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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Spirituality and Truth in Lithuanian media?

After ignorant and discriminating TV3 broadcasting “Comments of a Week” ( "Savaites komentarai") about religious community Osho meditation center “Ojas” (hereinafter – the Community) and its leader, TV3 shows big signs of intelligence.

On November 13, 2005 during television channel TV3 broadcast “Comments of a Week” information not corresponding to reality about the Community, humiliating and despising reputation of its members as well as of the Community as a legal person was disseminated. A broadcast presenter – journalist Jolanta Butkevichiene, theoretician of the broadcast – doctor of theology sciences of Vytautas Magnus University, a servant of God, monsignor Arturas Jagelavichus. A short comment of the broadcast may be found (See Thrills of Inquisition from Kaunas).

After presenting a request to a private limited liability company “TELE -3” was received an answer indicating that media matures and becomes intelligent. The answer was send by “TELE – 3” authorized attorney Zenonas Naus.

Excerpts of proposal of attorney of Mr. Zenonas Naus are presented below:

“Dear all,

I think I will not make a mistake by saying that society and state of Lithuania, dividing faith into traditional and other, with mistrust meets every new or unknown ideology, state or practice of man’s self discovery and knowing. Skepticism ingrained by soviet ideology as well as by traditional education in outlook of many people formed stereotypes of intolerance to manifestations of spiritual freedom practiced elsewhere. In this case a meditation religion, based on Osho teachings, that was started to propagate by swami Prem Bhumi in our country more than a decade ago, is not an exception.

After reading Your letters addressed to my client UAB “Tele-3” regarding November 13, 2005 broadcast “Comments of a Week” and the content of that broadcast, I have to state that announced statements about a practice of Osho religious teaching and the community in many aspects are hardly viewed as complying with requirements set for journalist ethics and information to society. It is a pity that journalists who prepared the broadcast weren’t able to disassociate themselves from superstitions rooted in the society and in the course of journalistic investigation gave priority not objective presentation of information about the essence of Osho teaching and its implementation techniques, but limited themselves to uncritical repetition of opinion about Osho meditation centers that is being spread in our country from old times.


Article 15 of Law on the Provision of Information to the Public foresees an alternative possibility – a right to answer by negating information not corresponding to reality or specify announced information. I think that exactly a right of answer gives presumptions to present objective and clear information regarding issues that matters to you on television channel TV 3, I suggest considering an option in the broadcast “Comments of a Week” directly to state your position regarding statements announced in aforementioned broadcast.

I would kindly ask you to inform me about your decision <...>


Attorney Zenonas Naus"

Meditative religion that is practiced by the Community opens unseen and unheard not only spiritual, but also psychological and material possibilities, because meditation practically unites spirit with body in all movements of man’s body, mind and spirit, harmonizes life, science and religion and removes illusion of parallel worlds. A man freely and dignifiedly stands up in existence in all his depth and high and doesn’t leave any artificial obstacles between himself and matter, the Earth and between himself and spirit. From that moment his every movement starts shining with pure love and consciousness, and in his inside, for the first time peace, silence and blissfulness happen. That is a gift of existence to an individual.

A path of each mature, intelligent and responsible person that has a spirit to experience outer and inner, material and spiritual well being and consciously go through life and death, leads through meditation.

Community information

Ojas, Jan 3, 2006

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