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Meditation Science

Concepts and Conditions

Curiosity and joy are basis for knowledge. Even animals and babies have that.

You have heard and perhaps even have known an outer science of nature and the universe. That – inspires and is wonderful. Lithuanian words mokslas (science), mokymas (teaching), mokytojas (a teacher), mokinys (a student), moketi (to know) originated from a word moksha (in Sanskrit moksa – liberation). In Buddhism and especially in Zen Buddhism moksha also means awakening of soul, enlightenment, samadhi or nirvana – the highest freedom and truth. Only in Lithuanian language in a word mokejimas (knowing) two the most wonderful phenomena unite: one of them – mokejimas (knowing) after learning, when science and teaching are created and one knows how to do something or teach, and the second one – mokejimas (paying) when one gets balanced payment or remuneration for work, service or your teaching. Maybe you noticed that if you don’t give, tension, dissatisfaction, obsessive thoughts remain. Only when paying – by balanced sharing both sides improve, grow, awaken and liberate. And not only in a body, in daily life, mind, but also in spirit. Always pay in one way or the other, because otherwise you will get into captivity and sufferings. That is endlessly deep law of existence, truth and nobody can change it.

Prophets, messiahs and gods are subordinated to a law of balanced payment. Only moksha, buddha doesn’t get into a pose of a dictator or a victim and go through the very middle, through heart, because pays. Pays with love and not to somebody, but to everything, to the smallest part and totality, to entire existence, which is alive in an endlessly small and in an endlessly big one and has an inner and an outer sides – a body and spirit. Atom is alive as well as Adam.

True and balanced payment is sharing. This way you share during Christmas Eve. More beautifully and more intelligently shares mother and fetus in a womb, the Earth and tree. Even more beautifully shares a Teacher and a Follower. Their sharing passes through death and they know that. In true sharing there is no business, no profit or exploitation. No orders and fears. Only living beauty, living truth, love and freedom. Truly, truth liberates. Learn, share and you will be free. It is said, that hope dies the last. Yes, hope is mortal. Truth – doesn’t die. Soul going with truth also doesn’t die. Truth liberates from spiritual mankurtism. A wise person goes with truth. I go with truth. That is very easy, very inspiring, blesses. When going with truth, hope drops from heart and consciousness as if a stone from a hand after finding a jewel.

An outer science and its path are wonderful. Age of a true science reaches only several hundreds to Galileo, Copernicus or originators of medicine. Maybe – one thousand year, when research and improvements were started, though domestication of animals, making a lance or setting fire which are of more than many thousands years, might be relatively considered a science.

The main methods of an outer science are: 1. Seeing and being aware of reality and facts; 2. Concentration of mind and consciousness, thinking; 3. Hypothesis; 4. Experiment, results; 5. Conclusions, suggestions, development; and new five-part cycle – the higher spiral strand of science, knowledge and their application.

We sense and see results of science everywhere. That are clothes, domestic appliances, shelter, flights, television, mobile phone, medicine. But that is also new illnesses, new weapons, sufferings, pollution of nature, energy crisis, climate warming, floods, tornados, global accidents and similar. An outer science, teaching and learning aren’t enough.

Know an inner science, meditative science of knowing psyche and spirit. An inner science is also called an esoteric science. Only an outer and an inner science together make a full, entire or holistic science. Only holistic science and teaching guarantee a rich inner and outer life, well being, health, happiness and the highest truth and freedom as well. In fact an inner science and teaching should precede an outer one, and only from it, from our inside, from that what passes through death and travels with us for many lives, should and can come true action that unites an individual with existence. Initially in an esoteric science few steps can be taken by concentrating, focusing, but heart, soul, consciousness and the deepest layers of spirit open only through meditation. Meditation is love with eyes, with insight.

In meditation science and teaching, also there are five parts: 1. Seeing and being aware of inner reality and facts; 2. Relaxation of body, mind, consciousness and insight; 3. Hypothesis; 4. Experiment, experiences, opening of new inner layers, growth of heart, soul, awakening, results; 5. Witnessing, insight; and new five-part cycle – the higher spiral strand of inner science, esoteric – the higher love, freedom and truth.

That way all esoteric hypothesis and experiences are experienced and verified. Among them – death, passing through death to a new life, incarnation of soul – birth, meditation and even enlightenment, nirvana.

It is tried sometimes to present faith, for example Jesus’ faith, Catholicism as a science. If in a science or teaching all five parts necessary for science are missing, especially – hypothesis, experiment and experience – that is only belief or pseudo science. An end of faiths is approaching. Behind every misfortune, every violence against a tree, an animal, a child, a woman, a man belief stands.

Faiths will be changed by flowing and a holistic science. As a river while flowing down to an ocean creates around itself life, joy, fleshly plenitude, the same inspiration – a flow of vitality upwards – rising – creates around itself life, joy, love, truth and freedom.

What are conditions necessary for meditation to happen?

For that several main conditions are necessary: naturalness, relaxation, looking within (inner insight), vitality (energy), openness, non-judgment, non-imagining, sincerity, totality and witnessing or detachment, disidentification – ten conditions. For meditation to happen these conditions has to be always implemented and they always remain while meditating. Without such inner conditions, outer conditions also help: nature, regularity, right meditation time, hygienic clothes and hygienic, safe atmosphere, music, meditation rhythm, space and energy. For a beginner meditator a supportive meditation group and meditation teacher or master are necessary.

Meditation teacher knows well methods, participated himself in meditations lead by a master, knows how to convey meditation instructions and knows outer signs of meditation.

Meditation master experiences meditation himself, sees inner signs of meditation, can move himself within together with a meditator and help him to tune, and be a medium of inspiration – medium mean to meet existence.

For a meditator, for the first four – seven years additional energy and leading are very necessary. Until now not a single one who wasn’t learning from a teacher or a master became a good musician, a computer specialist or a dancer, because that require an outer transformation of a body and psyche. For meditator even more subtle and more essential inner transformation is necessary.

Often a man imagines for several years that he meditates, but nothing happens. Here, not so much time ago, a crying woman called and asked to take her to a meditation session. A woman several years ago was learning meditation in my seminars. Later she was lost, but a year ago she appeared again. But already much more twisted, exhausted, suffering. During this time, she hardly died, but that awakened her inside. Ones or the others saviors persuades her – a sincere, but not centered woman, to visit them, to share impressions, to take part in seminars organized by them. Poor one, she can hardly recover after such seminars. Hardly catching her breath she told in a session that she misleads herself when has heard a word “meditation” which is more often used by a student who studied less in a meditation school. But these mistakes have also a positive side. They give juice to a man, roots to the heart.

It is worse when a man while dying realizes that for one more life he remained misfortunate, spiritual mankurt, and new life again he will have to start from ignorance. Even worse if entire Earth will stop evolving and destroy itself, instead of going into blissfulness and enlightenment.

Spiritual seeker succeeds in life if he finds a meditation teacher and he accepts him. That is a spiritual adventure. To find a meditation master is almost unrealizable task for a spiritual seeker, that may happen only after many lives of search, because on the one hand, a seeker needs long term deep sincerity, on the other hand – a meditation master is a rare phenomenon.

In Lithuania up until now there aren’t many even meditators beginners; though a few of them have a real meditation potential. Thus, the last condition for meditation – don’t follow impostors, that always come when a true master appears, and don’t follow own ego, but go with inner light until you can or find a meditation master and could verify yourself or even learn.

Prepared according Prem Buddha's book "Meditation – sharing of soul"

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