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The nature and content of harmony. Harmony in itself is invaluable natural and real individual characteristic. Harmonious – means healthy, integral, balanced, nice and happy. The word “individual” is derived from Latin word "individum", which means "undivided". It is impossible to divide individual into two pieces. And if the body or mind of individual is not all-in-one, he suffers, ails. The internal harmony we bring with us when we born, and the individual harmony with other individuals and society we learn to create and apply. Parents and society are not always able to contribute. Especially if they were looking for it by themselves and did not find. The outer things – body proportions we can adorn, wealth – to gain, "prichvatize", knowledge – to acquire. The internal things we also create by ourselves although our society does not know how to do it, moreover, it is reasonably and subconsciously disguised. The fact that a lot of money is being wasted on the Palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania instead of building the Palace of Knowledge and Freedom, shows what a backward-looking country Lithuania is.

The outer harmony. If people lack superficial things – knowledge, wealth, power, then they learn individually, at various schools of educational institutions, courses, put more efforts, concentrate, push themselves and others, work more. It is education and work of one-sided concentration, robust and exhaustive. If there is known only this kind of outer education in a society or a state, for relaxation its members use a lot of alcohol, drugs, fight for leadership wildly, sneer at others, steal, commit acts of violence, kill, commit suicide, suffer from heart and mind diseases more often. To such one-sided countries Lithuania belongs too. Here the faiths also are of one-sided concentration.           Their representatives are afraid of relaxation, truth, meditation. This distorts the physical, psychological and spiritual state of a society even more.

I remember when in the beginning of Lithuania’s independence, Dr Albinas Bagdonas, the president of Lithuanian Psychological Association, after finding out that one psychologist attends my meditation courses, advised her to run away from them as far as possible. She was not as coward as the coward president. And before that the president A. Bagdonas himself tried to persuade me into becoming a member of Psychological Association. Obviously, the man was not afraid of me or meditation, because he did not know what it is, but of uncertainty and his inward

In the context of one-sidedness and fear it is worth to mention the faiths of Lithuania, their government, which is also afraid of itself, relaxation and meditation. The Lithuanian Catholic church has mainly contributed to one-sidedness and the spread of lie about meditation. It has

Lie of cardinal A.J.Bachkis to
Lithuanian people. TV3 Feb 26, 2006
lalready worsened post-Soviet spiritual atmosphere of Lithuania a lot and will keep worsening. The new generation of “halves” has already grown in Lithuania. The priest Arunas Peshkaitis [1], ant other priests told a lot of lie.  And one must admit, that the most famous priest – liar is the cardinal A.J Bachkis [2].

According to newspaper accounts, that was him who invoked or "was spiritually awakening up" the president Dalia Grybauskaite on her inauguration. His lie in the TV3 broadcasting "Savaitës komentarai" on 26th February 2006 about religious community "The Meditation Center Ojas" which then existed even less than one year: "There they only catch people into their net, that just chains and uses them, and enslaves. I would say they are particularly oppressed", - by its weakness and hypocrisy it is not only the peak of spiritual lie but also the peak of lie in general. What is A.J Bachkis afraid of that plunge into television and there surrounded by bishops lies? Obviously, we will have to enrol the cardinal A.J. Bachkis as the leader in the list of spiritual liars of Lithuanian millennium. Why does a millennium old man attack a newborn this way? After all that exists only in Catholicism, and not in “Ojas”. Only in Catholicism the babies are baptised irrevocably and unconsciously and in this way they are chained, used and enslaved. There is none similar case in “Ojas”. Normal old mans rejoice at newborns, protect them. We are ready to apologize sincerely to cardinal A.J. Backis, if his words are justified, appear as the truth. So far the cardinal covered by the aura of millennium Catholicism has kept silent cowardly. He does not support the image of brave Lithuania. It is good that Lithuanians already hardly follow inquisition and other Stalinist and Hitlerian faiths of similar impact. Better still that the roots of Stalinist and Hitlerian faiths have been already undercut, pulled up. Only the roots and branches of inquisition are being elaborated quietly, are thriving and spreading in Lithuania. The base of all faiths is ignorance. It doesn’t matter if it concerns any theory – faith about money, food, slenderness, nation, class, race, god or any other thing. Today the faiths mainly damage humanity. After hearing such untruthful invocator’s words about advanced contemplative religion, it is possible to understand better the “truths” of cardinal’s ancestors about St Brunon.

