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You only have to dig out the truth from within yourself*


You only have to dig out the truth from within yourself. Just as you dig out a well, you have to dig out the truth. There are always a few layers of stones and earth covering a spring of water, but as soon as you remove those layers the spring is attained. In the same way your self is pressed down by layers of "other." You only have to break through those layers and what you have been searching for through countless past lives is attained. You have been unable to attain it so far because you have been searching for it far away, while in fact it is very close to you — it is the one who is searching.

You must dig out the well of your soul. And meditation is the instrument with which to do that. With the tool of meditation you have to remove the layers of the earth of "otherness" that have piled up on the self. This alone is the remedy, the only treatment. This is what I want to talk about.

First of all, it is necessary to know what it is that has covered up your own self, your intrinsic self-nature. What is it that hides you from yourself? Don't you see it? Don't you understand this cov¬ering layer? When you go inside who or what do you find?


Hume has said, "Whenever I have gone inside I have found nothing but thoughts." Hume did not find any soul, nor will you find yours in this way. Hume saw only the covering layers and came back; he went only as far as the shell and returned. It is only when you break the shell open that you will see what is inside. This is just like a man who goes to a lake and seeing the surface covered with moss and leaves returns to say that there is no lake at all. Generally this is what happens. You go inside every day, you see the covering of thoughts that are constantly there and you return. You know nothing except thoughts. Thoughts are your whole world. And he who lives in thoughts alone is a worldly man. To know some¬thing beyond thoughts is the beginning of becoming religious. To know the state of thoughtlessness, is to enter the domain of religion.

It may be that your thoughts are not about this world but are about the soul, about God, and you may be under the illusion that you are reli¬gious. I want to destroy this illusion of yours. Thoughts as such are a covering, an outer shell. They are all desires, because they are external, outer. There can be no thought about the self.

There is knowing about the self, but not thought. Thoughts are the covering. Thoughtlessness can uncover the self.

To be without thoughts is meditation. When there are no thoughts, it is then that we come to know the one hidden by our thoughts. When there are no clouds the blue sky is revealed. My friends, there is a sky within you as well. Remove the cloud of thoughts so that it can be seen, so that it can be known. This is possible. When the mind is at rest and there are no thoughts in it, then in that silence, in that deep thoughtlessness, in that choiceless state truth is seen.


*excerpt from OSHO “The Perfect Way”



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