometimes joy appear, such a flight, bursting out of the simplest thing. It seems if daily situations in my life shine in different colours now. <…> I started doing my job consciously. Well, I succeed not every time, but from day to day I do. And I think the number of these days will definitely increase every time I am here and with the job that I have to do. Then certain flow appear, at that time it seems that things on their own - there is no need in a thought - so that events and situations could happen,flow and lead towards somewhere. It seems you aren’t doing anything, but everything is being solved, everything is on progress and I get the most out of life”.

Neringa’s words show her great intelligence, spiritual potential. She is straight and frank inside. These are characteristic features of a meditator. It is hard for such a person not to go crazy in Lithuania. Although possible because I went it through myself. To tell the truth, I left my home much earlier. Since I was nine, being in the fifth form, I went to weekly boarding schools, since sixteen - to Kaunas Polytechnic institute. At that time my nine years elder brother had to hold in Catholic father’s “moralities”. More than once he had been on the brink of acute psychosis. On the other hand, I understand father. Catholic parents brought him up. However, my father was rather intelligent, and used to say: “You see, everything was taken away [by communists], study”. And I did study. Bet I went further than my father incited. But external learning wasn’t enough for me, and inner learning led me to meditation. The girl, locked up in mental hospital, also knocked at the meditation.

Neringa has finally found what she had been looking torment and for a long time. Crushed and repressed, but still trying to straighten, she said she had known emotions and anger, but couldn’t find them then. During last practice she almost touched vitality, life. Depression started to step back. It is both a chance and danger. Everyone, having reached vitality, must learn how to transform it. When not having reached it, intelligent person will get depressed, and after reaching - he will find himself on the brink of madness, as he doesn’t know how to transform and embody it ably. Meditation is essential for that. Neringa has found it, but relatives, mother, and sister did everything for her to go “more” insane, to put her to mental hospital, so she could never meditate. Television channel LNK, “Sroves” journalist R.Stalionyte, who knows nothing about meditation, its life-giving effect to soul and mentality, also did everything for Neringa to remain imprisoned in mental hospital and never meditate and straighten again.

The effect of meditation and medicine. Countries, where people meditate, will never have insane people, or the number will be very small. No genius goes mad in India. If the one has too much energy, he can become insane if he doesn’t meditate, but he can become a buddha if he does. M.K.Chiurlionis could go mad, could become a meditator. Lithuanian genius didn‘t know meditation, in return he perceived mental hospital. German thinker F.Nietzsche could go mad, and could become a buddha. F.Nietzsche wasn‘t fortunate, and he spent the old age in mental hospital. The most talented Russian dancer S.Nizhynskij at all times also didn‘t know meditation that is why he was taken to mental hospital. None of the real meditators was taken to mental hospital. If one‘s mind is balanced, then meditation will step into the life naturally.

The victim of soviet-
inquisitional 'treatment'
Neringa Mockute
right after the treatment

Neringa told that her mother beat her in the childhood and she couldn‘t be frank with her. You haven‘t seen the true face of her mother. It is hard not to go mad with such mother. She didn‘t want to hear anything when she came to the meditation center. She shouted that Neringa mustn‘t meditate. I replied to her that neither I, nor mother could decide it. Neringa will decide on her own what to do. LNK “Sroves” journalist Ruta Stalionyte relishing uttered that she doesn‘t need meditation herself. In order to understand if you need it or not you have to become acquainted with the subject discussed. The fox in Krylov‘s fable also didn‘t want grapes because... she didn‘t reach them. I asked the journalist if she had talked to Neringa. Her answer was negative. I feel sorry for such savers and messiahs. They save unasked and push into mental hospital. I offered to wait a bit Neringa‘s words. The journalist regretted that material on television becomes out of date very soon. So... Ruta could help Neringa, even now can. Don‘t save people until you feel their heart. First of all, Neringa needs to be taken out of mental house, but she will decide on her own whether to stay at home or not. Children of Catholic parents know their „moralities“. Even priests don‘t frighten with rods. Now I understand why Neringa was repressed. First of all, her mother didn‘t let her to emotionate; secondly, medicines in mental house could block vitality more. The one doesn‘t burst then, but he remains dull and unconscious. It harms a lot inner world. All sensitive people, who took drugs, which effect nervous system and psyche, all together say that drugs dull. Psyche and soul can be cured only within inner world. That is the truth. Drugs must be given to intelligent people only in exceptional cases.

Non-meditators - normally insane. Lithuanian man complained to Georgian one about the great number of people mentally diseased in Lithuania. And the Georgian answered that there are no such people in his country. „It is so great up there“ - says the Lithuanian. „How did you gain such results?“ „Oh, we can‘t distinguish who is normal, and who is not“ - specifies the Georgian.

