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The vibrations of the third body and colors*


If you come to understand the vibrations of the third body you will begin to have a unique experience. Then you will be able to tell directly on seeing a person what vibrations surround him. Because you are not aware of your own vibrations it is not possible for you to recognize those of another person; otherwise, the vibrations emanating from the third body are gathered around every person’s head. The halo depicted in pictures of Buddha, Mahavira, Rama and Krishna is the aura seen around their heads. These have special colors which have been detected. If you have the right experience of the third body you will begin to see these colors. When you begin to see these colors you will see not only your own but those of others as well.


In fact, the deeper we begin to see ourselves, the deeper we begin to see inside others also – to the same extent. Because we know only our own physical body we know only the physical bodies of others. The day we come to know our own etheric body we will begin to be aware of the etheric bodies in others.

Before you become angry you can know well in advance that you are going to be angry. Before you express love it can be easily predicted that you are making preparations for love. So what we call getting to know the feelings of others is not such a great thing after all. By becoming aware of one’s own emotional body it becomes easy to grasp the feelings of others, because we begin to see all its variations. By awakening into the third plane things become very clear, because then we can see the colors of the personality also.

The colors of the clothes of sadhusand sannyasinswere chosen by the color seen from the third body. The choice was different in each case according to which body was emphasized. For instance, Buddha chose yellow because he stressed the seventh body. The aura around the person who has attained to the seventh plane is yellow; therefore, Buddha chose the color yellow for his bhikkhus.It was because of this color that Buddhist bhikkhus found it difficult to remain in India. The yellow color is identified with death. And in fact, it isthe color of death, because the seventh plane is the plane of ultimate death. So the yellow color is connected with death deep within us.


The orange color gives the feeling of life. Therefore, orange-robed sannyasins looked more attractive than the yellow-robed ones; they appeared alive. This color is the color of blood and the color of the aura of the sixth body: it is the color of the rising sun.

The Jainas chose white, which is the color of the fifth body – the spiritual body. The Jainas insist on leaving God alone – on leaving God out of discussion and on leaving nirvana out of discussion – because scientific discussions are possible only up to the fifth body. Mahavira was a scientifically-minded man. Therefore, he talked about matters as far as they could be solved mathematically; beyond that he refused to talk. He did not wish to talk where his words were liable to err so he refused to elaborate on mysticism. Mahavira said that we will not talk about it; let us move in and experience it. So he did not talk of the planes after the fifth. This is why Mahavira chose white; it is the color of the fifth plane.

From the third plane you will start seeing colors which are due to the effect of the subtle vibrations within. In the very near future it will be possible to photograph them. If they can be seen by the naked eye it follows that they cannot escape the eye of the camera for long. Then we will develop a wonderful ability to assess people and their character.

There is a German thinker by the name of Luschev who has studied the effect of color on millions of people. Many hospitals in Europe and America are using his experiments. The color you choose deeply tells about your personality. A man with a particular disease prefers a particular color; a healthy person chooses quite another color; a tranquil man prefers yet another color; an ambitious man quite another than a nonambitious person. With your choice you give a hint of what is happening within your third body. Now it is an interesting fact that if the color that emanates from your third body is grasped, and if your preference of color is then tested, it will turn out to be the same color: you will choose a color similar to the color emanating from your third body.

Colors have wonderful meanings and uses. It was not known previously that colors could be so meaningful that they can even outwardly convey about your personality. Also, it was not known that the effect of colors can touch your inner personality. You cannot escape from them. For instance, the color red: it is always connected with revolution. It is the color of anger and it is difficult to escape from it. Therefore, the revolutionaries carried red flags. There is an aura of red around a wrathful mind. It is the color of blood, the color of murder, the color of anger and of destruction.

It is very interesting that if everything in the room were colored red the blood pressure of all of you sitting here would rise. If a man lives continuously with the color red his blood pressure can never be normal. The color blue causes the blood pressure to fall: it is the color of the skies and of supreme tranquility. If there is blue all around you your blood pressure will fall.


Leave aside man: if we fill water in a blue bottle and keep it in the sun the chemical composition of the water will change. The water absorbs the blue color which then changes its composition. This water has an effect on man’s blood pressure. Similarly, if we fill a yellow bottle with water and put it in the sun its characteristics will be different. The water in the blue bottle will remain fresh for days whereas the water in the yellow bottle will turn foul at once. The yellow color is the color of death and it disintegrates things.

You will begin to see the circles of all these colors around you. This will be on the third plane. When you are aware of these three bodies that very awareness will bring about a harmony between them. <...>


* excerpt from OSHO. In Search of the miraculous, Vol 2


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