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Meditacijos centras Ojas

2000 No.12

Metchislovas Vrubliauskas

Vision and practice of the meditation school

†††Life is something more, than that which could be caught by ordinary eyesight. Life needs spirit. Life doesnít need belief, dogmas, but what it truly needs is spirit, which is free, seeking and creative. Actually, the further we go into the matter, we find it to be even not a spirit, but spirituality, which is impersonal. Truth, Love, Consciousness, never happen to be personal. On the contrary, they are always impersonal and universal. Physics, biology, psychology, religion and other genuine sciences like the very Truth, canít depend on beliefs whether they are Judaic, Christian, Hindu or Islamic. What is belief or world-view? It is only a view to Truth, but it is not the very Truth. Genuine spirituality, consciousness, love, like Truth, Goodness, Beauty, is not ownership of any belief or religion. They are the very essence of religion. When such spirituality was born in myself, it gave start to a vision how I should grow in it and share it with others. Life of a monk or a priest didnít fit in with my vision, for such life would have been separated from the body, nor secular life served for that purpose, for it was separated from spirit. The vision and practice of meditation school was born in me four years ago. It was born from true spirituality, i.e. spirituality that is interlinked with the body; and it was born from quest and discovery.

They donít bond a man, but liberate one. They are like energy, cognition and consciousness laws, which after having been understood make life more blissful, creative and richer. Similar mind concentration and thought schools have been known since long time ago. They have only become popular recently. This meditation or wisdom school is still the only one of such kind. But there are no existential obstacles for them to expand and multiply. On the opposite, there are a lot of reasons for them to grow in number. In order to avoid misfortunes, illness, suffering, while searching for ways to be constructive, loving, happy, wisdom and meditation are necessary.

††† Here we go with some examples of religion or consciousness science, consciousness science as the one reunifying life and death, body and spirit laws: 1. Energy-bio energy, psycho energy, spiritual energy movement needs two poles. 2. Energy moves in circle. 3. Consciousness (supreme one) in self-awareness moves in circle. 4. Energies, according to their similarity, form groups. 5. Energies can be transformed changing one into another etc. Although, understanding and implementation of such laws is not difficult, still there is a need for studies and practice. Eventually, life and death, shift from one to another, are always more than one could ever say or express.

††† There are a few groups of people in a hall. There is one man standing in the middle of each group. He is slowly closing his eyes. He is centering and relaxing. Everybody becomes quiet, silent. Then, the man starts swinging, swaying, loses his balance and is falling down. This is sacramental moment i.e. falling may turn into rising. The falling man is caught by loving hands. The man rises and the exercise is repeated a few more times. We can see an example of a seminar of the meditation school here. People are considerate towards each other and as much as possible conscious. Conscious, aware but not mindful. This is something completely different. Mind enchains, whereas consciousness liberates. Mind originates from competition, concentration, while consciousness originates from love and meditation. There is no need to believe that. One should experience. Even in such conscious environment hardly everyone penetrates the depth of the moment and this is natural. A student rarely grasps a movement of the Master offhand and it is more difficult to grasp his silence. The Master possesses immeasurable depth and spirit. This exercise is many-sided. Letís have a close look at it.

††† ďHe is slowly closing his eyes and trying to centeringÖĒ About 80 percent of human energy flows through eyes. It flows out and never returns back. This is why people exhaust themselves and canít understand how and why this happens. If one keeps eyes shut, the energy easier turns inwards. After turning back it may flow inwards or may turn towards emotions, mind or imagination. Then, consciousness, creativeness, blissfulness will grow less or will not grow at all. There are a lot of wrong directions of energy flow. One ought to know them, otherwise one may wonder along wrong paths for years never reaching destination, suffering without reason. Unfortunately, this is the situation we often face.

