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Too many perversions and too many disasters occur in the world. Most of them happen only because people do not know but think, believe. Those who thus believe may ruin the Earth as well because they are the majority and they go blindly towards ruination. Towards pollution of the earth, air, water, their own mind and, as a consequence, body, towards the origin of dozens of new diseases of body and mind. Unfortunately, beliefs hardly change or evolve during centuries. If there were enough fanatics, they would repeat cross wars, inquisitions and indulgences. In fact, though, they grant indulgences now as well.

Mary Cheney, the daughter of a former USA vice
president Dick Cheney, got married with Heather
Poe, they been living for many years together

It is wonderful and more important that changes do happen. Media informs that Mary Cheney, the daughter of a former USA vice president Dick Cheney, celebrated the wedding; she married to a beloved friend and behaves according to her inside, goes along humanism, love, spirituality, and does not become a prostitute of mind or spirit, does not sell herself to ideologists and beliefs. Both girls must have been nuns in their previous lives and while making love acquired a lesbian bent. It is known bents overpass death .

A step of evolution further is the behaviour of part of USA society – yet in the county of Columbia – which already does not offer for such persons as the daughter of a former USA vice president Dick Cheney to hide, lie and cheat because this creates violence and disasters. It supports straightness, sincerity of girls and encourages to begin the journey to naturalness and eventually, to happiness, from where they are. Roots begin only from where the seed, or the soul, is. For the soul, roots are its body. It is wonderful when the soul supports its roots. Everything else may add or join later. Sometimes even decorations may be put on life. But in the beginning, there must be life. Even better if it is natural, healthy and conscious.

The fossil of belief – remains of the largest temple in the
world in Luxor, Egypt


Not lying, going along with truth, you may begin only from where you are. Begin even from the bottom of a pit and rise, awake, grow from there. At first, the seed seems so small near the cross, church or palace. However, to grow, rise after a draught or winter, to grow richer, to happinate may only those who own roots and spirit. After several hundred years a whole forest may be grown from the seed in the pit; after several hundred years out of the cross on the edge of the pit or the palace on the bank of the river only manure and dust remain.



Only life having roots

rises (14-04-2012) ,

grows (30-04-2012) ,

blooms (20-05-2012) .


Only life having roots blooms and bears fruit. Grows, blooms, shares only such like Mary, and not those like the president of USA, Ronald Reagan, who jump out of naturalism, of evolution for a piece of cake and authority, from soil to a flowerpot, and end life in chaos, mud, below than they have started, in the subconscious, in mental institutions. This is the law of matter and harmony of the spirit. Let us know and follow the laws of nature and spirit because their violation inevitably multiplies disasters.

Even though in the beginning it seems unbelievable and impossible, but it is namely to them, natural and sincere individuals having roots, the gates of paradise and happiness, the gates of meditation open already here on earth.

Prembuda, 25-06-2012

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