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Begin with the Body*

I have come to understand that two things are necessary if you want to attain to the ultimate consciousness, to the divine, to your inner being. One is the circumference, the circumference of meditation. The other important thing is the center of meditation – the circumference of meditation and the center of meditation; or you can call it the body of meditation and the soul of meditation. Today I will talk about the circumference of meditation, tomorrow I will talk about the soul or the center, and the day after tomorrow about the fruits of meditation. Just these three things: the circumference of meditation, the center and the fruits of meditation. In other words, the foundation of meditation, meditation itself and the fulfillment of it.


The foundation of meditation involves only your periphery, and the periphery of your personality is the body. Hence the periphery of meditation involves only the body. So the first step towards meditation begins with your body. So remember, whatever negative feelings you may have about your body which other people may have imprinted on you, drop them. The body is just an instrument in the material as well as in the spiritual world.

The body is neither an enemy nor a friend, it is just an instrument you can use to do wrong or you can use to do good. Through it you can either get involved in the material life or you can get involved in the ultimate. The body is just an instrument. Don’t hold any misconceptions about it. People usually believe that the body is antagonistic towards us, that it is sinful, that it is our enemy and that it needs to be suppressed. I tell you that this is wrong – the body is neither an enemy nor a friend; it is what you make it. That is why the body is so mysterious, so extraordinary.

In the world, whenever something wrong has happened it has happened through the body, and whenever something right has happened it has happened through the body. The body is only the means, the instrument.

So for meditation it is necessary to start with attention to the body, because you cannot proceed without first putting this instrument in order. If the body is not in the right condition you cannot proceed. So the first step is to purify the body; the purer the body, the easier it will be to go deeper inside.

What does purifying the body mean? The first meaning is that there should be no disturbance, no blocks, no complexes in the body, in the system of the body – then the body is pure.

Try to understand how these complexes and blockages enter the body. If the body is without any blocks, if it doesn’t have any disturbances and if there are no problems, no interferences, then the body is pure and helps you to go inside. But if you are very angry, if you get angry and you are not expressing it, the heat that this creates will accumulate in some part of your body and it will become a blockage. You must have seen how anger can lead to hysteria, how it can lead to illness. Recent experiments being done on the human body show that out of a hundred diseases, fifty of these are not of the body but of the mind. But the mental illnesses become disturbances in the body, and if there is a disturbance in the body, if the body is not healthy, then the body’s whole system becomes rigid and impure.

All the different schools of spiritual discipline and the different religions have tried many incredible and revolutionary experiments to purify the body, and it will be good to understand these experiments. If you try these experiments, in a few days you will discover just how mysterious your body is. Your body will not appear to be an enemy, it will be a temple where the divine resides. Then it will not be an enemy but a friend, and you will feel grateful to it. The body is not you. It is made of matter. You and your body are different from each other. Yet you can make tremendous use of it, and then you will feel gratitude towards it, you will feel indebted to it because it is so supportive. Keeping the body free of blockages is the first step towards purifying the body.


* - Excerpt from OSHO. The Path of Meditation

Updated on 01-04-2019

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