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The esoteric difference and similarity between man and woman*

The bioelectrical difference between man and woman persists until the fourth body. Does this mean that the effect of a male medium or a female medium is different on male and female meditators? Also, please explain why.


Many things will have to be clarified in this context. As I said before, the difference between male and female exists until the fourth body. After the fourth there is no difference. The fifth is . But the difference is very fundamental up to the fourth body, and this basic dissimilarity will bring many kinds of results. Let us first understand the male body, then we shall go on to the female.

The first body of the man is male, the second is female, the third again is male, and the fourth female. In the female it is the opposite: her first body is female, the second male, the third is again female, and the fourth is male. There are radical differences because of this. It is these differences that have deeply influenced the whole history and religion of mankind and which have given man's culture a particular type of order.

There are some characteristics unique to the male body and some characteristics and specialities unique to the female body. These complement each other. In fact, the female body is incomplete and so is the male body; therefore, in the act of creation they have to unite. This union is of two kinds. If male a unites with female b externally, creation of a child takes place. If male a unites with female b within himself, a creation takes place which is toward the Brahman. This is the journey toward God, whereas the external union is the journey towards nature. However, sex is involved in both: if the male body unites externally with a female body, coitus takes place; if the male body unites with its own inner female body, then also sex takes place. In the first the energy is diffused outwardly, whereas in the second the energy begins to move inwardly. This is what is known as the rising of the sex energy: it is a union with the woman within.

The energy always flows from the male to the female regardless of whether it happens outside the body or inside the body. If the sex energy of the physical body of a male flows toward the etheric female within him it is not diffused. Then happens what is known as brahmacharya.Then the energy flows upwards continually; it reaches up to the fourth body. After the fourth body brahmacharya has no meaning, because there is nothing like male and female there.

That is why after crossing the fourth plane the meditator is neither a male nor a female. The concept of ardhanarishwar – Shiva as half man, half woman – came into being with the first and the second body in mind. But this merely remained a symbol and we never understood it. Shiva is incomplete and so is Parvati. Together they become one. So we drew a picture of Shiva as being half man, half woman, but in actual life this other half is not visible outwardly. It hides behind each of us. One side of you is male and the other female, and this is why very amusing incidents take place sometimes.

No matter how fearless and strong a man is in the outside world, no matter how influential – whether he is Alexander the Great or Napoleon or Hitler, whether in the office, in the store or in the market, he lives like a lion the whole day, but by evening all his swagger is lost before a simple woman in his house. This is very strange. What is the reason behind this? The fact is that he uses his male body twelve or fourteen hours and after that time his first body becomes tired. When he reaches home the first body demands rest. Then the second body which is the female comes to the forefront and the male body becomes secondary.

Now the wife has made use of her first body the whole day long, so by evening the male body behind her has the upper hand. Then the woman begins to behave like a man and the man like a woman.

It should be remembered that the intercourse with one's own inner female body is the method for the upward flow of the life energy. This process has more inner details, but we shall not talk about that at present.

Another thing: the energy always flows from the male to the female. The most important quality of the male body is that it is not receptive; it is always aggressive. The male can give but he cannot take. No current flows from the female to the male; it is always from the male to the female. The female is receptive. She can take but she cannot give.

There are two results of this and both are worth knowing about. The first result is that since the female is receptive she can never become the giver of shaktipat; shaktipat cannot take place through her. This is the reason why there are so few female masters in the world, nor are there any female gurus of the stature of Buddha and Mahavira. The reason is that no energy can be imparted to anyone through her. It is a fact though that women gathered in great numbers around Buddha, Mahavira and Krishna, but not a single woman of the stature of Krishna was ever born around whom millions of men would gather. The reason for this lies in the fact that women can only be recipients.


It is also an interesting fact that around a person like Krishna there will be very few men but very many women. The same was the case with Mahavira: there were ten thousand male ascetics, monks, and forty thousand nuns. The ratio is four to one always. If there is one man there are always four women around him. Men could not be as affected by Mahavira as women could be, because both they and Mahavira are men. What was transmitted by Mahavira the women could absorb. But men are nonabsorbent; their receptivity is very limited. Therefore, though it is man who is the herald of religion it is woman who always protects and preserves it; it is woman who saves religion on earth. Men only pioneer religion.

Woman is receptive; the quality of her body is receptivity. She has this quality biologically also. She has to carry a child for nine months, and after that she also has to bring it up; thus, she has to be receptive. No such work is assigned to man by nature. He becomes a father for a moment and then he is out of the picture. The woman receives the semen and then retains it. This fact works in shaktipat also. Therefore, in shaktipat a man cannot receive from a woman. This is speaking generally; there can be exceptions. Of these rare cases I shall talk later. Sometimes this can happen, but the reasons are different.

* excerpt from OSHO. In Search of the Miraculous, Vol 2


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