Neringa Mockute
in meditation school,
a few weeks later
after the 'treatment'

Osho says there are insane people and normally insane. Only buddha is normal because his consciousness is in absolute silence. Neringa managed to meditate only three weekends during three months. Her life had just started to become more beautiful and she was very plumed with it. When let to do anything she wants, she started to fight. Usually children fulfil this desire in the childhood, but Neringa was late. There was love and hatred against mother in her heart. Mother beat her. Suppressed pain and lack of understanding felt in Neringa‘s fist. Mother can‘t be beaten. God of Catholics tells to love parents. God of Catholics doesn‘t tell parents to love children. He doesn‘t tell even to respect. Parents don‘t love, beat, but what should a little child do? What to do with his pain, arising anger as a result of repressions and beating? Suppress? But for how long? Who and when should he beat if not his parents, beating him? Others are less guilty. Our eyes met and she saw her madness. It is normal. Almost all people: Catholics, atheists, freethinkers come and will have remain as they are for many years. The mind of all faithful people is in chaos, almost in madness. When meditator doesn‘t work with mind or imagination, there is peace and silence in his consciousness. Sit and be in inner silence, love and peace. Fill with spiritual energy and love. If it is not, if thoughts grumble in the head, if images twinkle and emotions don‘t calm down - you are on the way to madness. In this case meditation is the only true remedy.

Echoes of painful and disdainful childhood and maybe adolescence could be seen in Neringa‘s eyes. Mother says that Neringa didn‘t want to be at home, didn‘t want to be frank with her. While meditating, it is learned how to be frank and sincere all the time. With whom can Neringa be frank? Maybe before meditations mother locked her up in mental house too? We don‘t know it, and it is not mentioned in the TV program on purpose. We know only that she was put there, and I told about it the journalist. Neringa was late. She was thirty years already, and still wasn‘t independent. Was there anything that disturbed her?

Insane children of Catholics’ want to meditate. In the questionnaire of Meditation center Neringa didn‘t fill that she has been cured before meditations in mental hospital. She must have been afraid. If the one is afraid of mother, then he is afraid of everything. The dread of being frank didn‘t let her to relax, to have rest. Neringa was frank with her mother more than once and was beaten. Unveiling happens like a flower is in blossom, though flower doesn‘t always have enough time to burst into blossom. There can be no love in mother; it is natural, but meditator always has love. Neringa‘s mother didn‘t have love. Instead she had a lot of plans about Neringa on all accounts, which had to fulfil the latter. Daughter wanted to live her own life and meditate. The daughter of fanatic Catholic wanted to meditate. It shows great Neringa‘s intelligence. I would be very sorry if the insane daughter of fanatic Catholic won‘t succeed to stand by the abyss. She can straighten with meditation, and inner harmony may restore. It is available for her. Fear can be transformed into happiness through meditation. But it will be more difficult to do it now. When the one sees his madness, relatives don‘t need to do almost anything - not disturb him to go through chaotic and artificial mind. Neringa‘s mother didn‘t need to do anything at all - just not disturb her. But she has felt emptiness of her own life and clutched at her daughters. Her husband is on the fourth phase of cancer, and elder daughter doesn‘t obey. Everything is falling to the ground. Neringa wants to leave home. Parents‘ efforts to take a firm hold of children are leading towards a blind alley. Insane children of Catholics‘ want to meditate. It is normal, and for some children it is the only way not to go mad. The number of people mentally diseased is increasing every year in Lithuania, and it won‘t stop if people don‘t meditate. I can only tell the obvious truth. Even a mentally diseased one can be cured while meditating, but if not, normal one can fall ill mentally and spiritually. And it happens this way. Furthermore, it happens on national scale. Meditation is a very subtle, spiritual phenomenon. Neringa is spiritually healthy, that is why as many people with mental strains and overloads could cleanse and straighten. Jesus not in vain says to Pharisees to cleanse the inside of the goblet. He means it.

Is it better to be insane Catholic or healthy meditator? In childhood I was crippled with Catholicism too. They didn‘t ask me, as many other children, whether I want to be a Catholic or not. At that time I didn‘t know that relaxed and silent consciousness is normal and how it happens. It doesn‘t know the program journalist, LNK, but also almost all people in Lithuania. Now I know it for sure. So I don‘t hold the idea that it is better to be insane, but Catholic, than healthy, but meditator. No, I am for freedom and happiness to everyone. Now I am sharing meditation with all people, who are looking for peace and love, truth and happiness because there is no happiness lasting a long time without truth. It is a way. The right to know truth, way and its mistaken paths must be available for everyone.

Do these program falsifications worth anything: „According to Prem, he is the one, spiritual seeker, who helps and teaches how to set free soul and mind, moreover, to reach the nirvana level through meditation. He taught it Violeta. <…> But the fact that she spent only a couple of months there makes us think how Osho meditation center‘s practice can affect the one, seeking for soul freedom.“ First of all, you can‘t teach meditation, you can only learn how to do it. Secondly, according to the journalist, if the one faints having stepped into clinic, it would show the infinite clinic‘s harm to the man. Thirdly, nirvana or soul awakening is inner man‘s potential, and doesn‘t come from the outside world. Fourthly, Prem didn‘t say this way.

'Cosmopolitan' journalist Jovita Girlevichiute proclaimed the appearance of such shows and scribbles in this way: 'Sex and sects are marketable goods'. Consequently, girlevichiutes and gailienes use it, knowing beyond a doubt that until meditation center is not registered, Lithuanian courts won’t and don’t even trial their scurrilous libel.

Lithuanian press could be more intellectual and intelligent. Especially because it is a topical question today, when new and life-giving religion is absolutely essential.

With love and consciousness,
Prem, Meditation master

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