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How are judging and thinking born? Was it necessary in evolution?*

Part 3

Because of faiths, thousands of people have already died, thousands are still suffering, killing and are being killed. In faith, freedom or truth, which are beyond mind and imagination, are not values, but dogma, evaluating, doctrine, tradition, judging and privilege are. Faith inspires war, fighting and maybe even a temporary victory, but not love, harmony, peace and truth. Faith depends on God, his Messiah, scripture, church and its leader. And these depend on believers. Faiths are different and they are fighting amongst each other which creates a great danger of Earth destruction.  Love never walks with faith, but only with truth and freedom. Although, a believer can pretend or believe that it is love as well. Truth is the same and eternal everywhere, and does not depend on a country, nation, faith, parliamentary election results, its laws and lawyers, etc. Love flows between a young child and their mother. Even in the animal world. A young child can rejoice in the world and with other children, and be happy. An adolescent believer is already unable to communicate with believers of other faiths, unable to marry them when in love. A believer is narrower, more limited, less sensitive and more foolish. A believer narrows down the truth to the truth of faith. Just imagine a believer tree, bird or animal. They would create ceremonies, traditions, rituals, start fighting other animals because of faith, would probably exhaust themselves and become extinct.  Seemingly, that is why there are no believer animals. They did not withstand evolutionary pressure and became extinct. Faith signifies an inability to see the whole situation, oneself and the existence. Believers are even unable to feel vitality and its flow.


A believer is unable not to judge, because vital energy does not flow according to faiths and pressures them. They search for catharsis, shakes, shivers, convulses, grimaces, throws tomatoes, runs from or teases a bull, whips himself. Electric and vital energies do not flow according to people's thoughts and prayers. Yes, thoughts and prayers can divert vital energy a little bit, just like a red cloth diverts a bull, however, this will not overpass death and that is why, everything that was created by mind or faith — will die, collapse. This allows a chance for love and bliss. A strong believer does not care about life or love. Most killings happened and are still happening because of faith. A strong believer cannot love; an individual can either love or believe. Faith is self-identifying, whereas deep love requires openness, complete openness and self-disidentifying. True love does not have acquaintances, close and distant ones and goes above all thoughts, dogmas, traditions and doctrines. Fortunately, all the nature and the entire sky are non-believers. Indeed, hell on Earth and, it seems, in heaven as well, is built on good intentions and faiths.

Look at the flower without evaluating, judging, just look at it and allow its energy to flow into you while your energy and consciousness flow into it, and then, you will find out what is reality, truth, bliss, not-judging and love. For love, meditation and truth — not judging, not evaluating and silence are necessary. Just truth is. Love requires going beyond the mind and thinking. It is very simple, natural, and very easy. It is only difficult when one is holding on to wealth, sex, pleasures, power, fame and faith. Otherwise, everything is natural and easy. Take the hand of your loved one and just feel. Do not try not to judge. Rather feel, look, sense. Then not-judging, love and witnessing will come on their own.

Do not believe, but rather flow. Flow is a living faith, whereas faith is a lifeless flow. When the energy flows, you can see, where it flows from and consciously respond to it. After realizing where and how vitality flows and transforms, faith disappears, and flow and life become even more active and blissful. By feeling and not judging, mind's reaction to the external impact, impulses is not supported. In that case, even with external impacts, no thoughts are born within the mind, and no projections or fantasies in the imagination. The mind remains silent. Majestic silence, majestic bliss will overflow you. Open up, open up completely. Let love flow to you and share vitality, love and spirit.  Look into your loved one's eyes. It is easiest. Share harmony, dharma, silence, energy. If you are drawn to look into your loved one's eyes, feel their inner space and energies, then love, divinity and witnessing as well as meditation are not far. Thinking and evaluating were necessary for human evolution, similarly to how a ship is needed to cross the ocean, however, there is no need to take or drag the ship with you afterwards, and it needs to be abandoned. After judgment leaves, witnessing and truth come; after judgment leaves, love and meditation come — two wings for a flight towards divinity, towards limitless external and internal sky. It is a gift from existence to an evolving and awakening person.


 Excerpt from PREMBUDA. Meditation: Body Soul Balance, available as e-book at Amazon:

Updated on 07-02-2021

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