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Meditacijos centras Ojas

1999 No. 7

Dr. Metchislovas Vrubliauskas,
The Leader of Ojas Meditation Center


    Maybe five years ago, one Sufi worshipper reprimanded me: “Metchislovai, you always look happy. This is suspicious”. From that time happiness, joy and love in me have not decreased. On the contrary, it seems that love, joy and happiness are just looking through what they could manifest. However, people are closed from them. People from the very morning tune to irritation, suspicion and fight. Then the subtle divine energy cannot flow through a man because he is tuned to rough, low energy. All space, entire world outside and inside is full of various energies, information and subconscious and conscious impulses. You feel like what you are tuned to.

    In fact I feel good. There are not any existential obstacles why should I feel badly. One of the reasons why diseases, misfortunes bypass me is because I meditate. I live a little bit in other way than many people do, I live a little bit more conscious and devote a little bit more time, energy and attention to develop consciousness. But, I see that everyone can feel good and be happier. In addition, people say and behave as if they are better near me. But, beloveds, you all can feel much better. Let’s try to make clear why we feel badly.

    Sensing yourself. How to behave? Children look at adults, adults - at other adults. Usually a man guesses what others will think, what they will say and gets detached from his nature, from his being. This way we stop to sense, to sense ourselves - what we want to eat, what and how to tell, what to do. Each next step leads further away from ourselves, until we finally lose ourselves. We start doing what others tell, what books write, television shows. This is the beginning of big misfortunes, though we do not even feel this.

    Meditation is a way to return to yourself, to return to divinity, to own source, that is inside and that was in childhood. Children are divine, but not conscious. Meditation is a way to return to yourself consciously. Then even death is not frightening, because in meditation we know that we are immortal, not annihilable. But meditation cannot happen until we are not conscious, until we are in mind. Mind is not consciousness. Consciousness is above mind and can be developed.

    Meditative state is very conscious state of soul, therefore until such consciousness there is not a short distance of time and way. It is necessary to start from where we are. Otherwise, nothing true and conscious will ever happen. Many beginner meditators did not go anywhere, only because at once they tried to make the third, the fourth step without making the first one. Straightaway they tried to hold the third or the forth rung of a ladder and they failed. They felt down, were hurt and therefore became more lost and are in bigger despair. Meditation happens in the fourth step, in the forth body of a man or psychic level that has not been reached so far by our consciousness. In the beginning we are at the very surface of our being - in physical body, emotions and mind. Let’s start from there.

    Sense yourself. By saying to sense yourself, by saying to make the first step, first of all I mean body - physical body. Body directly relates to mind. Mind is the other side of a body. It can be said that body is outer side of body-mind and mind - its inner side. Relaxation is needed for meditation and our well-being. If body is not relaxed, we will not relax mind. Without relaxation, nothing subtle, nothing beautiful will happen. Thus sense your body. At the beginning get used to sense and relax a body while sitting, without moving, by closing eyes and looking over from feet to top of the head. About eighty percent of energy flows out through eyes. By closing them, you leave it inside and use to refresh body, mind and heart. Without energy you will feel badly and hardly will have what to share with others: wife, husband, children, co-workers. You will be a beggar, a prayer, others will avoid you because while being near you, they weaken and exhaust. They will do that unconsciously.

    If you lack energy, watch less television, listen to radio, read newspapers, magazines and other trinkets. Television and newspapers have surplus of killing, wars, various matters that use your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies. They require from you subtle energy - attention. They thank you, but you become exhausted, not they. Thankfulness for attention is too little.

    While reading, listening, looking be more conscious, feel yourself. Probably you are getting tensed, worried and exhausted. This way you get tired even without doing anything. Media moves your energies. This is good. But it is not good that you get tired. The main way not to get exhausted while using media is to use it consciously. While listening, readings, watching sense yourself. If you become tensed, if you get emotional, you will be exhausted quickly. Relax. An exhausted man is in a hurry to tell to someone what he has heard, seen and this way to restore his subtle energies. Do not be in a hurry to tell others what you have seen or heard, because this way you will exhaust others and do not hurry to communicate with people who do not live inasmuch as listen and look how others live. That listening and looking show that they do not live lively and happily. The matters heard from others in fact are rubbish that cannot be placed anywhere. Thus you hurry to give them to others. Otherwise you would keep them for yourself, otherwise after have listened you would be more energetic and happier.

