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2004 No. 11

Freedom of Spirit and Life

Freedom is very practical. An object, thing can’t be free. Only a subject, a man can be free, only that which is alive, in which there is spirit, consciousness. There is nothing more important than freedom. Freedom is the foundation of happiness. All beings are looking and seeking for freedom. From ancient times till today, freedom inspires every animal, every being, every normal man. Only dictators and bureaucrats are looking, searching how to use and enslave. The others. Every animal that first of all seeks freedom and then looks for a feed is a royal one. Place a feed, open a cage of a lion and watch what it is going to do. A royal lion, not enslaved in spirit, first of all will go out to freedom and afterwards will eat. A royal nightingale first of all will fly to freedom and then will peck. A royal lion or nightingale will refuse your feed. Royalty is a quality of spirit. Freedom is a royal quality. Even good mushrooms don’t grow in captivity. Captured nightingale will never be happy and will not twitter as beautifully as the free one. Imprisoned lion will never be as healthy, beautiful and royal as the free one.

Nature and Freedom. There is no captivity in nature. First of all because everyone is liberating himself by its all vigor and if one is unable - die. Considerable decrease of birthrate is the symptom of captivity of freedom, its disease. Enslaved spirit gets ill. In nature you are not going to find lions that grow sheep for meat or sheep that grow clovers for a meal. Nature and live beings are building only nests and homes for growing, but not enclosures or cages for capturing and imprisoning. Only men enslave. <…>

Mind and Captivity. Captivity begins from mind, freedom - from consciousness. There is no captivity in nature as long as there is no mind; there isn’t reasonable individual, a man. Captivity in nature’s evolution started together with reasoning. Captivity started in the world together with the first thoughts of a primitive man. About 180 thousands years ago, bigger and stronger Neanderthal men had to give the place to Cro-Magnon men because the latter ones evolved not in a way of improving a body but the mind. <…> They lost nature’s heaven, but the way of spirit’s freedom opened to them.<…>

Ways of Enslaving. The easiest way to enslave is from childhood. Through ideologies, superstitions, myths, faiths. This way in India, not recently about one fourth of people were persuaded that they are sudras, the people of the most sinful and lowest cast, the untouchables. That came from god. As well as imperators or pastors. Even to kill an untouchable was not a big sin. In Japan even today there are those who believe that an emperor is from god. The same way in the West, Alexander Macedonian forced to believe that he is a son of god, and it goes without saying - the others have to be slaves and serve him. After conquering almost all known world, he died thirty-three years old, on his way from India, without reaching home.


If dictators and gods or their representatives do not share the power, freedom is always not far away. Let it be through sufferings also. That way was in the Soviet Union. It is harder for people to liberate themselves then messiahs of earth and sky band together. Then it is easier for them to instill ideologies and myths. Then people have to liberate themselves in spirit even when their arms and legs are enchained. Today that is almost the way in Lithuania. Here clergyman and officials warship and finance their own old or traditional spirits and parties. Whether newborns also have to be supported? Such is the way of nature and spirit.

Ways of Liberation. Mind brought into the nature not only captivity and slavery, but also a chance of freedom. Mind become for a man’s spirit as a shaft for a tree or shell for an egg. It started detaching from the earth and preserved. <…>

Today Lithuania and the world are enchained very much and many misfortunes and sufferings are brought by such orders as honor your parents or don’t have any other god but only me alone. To order to honor and yet more to love, even a god, in fact - anything, is not only ignorance but also a crime. That always takes away freedom. Such orders and laws only morally support violence of parents and gods. Because of that not only homes collapse, but also churches, mosques, synagogues. There is much violence against children and those of different faith, already too much. So much fear. <…>

Last year intelligent Neringa for she was meditating and did not listen, by violence was forced into a psychiatric hospital by a catholic mother because of disobedience. There Neringa was tied to bed, given medicine and was forcibly “cured” for 52 days. Today she is already free and continues to liberate herself from gods and parents, more truly, from hurts of mother’s “education”.


Freedom of spirit. In the West people know physic, economic and almost all have heard about psychological freedom, but don’t know completely the freedom of spirit - freedom from prophets, messiahs and gods. The most beautiful and magnificent thing is missing in science, life and Western faiths. <…>

The magnificent thing is to reach spirit and blissfulness, but even more magnificent and necessary is to bring spirit, to bring teaching to the earth, to body. So far messiahs and gods haven’t known that. Therefore they espoused poverty. Only a man who is present to spirit and who have known mind and imagination can use them not for conquering of the nature and people and not for slavery, but for harmony, happiness and freedom. Through the nature we entered into mind, through mind let’s step into heart, through heart - into consciousness, freedom, peace and immortality. That is a way of uniting bottom and sky, riches and content, sail and soul. Buddhas’ way is open. Let’s get up and rise. To freedom, to freedom of spirit.

Prembuddha, meditation master

Entire article “Freedom of Spirit and Life” read in a magazine "Zmogus"( “A Man”), 2004 No. 11.

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