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Matter and God are One *

The universe is an expansion of energy, and life is the crystallization of it. What we see as matter, what we see as stone, is also energy. What is seen as life, what is experienced as thought, what is felt like consciousness is also a transformation of energy. The whole cosmos – whether it is the waves of the sea or the pine trees of the forest or the grains of sand or the stars in the skies or that which is within us – all are manifestations of the same energy in infinite forms and ways.

It is difficult to say where we begin and where we end. It is equally difficult to say where our body ends. The body which we take to be our limit is not limited in itself. If the sun, who is a hundred million miles away, cools down, we will instantly freeze to death. This means that the sun is ever present in our beings, he is a part of our bodies. As soon as he will lose his heat we will perish. The heat of the sun is the heat of our bodies.

There is an ocean of air currents all around us from which we draw our vital energy – the life breath. If it ceases to be available to us we would die immediately. Where does the body end? If you investigate fully then the whole universe is our body. Our body is limitless and infinite. And if you search rightly, you will find that the center of life is everywhere and it is expanding everywhere.

But to know it, to experience it, it is essential that we ourselves become energy that is tremendously alive.

What I call meditation is another name for freeing in every way the flow of energy that has gotten blocked up within us. So when you enter into meditation the hidden energy may awaken with such force that it gets connected with the energy on the outside. But as soon as this connection is established we be come like tiny leaves floating in the infinite ocean of winds. Then our separate existence is lost and we become one with the immeasurable.

What is it that is known after being one with the immeasurable? Up to now man has tried in every way to say it, but it could not be said. Kabir says, “I searched for him and searched a good deal. And in the course of the search itself I lost myself. He was found for sure, but only when I was no more. Who can now say what it is that is found? And how to say it?”

What Kabir said on having this experience for the first time he subsequently changed. When for the first time he experienced God, he said: It seems that the drop has entered into the ocean. His own words are:

 “Searching on and on, O my friend,
  Kabir lost himself.
  A drop merged in the ocean;
  how can it be found again?”

Kabir lost himself in the course of the search. The drop merged into the ocean; so how can it be re covered? But he changed it later, and the change is very significant. He said later that what he had said before was wrong, he was mistaken to say so. It was not the case of the drop entering the sea, but the sea itself had entered into the drop. If the drop had merged in the ocean there was a chance of recalling it, but recovery was far more difficult when the ocean had merged into the drop. And in the case of the drop entering the ocean, the drop would have said some thing about it. But it was now so difficult to say any thing when the sea itself had merged in the drop. So he said later:

 “Searching on and on, my friend,
  Kabir lost himself.
  The sea merged in the drop,
  so how can it be found again?”

It was a mistake to say earlier that drop had merged in the sea.

It is not that when we simply remain as vibrations of energy we enter the ocean of energy; it is just the other way about. When we become just trembling vibrations, live vibrations of energy, the ocean of energy enters us. In fact it is very difficult to say what happens. But it does not mean that we are not aware of that which happens. It is good to remember that an experience and the expression of it don’t always go hand in hand. What we know we cannot say. Our capacity to know is infinite, but the capacity of words is very limited.


Let alone great experiences, even small ones cannot be expressed in words. Even if I have a head ache I cannot say it. If my heart aches with love it cannot be described. These, however, are minor experiences. So when God himself descends on us it is absolutely difficult to put it into words. But we know it nonetheless, and know it for certain.

But to know it, it is essential for us to simply become, in every way, vibrations of energy and nothing more – as if we are a tempest, a storm, a boiling fountain of energy. Let us vibrate with such intensity, let every fiber of our being, every beat of our heart and our every breath be filled with such insatiable thirst, such prayerfulness and awaiting that we become thirst itself, we become prayer and awaiting itself. Let our very being disappear. In that moment alone a meeting with the divine takes place. And this meeting does not take place outside of us, but inside, as I said yesterday.

The sleeping serpent, the sleeping center is with in us. And it is from this sleeping center that the energy rises upward and spreads all over.

A seed is lying in the soil; then a flower blossoms out. To connect the flower and the seed the tree has to build a trunk between them and send forth branches around it. The flower is hidden in the seed; it does not come from without. But to make it manifest a connecting trunk is necessary. The trunk, however, stems from the seed itself, as does the flower. In the same way the seed force is lying within us. It needs a trunk to rise, and the trunk, too, is within us.

The route through which the seed force travels upward and reaches the flower lies very close to what we know as our spine. This flower has been called by various names. Those who have experienced it say it is like a thousand-petaled lotus. Something flowers, something blossoms in our brain, as if a thousand-petaled lotus has blossomed.

* - excerpt from Osho „In Search of the Miraculous, Vol. 1”.


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