††† We are scared to be among people while keeping our eyes shut. Keeping eyes shut is unusual, impolite, and even a little dangerous. In the beginning we less feel environment. But this helps to move inwards. What a misfortune! People donít know what means to move inwards, towards spirit, to be inside. If one doesnít feel or love others, if one is unhappy, then one is outwards, on the surface of existence Ė in body, mind or emotions. One becomes identified with them. Once energies flow on the surface, they never return inwards or refresh oneís heart, soul. There is no energy sharing between body and spirit. The circle of life may be very small or even disrupted. When energy, consciousness, attention turn inwards, a man may enter and stay in divine.

††† ďHe is trying to centering and relaxÖĒ Centering is individual, awakened soul being in the very consciousness and even maybe in the highest one i.e. Cosmic consciousness. This is meditation, returning home, returning to the heart, love, to the natural, harmonious existence inside oneself and with others. Then, no tension, plan, emotion separate us, from divine, from universal consciousness. Centering implies spreading oneís spiritual wings and a state of consciousness being free from oneís body, emotions, and mind. If this state happened at least once, ones life wasnít complete emptiness. This experience of soul and this moment will flow through death. It will go along future births reminding about this personal potency. From this moment, a person has experienced and acknowledged himself. He has experienced his immortality. Centering is contrary to concentration. While concentrating, we move to the surface of mind and body, whereas while centering, we move to the center of our existence, to the heart, consciousness, soul.
One may find useful if a master of meditation and meditation practice, who can help one to center, leads a seminar. A master can help even doing nothing. Help is understood just by presence of a master, by his inner light, inner insight. Divine energy flows through a master. A master and whoever is present feel that flow. They feel it, because subtle energy is flowing at that moment. Oriental people call it shaktipad i.e. transmission of spiritual energy. Mediators describe it as easiness, goodness, warmth, openness, love, tranquility etc. While standing, centering, even vestibular apparatus works differently. New signals start spreading from it to the body. These signals affect body, breath, mind, relieving and relaxing them. Deep relaxation comes from inwards, from the center of our existence, from silence of soul. This is necessary condition for subtle, spiritual energy to flow. At the moment, body and soul become one. New quiver, wave, new spiritual wave comes form this oneness. Until now, it couldnít pass through and flow, because a man was tense, closed and blocked. He needed a medium, spiritual one, live channel, which would lead him to spirit. This temporary measure may be very helpful to a man. It works like a gulp of water in a desert. It refreshes and inspires. Then, one may go and continue quest.

††† "...Everybody becomes quiet, silent. Then, the man starts swinging, swaying" Everybody may feel this incoming quiver. There is a need in silence, special consciousness and attention at the moment. Only then, occurs a chance to remain in consciousness, understand what is going on, participate in mystery. The world does not interrupt that silence. The silence is pure. Swinging and swaying coming from the silence is an outward expression of a quiver of pure soul. The cause of these movements is not in body, world, but in soul and spirit. One should learn to live from inside, from spirit. Those, who have experienced the feeling, start living new life. Their life becomes authentic and spiritual. Their action does not come from books, friends, parents, or collective consciousness. Their action is conscious i.e. unblemished, innocent. From the first conscious inner quiver, a man will always search for it, will always enjoy its dance, song, and its poetry in the world.

††† "...loses his balance and is falling down..." A man in life falls dawn a lot of times. It starts in infancy. An infant yet does not know what a fall, pain, danger, is. His soul is too pure. Consciousness looks at the world and joyfully accepts, explores it. An infant often hurts himself while falling, and then he suffers pain. Even worse if a child is knocked down by bigger or stronger kids. Parents or foster parents sometimes beat him. A child falls down again and again. Nobody teaches him to fall. He is just not allowed to fall, falling is forbidden. How can falling down be forbidden? This just happens. Wrestlers are taught to fall down. However, not only wrestlers fall down. Children fall down as well. One may forbid flying, but one canít forbid falling. Gods punish ones like Prometheus. People punish ones like Jesus and Socrates. But people like Icarus appear again and again. Just have a look; how many prohibitions and orders there are in codes of governments and beliefs. Because of that, self-confidence and confidence in others is getting reduced. Relaxation and openness are getting changed by tensions and reticence. This process is reflected in certain places of a body such as: muscles, diaphragms, and brain. This is how blocks occur. In other words, this is how energy flow and metabolic disturbances develop. This kind of energy is called prana in India while in China it is called chi. Depending on body the energy flows through, it is called bio energy, psycho energy or spiritual energy. Inanimate bodies contain kinetic, potential energy, electric energy etc. What goes on in physical body has an impact on soul and vice versa. Thus, it is quite probable that not only physical disability but also mental and spiritual disability will develop. Centered falling helps to detect and understand energetic blocks. It helps to relax and overcome them. Even falling, if it comes from inside, may be blissful.

