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What is meditation?*

Meditation is not a technique and not a consequence, induced by mind or endeavour, but a deeply balanced physical-spiritual energetical phenomenon, state. On the other hand, it is a certain method. Most often – nearly always – people confuse state with technique, and due to unconsciousness only technique remains. For a beginner, for a neophyte, it seems that effort is enough, that it is enough to sit in a certain posture and utter words of a prayer or a mantra, and meditation will happen. But thus a deep and high spiritual phenomenon becomes only a posture, performance or inner struggle. This is how neophytes get lost, and this is exploited by many impostors who thus sink into the state of sophistry and pull there beginners as well.

Meditation is a thoughtless, infinitely balanced spiritual state, the state of contentless consciousness. When meditation happens, alive existential process, transformation, transformation of the soul and the whole human being follows. This transformation reminds the growth of a seed. Without such transformation the seed cannot become a tree, and the soul cannot become a buddha, it cannot awake, become a part of divine ocean, the ocean itself.

Meditation is a way of soul growth. There is no coming back. Information does not matter, transformation matters. It does not matter what we know about growing; whether we are growing is what matters. It does not matter that we bear all the scriptures and records of lives of buddhas in our computer or our own biocomputer of the brain. Whether the soul is awake, spiritual, meditative is what matters. We might carry a medicine encyclopaedia, but this does not give us health. Whether the body is healthy is of greater importance.


The growth of the seed always comes from the inside, from the wholeness of the seed, and meditation and the growth of the soul, from inside the soul and from the wholeness of the soul. Whole means healthy indeed. People generally talk about body health, and in this case we mean the wholeness of individual from body to soul, divine wholeness – holism. It is called advaita in the East, and means not two, non-dual. An integral individual, a buddha is thus defined. Only a buddha is holistic. Till this very state all prophets, messiahs and gods are not whole, they are dual. The first feature of duality is creation of devil or demon and fight over it. Being beyond god and devil, anger and love, harmonious connection of body and soul, the plus and minus of vitality is meditation. Meditation is a way of soul sharing.


The seed falls unconsciously down into the soil and begins to sprout from there, and the soul unconsciously rises up into the spirit and sprouts from there. For a solitary soul, closed within the shell of ego, meditation is a way of coming back to the spirit, wholeness, God, divinity. As a drop coming back into the water of the ocean becomes the ocean, so the soul, coming back to divinity of Cosmos, Cosmic consciousness, melted in it, united with it becomes Buddha. Inside, individual gets bliss and freedom that do not disappear in death, but leads beyond it.


* - a quote from “Meditation, Sharing of the Soul” by Prembuddha. The book may be purchased via website and in bookshops.

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