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Guests from TV3 broadcasting 'Comments of a Week' in the Meditation Center

On November 11, 2005, a reporter Anna Cvetkova of TV3 broadcasting “Comments of a Week”, lead by Jolanta Butkeviciene, and an operator Albinas Bubelevicius visited Osho Ojas meditation center and spoke to meditation master Prembuddha.

The broadcast was announced several times and broadcasted on November 13, 2005, 7:05 PM.

Anna wanted to inquire about meditation and myths. Unfortunately, she forgot meditation. Even when reminded about meditation, her tongue was turning to orgies.

The customers of the broadcast aren’t clear. Sponsors are christians of Kaunas Vytautas Magni University.

Excerpts from Prembuddha interview to Anna:

" Anna Cvetkova: I would like to ask what means are used in your center to search for freedom, love and truth?

Prembuddha: The main method is meditation. In fact, it is possible to define such three directions to find truth: the first – life, not running from it, the second – science, the third – meditation. Science explores life by concentration and experimenting. Meditators explore by relaxing, meditating and moving within. And then an inside unites or spirit with body. Meditators search a way to unite. And through these three processes – life, science and meditation – unite within themselves.

Anna: While observing, for example eastern meditations, let’s say Buddhist and your meditations – an obvious difference is seen. That is there in many cases they meditate in quiet state, and at your place, in a layman’s view, it seems that very strange movements are made. Why?

Prembuddha: <...> Preparatory stages are sometimes active, because a westerner is very impure; he sits too much by books, in an office. Air is contaminated too much, an atmosphere is tensed, and tranquility is absent. Thus, several preparatory stages are very useful. Only then it is possible to sit in peace. And peace and calmness are so deep, - that in the West it is possible only after the preparatory stages, - is essentially the same.<...>

Anna: Then what is Osho essence? In general. That is a teaching, religion, that is philosophy, what is that?

Prembuddha: Osho – that is a mystic, buddha that unites spirit with body in life and became enlightened while living. And decided to… And that is not that decided, simply a possibility remained for him to share that one needs to search spirit without losing life, without going out of it but uniting oneself in it. And then that peace that is searched by Buddhists there is in a market, in a shop, in a scientific lab, is in dialogue, anywhere. I am in peace. I don’t lose an inside in any situation and already for many years. And that – I also see – is the main path. <…>

Anna: In one stage you comment there. In the third stage of some meditation, you say: “jump for 10 minutes while hammering into a sex-center.” I would like to ask, where it is and why that is done?

Prembuddha: That is very simple, but… Sex-center is in a vital body, therefore some psychologists or medics will err. I sense not only sex-center, I sense also an emotional center. Sex-center is near a coccyx, in a vital body. It could be viewed even, probably a little in a tomography as a certain energetic ball. It is seen. Further there is an emotional center, mind center, love center, meditation center, god center and buddha center.

And that is what we mean – don’t lose basic energies. Because they are three: sexual, kundalini and vital. Vital is called by Lithuanians a living energy which is everywhere.

That is, it is sensed. And that gets awakened. So much such beautiful energy. And it rises. A man afterwards is full, radiates with energy. It may be used for looking after a child, to do work, to paint, to create anything, to live in any way.

Anna: However I wanted to ask whether that movement made in that stage, whether it somehow awakens sexual energy of a man?

Prembuddha: Understand, sexual energy is not separate from vital. It right away turns into vital energy. And it fills body and moves towards heart. And after that preparatory phase, there is a peace for 10 minutes, moving within. And then a man feels how that energy already transforms and fills his heart and soul. <…>

Anna: Whether anyone can come who wants to meditate? <…> Can anyone come to an introductory tour?

Prembuddha: In certain sense anyone may come. For example, if 10 years old child would come, then he should come with mother, with parents or with an aunt that is permitted by parents to lead their child.

Anna: That is, you don’t let in minors without permission of parents?

Prembuddha: Such question nearly never is present. If sixteen years old people inquire, they may come. But usually that is not actual in Lithuania. For a sixteen years old teenager to be drawn to meditation, he has to be very conscious from the past lives and we didn’t face that case really.

Anna: If simply a man who is a minor would inquire, he would need to bring parent’s permission or you would let him in or not?

Prembuddha: We would see. Let him come, will see. In a general case, because that is a new thing, that may frighten parents. That is absolutely not dangerous for children, but in order it to be more clear, understandable for parents we would do everything that he would come with parents or would inform parents, that they also could come; not to scare somehow parents, but to introduce and open for them that their child is more than Einstein, he has chances to die not regretting but enjoying. <…> That a man, a child would meditate for a long time in Lithuania that is almost unbelievable. That is the same question, whether people are looking for a flight to cosmos in Lithuania.

Anna: I understand. Whether is true, that let’s say exactly in your center, prayer or meditation is anyway sometimes related to sexual intercourse?

Prembuddha: Never. <...>

Anna: And why then, let’s say after an introductory tour, if one goes deeper, why people who want to meditate are asked to bring a medical certification about venereal diseases?

Prembuddha: About venereal we don’t ask. We care for hygiene to be. <…> We may ask a certificate that he doesn’t have infectious diseases. And that is similar to when going to America or other hygienic or hygiene safeguarding country.<…>

Anna: So. In a video material received from abroad, supposedly meditating people which are naked and touch each other are seen. Maybe you can explain for what that is done?

