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1999 No.3

Leader of Ojas Meditation Center
Metchislovas Vrubliauskas

Essence of Meditation and its Practice (3)

While practicing meditations it is useful to know some things in advance.

First of all, meditation may be confused with imagination. I am not against pleasant dreams, but when they are called meditations, it misleads the society.

Meditation is true as the growth, but for its deepening and growth sometimes a gardener is necessary; otherwise the blossoms of love and consciousness won't manifest and there will be wrongly understood that there is no meditation.

Secondly, when the consciousness is growing, the moments of silence and beauty arise. At that moment mind shows up again and declares: "Look, I am meditating". No, the mind can't meditate. Be aware that if meditation has happened, the mind had gone. Even you disappeared. But that disappearance is blessed and absolutely conscious. Others will notice it immediately. Even if you didn't do anything for others to notice, they will notice it anyway. Aura will be seen around you. This aura is an energy of your subtle bodies. You can't hide it. Such aura tells that transformation is happening in you. The blossoming of heart and consciousness begins.

Meditation is a spiritual phenomenon. It can't happen as long as people lack energy and are stuck in the body, feelings or mind - they are identified with them and don't even know that the latter are like an egg's shell or a seed's peel. Meditator is inside and appears when the shell is broken. An individual feels that something is wrong, but doesn't know what should be done to reveal his inner essence. This is why the spiritual Master sometimes is like a bird, which hatches nestling, sometimes is like a gardener planting a seed. Soul's disidentification from the body, feelings and mind it is the ground for meditation to happen. This way witnessing is born.

Properly selected music, prepared place, loose clothing and proper mood help meditation. You shouldn't meditate straight away after eating or being very excited. It is better to start from cathartic meditations. When choosing a meditation, you should know what time it fits for. The best time to meditate Osho Dynamic meditation is during the sunrise when the whole nature is awakening, when the whole existence maintain the energy awakening. For instance, it is better to meditate meditations of third eye's activation in the evening. About practical meditation in more detail you may read in so far the only Lithuanian book: Osho "Meditation - the First and the Last Freedom. A Practical Guide To Meditation", which was published by Osho Ojas meditation center and translated by the author of these lines. It is an ageless book.

Further I will share some thoughts about the most important obstacles to meditators of our land. This is about ten-year experience of my meditative search and discoveries. It has greatly grown particularly during the last two years, when a meditation school was born in the center.

The first trouble of Lithuanian meditator is that from the very childhood he is weaned away from feeling - feeling himself and others. Children in Lithuania are pressingly urged to think, to be faster than computers. For business, prestige and success - everywhere where posture or image are appreciated. But it is a disaster for child's being. Without feeling himself, without sharing own energies and himself with the world, the being of child stops growing. A false vision of the himself and world is implanted and he identifies with it. This way it is easier for him to be effective in life and survive. But everything that is artificial doesn't grow. Then, in the old age, a man discovers that he had still remained a child somewhere inside.

Due to suppression of emotions many people later on complain about lower-part spine pains. A few inches below the navel is located second chakra - the meeting point of physical and vital or emotional bodies. These pains emerge because of the blocking of energies in vital body because they can't rise upwards. The medicines help only for a short time. Quite often due to blocking of emotional energies people lack energy to live and enjoy the life. There is a threat of depression in the future. Among beginners meditators this is an obstacle of almost one hundred percent. In order to go through this obstacle suppressed emotions have to be deblocked, released: people revive, recover childhood freshness, joy of life and true sensations. Something true returns back to their lives. Afterwards a meditator has to learn how to transform emotional energies and embody them in life. Any emotion can turn into love; any energy can be materialized creatively. Therefore children should be taught since the babyhood.

For instance, the child is suggested that he has to be modest. These statements are implanted in the third, astral body of a child, later on are transmitted and control vital or emotional body. The child is not aware of it, but in order for these statements to remain a constant attitude of mind is necessary. Such child will never be able to relax, to feel inner silence and peace. The tension will remain in his mind for all life. The tension of mind will create roaming thoughts disturbing to feel. When the mind is relaxed, the opposite process will start. Emotions suppressed for a long time will erupt as anger and aggression towards society, child educated parents and teachers. It will be hard for parents and children to understand the reasons of mutual conflicts.

Quite often teenagers search relaxation of body, emotions and mind in drugs. Through drugs at least from a distance they see the inner riches they are looking for. It is hard to retreat after once seeing, touching and even tasting them. They will remain as a mirage if taking drugs. The only right way to come to them and use them rightly is meditation.

There are especially many tensions and blocks that relate to a body, sexuality in minds of Lithuanians as well as other Christians. For example, a faithful woman believes that because of the original sin she has to give birth in pain. Due to fear of pain, a mother consciously or unconsciously resists giving a birth during the day. For this reason, the majority of babes are born at night. Now more intelligent doctors have taught women to relax and they give a birth without a pain. Unfortunately, it has not become yet a usual thing. Doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists don't see the causes of many illnesses, pains and depressions yet, as their attention is focused only on a physical body. On the other hand, most religions are occupied more with faith, than on the real spiritual growth. Meditation helps to feel and become aware of our subtle bodies - vital, astral, mental, helps to activate and balance them. Otherwise, spiritual growth is almost impossible.

Here is a story of one woman, who has been practicing meditation for a couple of years: "A lot of things feel differently now: children, parents. Job is different, as well as sex, desires. Everything is changing essentially. The communication with children is becoming tenderer, more open. Now it is hard to understand how I could use violence, beat and shout. My daughter often complained of pains, had been ill joints' inflammation. I feel that my children revive when I communicate by heart. When I meditate my children stopped being ill. Asthma and my other illnesses have disappeared.

A meditative space where I live is felt so clearly. When I find myself in a rough space, I feel soon heavy and exhausted. Space pollutants start to crawl into me: I become dirty and the space cleanses, becomes softer. So after it I have to meditate to clean myself and feel good again.

The sex I knew earlier didn't have the subtlety and lacked tuning in. Now when I make love, I clearly feel the energy, as if the body disappears and I feel the energy flowing, sharing of energies. Sometimes there are moments when I feel that I merge with some wholeness when it is hard to say where is my body and where is not mine. This is such easiness, that I feel as if I am without the body, weightless. After that - the feeling as if I was filled up.

During meditations, more often I feel some kind of field creating around me, as if surrounds my entire body. A couple of days ago, during the satsang, I felt love surrounding me like a source from which I drink."

A man after starting to meditate, to feel the inner energy, inner beauty and joy knows that now he is a true master of his own destiny.

Osho says: "You are eternal. You have always been here, and you will be always here - in different forms, and ultimately in a state of formlessness. But you cannot be destroyed - you are indestructible. That takes all fear from you. And the disappearance of fear is the appearance of freedom. The disappearance of fear is the appearance of love. Now you can share. You can give as much as you want, because you are now at the inexhaustible source of living waters.

And it is there, just to be discovered." ("From medication to meditation")

Meditation helps to discover.

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