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Why is spirituality overpowered by worldly interests, in spite of its being higher?

Up to now, spirituality has not been overpowered. Up to today, the spiritual has never been overpowered by worldly interests. You will say that I am wrong because every day you must be feeling overpowered within yourself. But I ask you, do you have any genuine spiritual interest? What you are really saying is that what becomes overpowered does not exist in you; it is only an idea you have about spirituality, that you have heard about somewhere. If somebody tells you that diamonds outshine mere pebbles, what will you say? You will say that then they could not be real diamonds; the diamonds must be imaginary and the pebbles must be real. So of course the diamonds will be defeated and the pebbles will win. Because if the diamonds are real, then how can they be defeated by pebbles?

You must think that in your life your spiritual qualities are overpowered by your worldly interests. But where are those spiritual qualities? So whatever you think is being overpowered is only imaginary; the other part is just not present. You must be constantly thinking that hatred wins and love is overpowered. But where is love? You must think that the desire to attain money wins and it overpowers the desire to know the divine. But where is this desire to know the divine? If it is really there, no desire can overpower it. If it is really there, no other desire can even exist. The question of it being overpowered will not arise.

If someone were to say that there is light but it is overpowered by darkness, you would say that he is mad. If there is light, then darkness cannot enter. Until now there has been no war between light and darkness. Up to now there has never been a conflict between light and darkness because the moment there is light, darkness no longer exists. An opponent does not even exist, so winning is not an issue. Darkness can win only when light is not present at all, so it is victorious only in the absence of light. But there is no question of darkness in the presence of light because darkness disappears, it simply is not there.

What you are calling ‘worldly interests’ will disappear if spiritual interests happen in you. This is why my whole effort is to give more emphasis to creating a spiritual interest in you than to emphasize getting rid of your worldly interests. My emphasis is on the positive.

When a positive spiritual interest arises in you, your worldly interests become weak. When love arises within someone, hate disappears from within him. There has never been a collision between love and hate; up to now that has never happened. When truth arises within someone, lies disappear from within him. Truth and untruth have never been in conflict. When non-violence arises within someone, his violence disappears. Non-violence and violence have never yet been in conflict. It is not a question of defeat…there is not even a contest. Violence is so weak that the moment nonviolence arises, it disappears. The non-spiritual is very weak, the world is weak, very weak. <...>

So when you feel that your spiritual interests are being defeated, realize one thing: these interests of yours must be imaginary. You must have learned them by reading books, they are not within you. There are many people…

A person came to me and asked, “In the past I used to experience God, but I don’t anymore!”

I said to him, “It must never have happened. Is it possible that you start experiencing the divine and then you don’t?”

Many people come to me and say, “I used to experience meditation but now I can’t anymore.”

I tell them, “It never happens like that, because it is impossible to have experienced meditation and then to have lost it.”

Keep this in mind: in life, higher states can be reached but they can never be lost. You can reach to higher states but you cannot lose them, there is no way to lose them. You can become wise, you can attain wisdom, but you cannot lose it. It is impossible.

* - Excerpt from OSHO. The The Perfect Way

Updated on 08-05-2018

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