Prembuddha at the moment of sharing

The inner harmony. If people lack internal, profound things – relaxation, love, freedom, happiness, then they go to the meditation courses and there they search, transform, with the help of courses become nicer, healthier, better. People come more or less confused, scared, angry, stressed, exhausted. They leave self-discovered deeper, nerved, relaxed, with a filled spirit. Meditation or self-knowledge is the best remedy to relax and reborn spiritually. The sharing with spiritual seekers inspires to create, to lead meditation courses. A sowed relaxation, love or meditation, like any other thing on the Earth, grows, thickens, comes back in blossoms, fruit. There are always more fruits than seeds.  Thus, the nature, the Earth, the existence and the consciousness grow, wake up, become nicer, evolve. There is a chance that even more people will unite with body, nature and spirit to insure consideration, through the heart, love.

Live, natural garden – the supreme temple.
Meditators in the garden next to The Palace of Harmony

The biggest miracle is spiritual awakening and harmonization of people. This happens from the inside and does not depend on others. For a seed it is the efflorescence through relaxation, germination, growth. For a soul it is relaxation, efflorescence through meditation, internal growth, spirituality. It is doing without doing anything; being absolutely relaxed and in the moment of witnessing. That is our other side, other wing without which life, love, harmony are impossible things. That is extremely simple, real, visible. Thus the energy of nature and vitality begin to flow through the seed, through the soul – love, the energy of spirit. Like through the wires – electricity, down the river – water, or like up a chimney – warmth, or along a trunk – juice. There is no need to believe in it. A flow is not a belief. A flow is always alive, light, raising. Participate in it and you will feel that yourselves. While taking part in our own and society harmonization our life turns into happiness, flight, ecstasy.

Former the most perfect creatures at the time of their being has remained only as fossils – in their petrous bodies:  380m years ago – fish [3],  15m years ago – archaeopteryx [4, 5], 47m years ago – preeminence [6].  All these ancient creatures had to evolve or disappear.
 Former the most perfect creatures at the time of their being
has remained only as fossils – in their petrous bodies:
380m years ago – fish [3], 15m years ago –
archaeopteryx [4, 5], 47m years ago – preeminence [6].
All these ancient creatures had to evolve or disappear.

The consequences of disharmony. If we do not harmonize ourselves and do not share with children and other people after us the Earth will remain more naked, uglier, more violent and we ourselves will leave alike. The Earth has already been polluted. Lithuania is dying. For the meantime here are too many spiritless people, who instead of self-knowledge and self-harmonization are seeking power, fame, sterilize mass media, juveniles and society, are governing using fears, corrupt orders, laws, tightening punishments. However, that is deadlock, fossilization of nature and gods. All disharmonious creatures have remained only as fossils, and disharmonious gods – only in a state of ruin and museums.

The fossil of faith – the ruins of the biggest temple
in the world in Luxor, Egypt

Little children, Alzheimer’s patients, primitive men, mankurts do not remember   at all the morning or the previous day consciously.  Spiritual mankurts do not remember the past lives. That would be normal if this would be seen as growth, the level of evolution, direction which should be followed. It is worse if we are proud of it and if spiritual mankurtism is explained as a norm. That arouses big physical and spiritual sufferings.  Therefore spiritual mankurts cling to the body, life excessively, and even beside the dying who plead not to do that they connect the apparatus compulsorily, enforce the blood to run, pump food and air inside, do not allow to die for their body because they are afraid of death, exit from a body themselves. Such ignorant and even criminal cases are increasing because now perfect life-sustaining apparatus is just augmenting more and more. Soon it will be allowed to punish by not allowing to die. It is strange and unfair that those, who are against science, new technology and their use when human life begins, are using them in every possible way and even painfully – at the moment of dying. It is the destruction. They do not know where the real entry and exit doors of a body are. They cling to any hook, often even not of their own. However, they are carried out. Not always comfortably and intelligently. I mean out of a body. The existence itself.

Meditation in the Thai garden of kings

The consequences of harmony. The right door to enter and to go out of a body and mind is meditation. Through meditation we always go out beyond our body and mind properly and we come back properly as well. When we live and die. Sedately, nobly, easily, blissfully.

The inside we bring from the past lives, the outside begins in this life. A body for a man is like a horse for a rider. However, you cannot buy a body. Although, when seen deeper, a horse also must be grown. The inside moves to the other life, the outside – a body and a considerable part of mind – disintegrate. In this way we can divide. That, what during the dying disintegrate – the outside, surface; that, what passes the death, moves to the other life – the inside, centre. The citizens of Lithuania and members of the Seimas could convince themselves of it by asking and looking at the guest of Lithuania – the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people have not known their inside yet. 

What we will reserve here and what kind of persons we will be when leaving depends on our intentions and actions. For the meantime only few people are learning humanity and live humanely. The others are creating a hell on the Earth. They are killing trees and making coffins, ornaments, crosses, they are hunting excessively, they are slaughtering animals and eating them.

