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Prayers for Fatherland From Heart to Heart?

Believes are different in different places. Like customs, habits, traditions. In them there are some truth and some justice for oneself, insiders and much untruth and injustice for the others. Believes split the Earth, because their basis are local temporal justices and established personalities, persons. The Earth shall be unified by religion, the basis of which is global eternal truths and impersonality – science of spirit. Its laws and truths give very clear and effective answers.

Hypothesis, experiment, analysis and conclusions are the basis of science of nature. Those of science of spirit – vision, experiment, experience, witnessing and insights. We use concentration of mind, consciousness in science of nature, in science of spirit – meditation. Science of spirit gives to human happiness as insofar science of spirit – to riches of a human. Both sciences are necessary, outer and inner, the unification of which could be called total or holistic science.

Let’s have a look at the world by the eyes of spirit of science.

A man in a website writes that Fatherland power should be increased by organized prayers from heart to heart. We will not mention an author of this article here, because an authorship is not very important to truth of science. And more so, because the mentioned article is not intended for truth, but for power, politics.

Prayers may be organized. But they will not go from heart to heart. They go from mind to mind only. And it was always like that. Everything what is organized, set is lifeless. When organizing an organization is born only. An organism is born from within only, from love. An organism may not be organized. It is established in science that prayers are marginally detrimental to health. During the last 20 years priests organized Catholic prayers in schools for money of Lithuanian people. And we have a result. Recently performed experiments showed that schools do not enjoy creating and loving young people, but young people themselves suffer most of all from sneering. Everything what is organized will bring self-show off and sneering. Ambitiousness directed to oneself and arrogance – to the other.

It is written in an article: “Collective prayer [for the Fatherland] has enormous power of spirit. Pure motive strengthens this power even more”. All dictators desired greatly the power. Almost always – physical, psychical and spirit power. And always dictators waste all powers until they remain powerless. Power is always single-sided, finite, mortal and there is no resurrection in it. Love is a beginning of resurrection, its end – awakened consciousness. On its own power will bring neither happiness, nor love. A motive may strengthen power, but it is never pure. Everything what is started with a motive will fade soon.     

Prayers do not go from heart to heart. Only love goes from hear to heart. Love is needed, but not prayers. But one may not organize love. It has its laws of birth and spreading. It is the easiest for a human both to create love and share it. Life and evolution of the Earth go the easiest way. As science.

It is stated: “ Then we all sit in silence and concentration. <…> “I” is absent – and “WE” is born”. Neither one who concentrated, has found silence yet. And neither love. And will not find. In concentration there is power only. And love is in relaxation only. One may sit either in silence or in concentration. Concentration camps were born out of focusing, concentrating. We – Hitler and Stalin is not better than one I- Hitler. When concentrating neither one I nor many I – We, create neither love, nor happiness, nor harmony. Concentration is a beginning of great misfortune, if it is not balanced with relaxation.

“ Let’s ask and we will be given”. Why to ask? It is given already. That who is relaxed has already, because for giving sometimes it is useful to get tensed, but for receiving relaxation is needed only. Everything flows from there where it is tensed to there where it is relaxed. And one does not need to ask. That who asks may not be in silence and peace, may not relax, may not receive. Whether water can flow into a sponge when we are squeezing it? Tensed eyes may not see well. One who is tensed may not be sensitive, because when tension grows in body, mind and consciousness, sensitivity decreases.

If you hold one kilogram in your hand, you will not feel a gram.

It is not strange, even natural that priests, who ask for sin forgiveness, drink in order to relax. Even during Mass. Alcohol is showed by measurements of alco-tester and requests of priest drivers to allow them to drive after drinking more alcohol. If you ask, you will not receive love. And you will not receive happiness. Only a human of truth, love is relaxed. Love and happiness pours directly through a relaxed and conscious human. Like smoke though chimney, life through stem or emotions, life, vitality through relaxed eyes. In silence and well being is only that who neither pulls, nor pushes but shares.

“ In order for light to shine and darkness disappear.” That is cowardly and mistaken. Both sides are needed. Almost each life starts in darkness. Without darkness there is no life, there are no babies. Baby begins in dark womb. And eyes see only because the other side of eyes is in darkness, in brain. Darkness needs to be accepted into heart only and it transforms itself there, becomes light. Like wood in stove or seed in soil into sprout. Beginning of light and life is in darkness. Light of the Sun is born in thermonuclear darkness. Wood in dark stove and seed in dark soil also create light, heat, life. Life in heart becomes love and love – life. That is even more than needed, than we may expect.

Prembuda, 30-08-2010,
English translation, 18-10-2010

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