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Thrills of Inquisition from Kaunas

On November 13, 2005 a television channel TV 3 in a broadcast “Comments of a Week” ("Savaites komentarai") presented to Lithuania from Kaunas a tornadic sexual thrill. This time also a theoretical basis for inquisition was supported not by religion researchers from Vilnius who compromised themselves, but a theologian of Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, a servant of God, a monsignor A.Jegelavichus. A broadcast presenter Jolanta Butkevichiene, in the second part of the broadcast after throwing out anger towards free-thinker vice chairperson of the Parliament Cheslovas Jurshenas in a way that he asked not to insult, in the third part poured anger and irritation even deeper. While announcing the broadcast at least several times were announced catholically: ”This time in “Comments of a Week” – about dangers:<…> “whether a sect combining prayers and orgies, raise danger to psyche and morality of teenagers”, with an excerpt from Osho Dynamic meditation demo ( Video   )     and words of meditation master Prem: “Pronounce mantra HOO while hammering into the sex-center.”

It is surprising how Jolanta Butkevichiene can so sexually see and present activity of Osho Ojas meditation center’s activity and spirit of Osho Dynamic meditation, because there aren’t neither prayers, nor orgies in Ojas center, thus they also can’t be combined; besides, a religious community is not a sect, because there aren’t at least a single characteristic of a sect indicated by Catholic religion researchers of Lithuania. It is true, that was established not by Catholic religion researchers, but by Europe orientated court.

Regarding falsified statements despising and humiliating the religious community and its members we have already received lawyers’ comments. In Europe such matters are a long way back in the past. We will see whether truth and freedom have reached Lithuanian media, law and spirit, whether it is only in Europe and sound words of inquisition are used only to receive European money through universities and “social” funds.

While looking over a way in which Osho Dynamic meditation was presented in the announcement by repeating over several times Prem words (underlined in citation): “ <…> Pronounce mantra HOO while hammering into the sex center – the center which is in the vital body" ,- it is seen why the sex center excites so much the presenter and viewers of her broadcast. The words about a vital body that aren’t underlined in a citation were not repeated in the announcement. We understand that sexual energy and anger press people and they, poor ones, think that this is misfortune or evil spirit. Sexual energy and anger – two kinds of vital energy – press all unnatural, ignorant and perverted people.

Beloved. Faith, falsifications, anger and humiliation will not help. That will make a situation which is already complicated, even more complicated. Never go against nature and against yourself. Meditation and consciousness are necessary. Meditation is a method, and consciousness is its consequence. Come to meditate and transformed sexuality and anger soon will fill you by love and blissfulness.

To calm down a winded imagination of the presenter and some viewers, to sense and feel spirit of Osho Dynamic meditation, we present a stenograph of one Osho Dynamic meditation led by meditation master Prem. It is possible to purchase compact disks (CD) of that ant other led meditations in relative esoteric bookstores. That unusually helps for tuning and meditation.

Ojas, 26-12-2005

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