Good weather invites for Kundalini meditation
in the garden

If a religion allows to slaughter animals, which genomes differ from a man’s genome only by some percents, and even it is allowed to eat them, if such so-called religion is guided by orders, laws, a compulsory and unconscious involvement of a child into it, penalties, selection and inequality, such religion is pretended.  It is bare belief. There is no humanity, equality, freedom in it. Only words.

There are no orders, laws, the advantaged, penalties in a real, humane religion. Like in science. Humanistic religion, like humanistic psychology and humanistic science, teaches the truths and laws of health, truth, freedom, equality, love, consciousness. If they are not learned, then emerge such consequences as physical or psychological diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction, sneer, lie, violence, massacres and suicides, fighting, wars and other disasters, but not a sin or penalty. Nowadays this happens in Lithuania and in all word of believers

The existence and vitality themselves
raise the hands of meditators

That can be repaired. If a bad action is done, the existential, evolutionary truths are stretched, there is no need to beg god’s or saints’, like gensec’s or  pope’s, pardon, but it is necessary to go straight to a man, reasons and consequences and eliminate them. After having screwed a pin in a car inappropriately or after having deceived a man, you do not have to pray or plead for saints’ mercy, but to screw a pin properly and apologize to a man. That leads a man to a deep relaxation, non-thinking, the silence of heart. Therefore there will be no need to drink alcohol to feel relaxed and to use drugs for ecstasy. The truth itself will generate relaxation and ecstasy inside. The existence and vitality themselves raise mood, the hands of a fair man – like the Earth and the sky raise tree branches. This is experienced through meditation. The hands rise and keep there themselves. This is a sign of real spirituality, love, sharing.

Alcohol pushing and sterilization in Lithuania. It is surprising when during the Mass a priest holds a glass of alcohol, raises it above people and himself, worships wine and so propagates alcoholism. Even between youth, children and babies. Scientific researches show that even the embryo of a man has memory [7] What to say about children and adolescents. A simple medical research would reveal what a wine turns in a drinking priest’s body to. Does it remain as alcohol or turn to the blood of Christ? Thus the Catholic priests not only promote alcoholism, but also demonstrate paranormal phenomena, making an impression of these phenomena reality.

 Paranormal alcohol exaltation, 
													when wine ostensibly turns 
													into blood of Christ,
													pushes the children and 
													youth into alcohol. 
													An alcohol testing would reveal  if alcohol really
Paranormal alcohol exaltation,
when wine ostensibly turns
into blood of Christ,
pushes the children and
youth into alcohol.
An alcohol testing would reveal
if alcohol really transforms.

On the one hand, it is strange, that so moral Catholic Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania did not incorporate into the Law on the Protection of Minors against Detrimental Effect of Public Informationthe popularization of alcohol and promotion of alcohol drinking – especially during the Mass, when all its members are open, receptive, and did not prohibit it. After all, not only youth, but also children and priests drink alcohol excessively more and more often. The sneer at religion had not been incorporated into the law either. However, the sneer at belief had been included. A belief is not a religion. It seems that if a man believes in wine transformation into blood or, according to the faith, he is sure about the blame of a fortune–teller, that allows him to drink and to burn a fortune-teller. According to Lithuanian and Lithuanian Seimas law, it is lawful. I can confirm and, if necessary, it is possible to examine, that it is not neither just nor true. Lithuanian Catholic Science Academy could also prove the transformation from wine into blood of Christ – by carrying out the first Catholic spiritual experiment. What kind of academy is it if it does not carry out experiments? The insight and the results of researches carried out by myself reveal that such paranormal faiths arouse not only tension and the need to relax – alcoholism, but also other side-effects – hypocrisy, destruction, corruption.

  The state of harmony in Lithuania.On the other hand, The Seimas, the President and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in various ways destroy the members of new advanced and harmonious communities, discriminate and rob new religious communities. We have already published articles about it [8, 9]. One of them was about the hindrances emerging from the side of officers to build a dwelling-house for Meditation Centre “Ojas” [10]. However, new facts are being revealed. Now we will pay attention to the pillage of Lithuanian Catholics offices hand in hand with Lithuanian lion LEO LT.

You would be probably surprised, if you had to pay for a bread or cheese by a quarter or a third more only if you are not a Catholic, but a free-thinker or Jew. Otherwise a monopolist just will not sell any commodity or service for you. At the moment the Seimas and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the subordinates of LEO LT - Rytř skirstomieji tinklai (RST; Eastern Distribution Networks) are doing this way because they are ostensibly ordered by the act of 7th October 2005 issued by the minister of economy, by the board resolution of 29th November 2007 issued by joint-stock company RST, etc. For this reason during one winter season the habitants of “Ojas” dwelling overpaid thousands of Litas for Joint-stock company LEO LT. “Ojas” uses ecological geothermal heating system, operated by electrical energy. The habitants of “Ojas” before ecological heating system was implemented did not even notice such deceit of RST and had been paying under their orders for several years.