††† ...This is sacramental moment i.e. falling may turn into rising. The falling man is caught by loving hands" This may turn into the beginning of rising, into spiritual rebirth. If a falling man is not injured, if loving and conscious hands touch him, he may obtain self-confidence, confidence in others and existence. He will be open again. He will start growing inside by spiritual growth. If a man does not miss a touch of loving conscious hands, his soul may be born again for new life, spirituality. Even in such simple exercise of meditation practice one may experience that only when manís attention penetrates hands when a hand from inside is filled with consciousness, the hand starts gleaming with special light, spiritual light. Such hand heals. Heals not only a hand but soul as well. The soul, which has been touched, alike to seed in the soil, may break through mind like through a shell and start growing spiritually, consciously. This breakthrough, transformation, is always sacred, sacramental. For better absorption, awareness, it is recommended to repeat the exercise a few times. In this way a man is waking up. His energies reach higher centers over and over again. They reach new levels and soul in the end. His life circle is cured, recovered, and more grown-up.

††† There are a lot of similar meditation exercises at the school. They are uncountable. One canít count or describe all the meditation practices, which are as much new as modern and which come from ancient times. All of them are adapted to modern swing and modern man. Their unification into live way requires special consciousness and love. Now, when the first yearís crop of the Meditation school studentsí batch has already said good-bye, no doubt, that the vision of the Meditation school has been confirmed by practice and life by itself. Vision has exceeded all expectations and dreams. Actually, no expectation or dream reaches vision, meditation. This is understood by most of graduates of the school. Letís have a look at what students have to tell us about themselves and about the school:

††† Dalia, philologist
The school is the place, where one could meet oneself deeper, recognize hidden complexes, fears, tensions and relieve them. The school is the place, where I get support to do something different, grow. Iím often scared to go here, for my mind is scared of innovation. It sticks to old stereotypes. But I have never regretted for my being here.


Linas, engineer Ė programmer
The school is a very good way for me to unify my life with meditation and quest. It encourages looking at my problems and solving them. This is not, as to say, flee away or avoid them. The school helped to feel what meditation is and how to use it in my life.


Janina, senior lecturer
Thatís fine! This is the place where one could learn techniques or find out whatís wrong inside, how to solve problems that arise. One could notice being different from oneself, which one previously thought as taken it for granted. Thereís no need in help from any psychologist or psychoanalysts. One may help oneself on oneís own.


ArŻnas, architect
This is the place for self-knowledge, upbringing of religiousness, and learning to join them with life. This is the place where emotions wake up, the mind becomes clear, the heart opens....

††† Not going far into multidimensional program of the Meditation school, I could notice its compatibility with spiritual-somatic structure of a man, with various human and existential rhythms as well as interaction among energetic centers and bodies. This is why seminars take place three evenings, every month, for four years etc. The school program is open to change, adaptation and improvement. This school of meditation and wisdom is new and yet the only of its kind. I took an interest in that while staying in the world known meditation and meditation practices center at Osho Commune International (in India, Pune).

††† Meditation is not as to say only new, but it is everlasting! Stay outwards, stay in the world, for this enriches man. Yet stay inwards, in spirit, for this blesses man.

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