Prembuddha: I cannot explain anything, I didn’t participate there. One should ask those people. There are so many falsifications. There are so many falsifications in which beautiful things are turned into ugly ones with a help of television. So, I couldn’t say anything. In Lithuania you can yesterday, today, every day see such views when beautiful things are turned into ugly ones – by interested persons. But in a way that truth becomes a lie, not oppositely.

Anna: But I would like to specify. Are there meditations during which people are naked?

Prembuddha: Nakedness is not necessary for meditation. If people would like to meditate naked, they could. That is unnecessary.

Anna: But, have you seen in this center people who meditate naked?

Prembuddha: Why people would need to meditate naked? If people are afraid to undress, if they are afraid of nakedness, they are perverted so much that are afraid of nakedness. Then nakedness of people would need to be supported. That might be a case. That would be natural that people would go through their nakedness and accept beauty which is present. <…> Meditator is united within himself in spirit and in body. For him a naked body is beautiful. Mahavira all the times walked naked. Contemporary of Buddha, a man of the same level. So, I would say that it would be very beautiful if we grew up to that when nakedness as well as clothes don’t disturb spirituality of people.

Anna: But you teach to go through one’s own fears, through those stereotypes, and through that specific fear?

Prembuddha: Meditation has to embrace everything. It should. We usually should grow up to such things. But what I have no doubt is that if monks as jaina monks walk naked – that is very beautiful, very spiritual. We haven’t grown up to that. But, there was in nature, practicums, cases when people undress, swim. Nobody looks at them. If someone wants to go swimming – they go swimming, that is natural. We don’t interfere in a private life. And here one doesn’t need to undress, never. But there were cases when people want to undress and then we support them. Some people specially come, seemingly, with special goals.

Anna: What do you mean?

Prembuddha: I mean that some undress and still try to undress. Maybe someone send them. Maybe they had certain psychological problem and that way try to go through. We usually don’t interfere much or at least try to go through as intelligently, as possible. <…> Then we according to a very specific situation are looking for very specific resolution.

Anna: <…> Then you could comment a little that video material that I have seen and I was simply surprised by it. I would like that someone would explain why these people… Haven’t you ever seen such naked people meditating? Why that is encouraged?

Prembuddha: That is not encouraged.

Anna: But that way somehow one goes through those fears or what is done?

Prembuddha: If people have fears, someone has to lead them through intelligently. Seemingly, those countries grew up to that, maybe they lead through. I cannot say anything about that. Scientists or meditators should look for a way out, what to do when people are already so perverted.

In Lithuania sexual movies - in all television channels. Why people are so perverted and why they look television so intensively? <…> That continues to bear perversion. People should come who <…> would say that be natural, relax. If you totally lost humanity, naturalness – look at animals. Because believers got perverted more than animals, than natural nature.

Anna: But it is natural for animals to make love anytime with anyone…

Prembuddha: They don’t make love, they make sex.

Anna: … to make sex is natural for anyone with anyone, anywhere.

Prembuddha: Neither with anyone – you may look at swans. You may look at plentitude of couples in nature which are more harmonious than people. You will not find people so harmonious as are couples of swans.

Anna: I understood.

Prembuddha: And that is almost continuously.

Anna: That is likely I asked almost everything I wanted….

Part 2

Prembuddha: But you haven’t asked almost anything about meditation... <...>

Anna: The second thing, I was interested namely into these massive orgies that take place in a world. Certain ones that are shown. I wanted you to explain what happens there.

Prembuddha: I haven’t heard about such orgies. <…> But meditators move from perversion to natural love making, from natural love making to blissful, blessed love making, and from it – to brahmacharya or to celibacy which is not from vows, but because of natural inner transformation.

Anna: That’s ok, maybe then if I, in you opinion, haven’t asked you about meditation, I will ask now. What you can say about meditation, how it can be helpful?

Prembuddha: First of all, meditation returns wholeness to a man. Meditator is whole, he is in spirit. And there aren’t any messiahs between him and spirit. Similarly, there aren’t any Prembuddhaiers between him and body. He is a man who unites spirit with body. Further, because a man is whole, if he meditates his health improves a lot.

During Meditation school, during four years, morbidity of people – number of days per year – decreased from twelve to two. Even 63 years old woman – she was 60 years old when entered and 64 years old upon graduation – decreased a number of sickness days from 63 to 3. People stop suffering from flues, infection deceases; health improves in all respects.

The second thing, that is more important <…> people start feeling much better. They feel happier, more love in heart, because energy rises and they start feeling blissful. Besides, people are more creative. They have inner peace and calmness.

But again, for that a bit specific meditations are necessary. When newcomers come, they need catharsis. Those people who meditate several years, in fact they pass through such phases much more peacefully, very intelligently, very lively. And finally it happens that a man who meditates is creative, healthy and happy. And that is because he near life and science accepts also an inner science which is found through meditation.

Anna: I understood.

Prembuddha: Meditators almost don’t use medicine. <…> That is surprisingly unexpected discovery which we didn’t expect when started to meditate. We expected happiness, blissfulness, love and here, it turned out that besides even health improves remarkably.”

P.S.: After the interview:

" Prembuddha: You may come near me, stand and you will be an example, who of us is more free. Please.

Anna: I cannot show myself. <…> Unfortunately, such are the rules. I with pleasure.

Prembuddha: You may only look and see where tensions are, where you could relax.”

Ojas, 12-11-2005

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