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Meher Baba

The operation of karma through successive lives*

Part 2 of 3

Claims and counterclaims created by give and take. If there has been a give and take between certain persons that forges Karmic and sanskaric ties between them and creates claims and counter-claims, they have to come together and carry on fresh deals in order to meet these claims and counter-claims. That which a person gives with a selfish motive binds him in the same way as that which he takes with a sense of separateness. The deal of give or take, which thus binds,need not be purely on a material plane in the form of exchange of goods or money, or in the performing of some physical tasks. It could consist of exchange of views or feelings.

In matter, an action creates reaction. In mind and spirit, it is the same.
In matter, an action creates reaction.
In mind and spirit, it is the same.


Karma of interference. If a person pays respect to a saint on the higher planes he creates a claim against him so that even if the saint himself is crossing the inner planes and treading the Path, he has to tarry and give such help as will bring the person paying respect to that point on the Path which he himself has reached. Paying respect to a saint thus amounts to Karma of interference.Though respect, as such, is a good thing to receive, in receiving it the saint may have to halt on the Path until he has helped the person who came to him and gave him respect.


Responsiveness of souls. The quick and unfailing responsiveness of souls is expressed in the law that hate begets hate, lust begets lust and love begets love. This law operates not only during a single life-time but across several lives. A man feels impelled to hate or fear an enemy of past lives, although present life may not have provided him with any apparent reason for this attitude. In the same way, without any apparent reason from the present life, he is impelled to love and help a friend of past lives. In most cases the person may not be aware of the reason for his unaccountable attitude, but that does not mean there is no reason for it. Many things which seem inexplicable on the surface, become intelligible when considered in the light of Karmic links brought forward from past lives.





Law of karma is law of action and reaction. The law of Karma is law exhibiting itself through continuously changing mutual adjustments, which must go on where there are several individual souls who seek self-expression in a common world. It is an outcome of the responsiveness of ego-minds. The rhythm in which two souls start their relationship tends to perpetuate itself unless the soul, through fresh intelligent Karma, changes the rhythm and raises it to a higher quality.





Freedom of Karma. As a rule, accumulated Karma has a certain inertia of its own. It does not change the nature of its momentum unless there is a special reason for it. Before Karma is created the individual has a sort of freedom to choose what it shall be; but after it has been delineated it becomes a factor which cannot be ignored and which either has to be expended through the results which it invites, or counteracted by fresh and appropriate Karma.


Fate. The pleasure and pain experienced in life on earth, the success or failure which attend it, the attainments and obstacles with which it is strewn, the friends and foes who appear in it, all are determined by the Karma of past lives. Karmic determination is popularly designated as fate. Fate, how-ever, is not some foreign and oppressive principle. Fate is man's own creation pursuing him from past lives; and just as it has been shaped by past Karma, it can also be modified, remoulded and even undone through Karma in the present life.


* Excerpt from Meher Baba. Discourses 6. Vol3. Reincarnation and Karma. Part VI


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