Last 2008-2009 winter we noticed the fat in the fire and asked to recalculate electricity charges. The leaders of RST, ostensibly appealing to the faith that the dwelling of “Ojas” is not a Catholic presbytery, – only in such case it is paid less – did not  want to negotiate and through Vilnius City First District Court sent the order to pay over 1500 Litas more, despite the fact that over 3500 Litas had already been overpaid. “Ojas” refused to obey such family order of “lionets”, the Government and the Seimas of The Republic of Lithuania, and asked to justify their faith by the spirit of European Union. Now we are waiting for a non- discriminating RST answer. Those strange faiths and believers.

Buddha Krishnamurti
The state of advancement and harmony and their future in Lithuania.In the world Lithuania lags behind in science and advance. That is characteristic both in the external and the internal science. For the harmony of individual and society their advancement is necessary. Experience and spiritual science show, that a maditator can not lie, deceive, commit acts of violence, because otherwise meditation and harmony disappear. Meditation is a condition and state for the growth of heart and soul. A tree does not grow if it is deceived, a heart and a soul do the same. A heart needs love, a soul – goodness, beauty and truth. Also freedom, knowledge, advancement. Lithuania and the world need that. That is why meditation is necessary for Lithuania and the world.

There, where an advanced man, maditator, took in or passed by, a place and space remained healthier, wealthier, nicer, more harmonious and free. An advanced, harmonious man – meditator does not need any orders or dogmas. They only destroy an individual. He has known live ethics, live religion. He senses and feels that, what the other close or distant creature senses and feels, because he does not build walls between him and the other one. Any thought or dogma does not isolate him from the other. A maditator shares harmony. The meditation elements should be already taught in the kindergarten, at school. That would be a great benefit for human physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Let’s look a little bit more at spiritual science and its use for the creation of conscious harmony of individual and society. By witnessing mind, it is apparent, that a thought arrives when inside we create and support unjust inclination, evaluation or we separate somebody from ourselves, consider him opposite, when for ourselves and others we apply different rules, that we have to support ourselves. As if we support a raised glass of wine or a tree falling down because they can not stand themselves. Due to such illiteracy and hypocrisy we toil and moil, exhaust ourselves. As if we bear a cross. Unfortunately, like so behave not only individual illiterates, but also The Seimas of The Republic of Lithuania, which has recently legislated the Law on the Protection of Minors against Detrimental Effect of Public Information, which should be called more correctly The Law of minors and society on the sterilization of public information. Do members of the Seimas know at least the consequences of physical sterilization? After all physical and public information sterilization was employed many times by inquisitors, fascists, communists. They were castrating and burning books. However, the sterilization always ended in even bigger disasters and sufferings. Eventually – in the collapse of sterilization system itself.

An egoist stands out with his golden temples, oneness, ego, noisy jubilees, traditions, the palace of grand dukes; from here comes a hell, suffering. The existence does not hold jubilees; it celebrates every moment. The existence draws breath, strength and blessing not from the past or the future, but from the moment, the present. However, we understand and feel that not in our mind but in the consciousness, when we acquire the ability to witness our thoughts. Not in the conversations with “God”, but in the silence of heart and consciousness. Beyond the mind.

Buddha Osho
A spiritual man does not follow the thoughts, emotions, but witnesses them till dissolves in the existence, non-thinking, live, flowing tranquility. Like a drop in the ocean or a seed in a sprout, a tree. From here comes heaven, blessing. One buddha says: “Sitting silently, doing nothing the spring comes and the grass grows by itself”.

It is wonderful and useful for us and society if we learn, progress and begin to see and understand the interaction of inside and outside, and in accordance with it we harmonize our behaviour, life. Our mind and hands lead towards substance, our eyes and hearts – towards soul. That connects the individual with the substance through a body and with a spirit through a soul naturally, in a relaxed manner and harmoniously. This harmony in unity is meditation. The meditation path – a free, easy, inspiring, ecstatic path, that we build and follow ourselves.  It is like a refreshing and feeding tree, which we grow and that nectar we drink ourselves.

August 25, 2009
Published by BNS August 25, 2009

[2]*2006-02-28_kat-kard-mel.htm Why Catholics and their Cardinal Slander the Ones and Sweetly Lie to the Others?

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