    By sensing a body, you will find many things that you have not noticed before. First, you will note that the body often tenses and relaxes. When it is tensed, energy depletes, cannot move up. When energy moves up, an upper part of the body will be warmer than legs; when energy moves down, there will be contrary. When tensed, the body starts to pine and hurt. When you relax and rest, the energy accumulates and well-being is born in you. In addition you will sense that not entire body gets tensed but only its certain parts. Some parts are easy to relax, others - more difficult. There are some parts you cannot relax at all. Later you will find out that tough relation exists between emotions and mind. Eastern medicine discovered many links between emotions, tensions and pains in body. Imbalance of mind and feelings cause pains in neck, fear of disappointment - in shoulders, in humeral area, fear to do something badly - pains in palms, insecurity - pains in pelvis, etc. Little by little you will find out that body tensions and relaxation are not separated from feelings and mind and even from heart. They are related. But in the beginning those links are not clear.

    Feeling yourself. This is the second step. When observing yourself longer, you will find that while getting emotional, body gets tensed in certain places. The subtler is the tension, the more subtle energy is used when being tensed. In addition, after direct impact is over, the tension may remain for a long time and waste your energies. You will be exhausting and cannot get repose even after resting. To detect such tensions it is useful to look over an entire day from evening to morning, from end to beginning. It is best to do that in the evening, before sleep. Long term emotional tensions - called blocks - in certain parts affect body and cause pains, diseases. Thus meditator observes not only physical body but emotions as well, and links between them. This way, gradually we will start feeling what happens when getting emotional - emotional energy flowing from and in emotional (vital) body to physical. Usually when doing something actively, emotional energy flows in physical body, when doing nothing, relaxing - oppositely. By observing and feeling our emotions and various appearing and disappearing feelings, we expand our consciousness in the second level, the second body. Our consciousness grows. In addition by getting conscious of emotions we not only start feeling subtler energies, but also understand their interactions and laws. Try to watch any television program by witnessing sensitively, attentively, being relaxed without tensions. Do not get identified with what happens on the screen. This way the basis is laid down for transformation of negative emotions to positive ones: anger, aggression, jealousy, etc to joy, curiosity, love.

    Meditator learns to feel and transform all negative emotions, all negative energies into positive ones. Many subconscious impulses, feelings and emotions as well as many impulses coming from outside may be transformed with consciousness and expressed creatively and consciously. You are conscious and note how emotion comes into physical body and you will behave as if a rolling down stone approaching you or as if a thing is falling out of your hands. This is learnt by masters of eastern martial arts. But we are not going to fight. We are going to live; to live with joy, love, creatively and fully. Fullness is a key to witnessing, witnessing - to meditation. Experienced meditator should give a confirmation that this is true. Otherwise, many years may be spent in vain.

    We should trust not as much mind as consciousness and to train, to develop it. In the West, consciousness is not known; meditation as well. The most beautiful and essential things are left aside the way. In fact not sets of rules, orders or laws are necessary, but consciousness, flowing consciousness and meditation as the way to develop it.

    Osho in the book “From Medication to Meditation” says: "Religion is a journey inwards, and meditation is the way. What meditation actually does is, it takes you, your consciousness, as deep as possible. Even your own body becomes something outside. Even your own mind becomes something outside. Even your own heart - which is very close to the center of your being - becomes outside. When your body, mind and heart, all three, are seen as outside, you have come to the very center of your existence.<…>

    You start feeling, for the first time, crystallized... not that old wishy-washy person you had always been. For the first time you start feeling a tremendous energy, inexhaustible energy that you were not aware of. For the first time you know that death will happen only to the body, to the mind, to the heart, but not to you."

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