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Demand for blood fractionation and organ donation has existed since ancient times; however, it is only now that these are widely available. Mindaugas Savickas, a journalist of the website Vakarų Lietuvos medicina, approached meditation master Prembuda (PhD Mechislovas Vrubliauskas) and asked to briefly comment on the viewpoint of meditators towards blood and organ donation.

It must be mentioned that the theme of an article deals with the viewpoint of beliefs towards donation, whereas no belief is fostered in Ojas meditation centre. Meditative practices are practiced here and people meditate. This is much more than any imagination, thinking, belief, prayer, etc. These substitutes are necessary only to such degree in which a person has been separated from reality, body, spirit, love. Why imagine or believe in satiety if you are sated. Why imagine or believe in gods if you are in spirit both here and beyond?

Here Prembuda talks on the viewpoint of a meditator towards donation, and the viewpoint almost does not depend on a person as it refers more to truth than to a person.  


Vakarų lietuvos medicina 

Organ donation. What does your belief say?

Tuesday, 4 September, 2012

"A meditator knows that his or her body is merely an instrument and it is wonderful if, when there is a need, others are also using it", claims M. Vrubliauskas. A photo taken from the personal album 

Dozens of people die each year in our country for the reason they do not attain necessary organ donors. Since the year 2008, the number of objections of relatives of potential donors on organ donation has risen: in 2008 there were 25% of such cases, 2009, 30%, 2011, 38% respectively, and during the 8 months of 2012, there were 40%.


The leader of community of Ojas meditation centre, doctor of sciences of technology Mechislovas Vrubliauskas, when asked to state his opinion on organ donation, thus looked at the topic, “Man is part of undivided nature, the top of earthly evolution. The DNA of his cells, the form of an embryo, hormones, composition of amino acids, and many other things are very similar to those of animals. The organs of people themselves are even more similar. When looking from within, in a meditative way, we are all parts of the undivided whole. The same five senses, the same emotions, anger, fear, curiosity, joy, and others, and a similar search of happiness. Thus blood and organ donation is a good and valuable decision. Both when man is sharing one of his two organs, a kidney, for instance, and when he allows taking his organs when the body has died”, said M. Vrubliauskas.

Agreement to organ donation, when fully sensed and experienced, expands our spirit as well; it opens our heart to love, and soul, to happiness. I have shared blood several times, shared various things; other meditators also usually agree to organ donation, though I have not got the card of a donor yet. As I see, organs of man and their parts will be able to be grown and used when necessary in the future”, said PhD M. Vrubliauskas.

Organ donation is significant; it creates well-being if the recipient takes care of his body and his parts, and does no harm because of ignorance or for pleasure, does not kill animals and nature. Nature is our base, our roots. It is not yet like this nowadays. A meditator feels that meat, alcohol, drugs pollute the body. Anger, fears, impure thoughts pollute it in a no less way. Tensions in mind and body, and thus ailments in them are caused by hatred, untransformed sexuality, desire for money and power. The best medicine to healthiness of body and mind, balance and happiness is meditation. Then organ donation is nearly unnecessary. On the other hand, a meditator knows that his or her body is merely an instrument and it is wonderful if, when there is a need, others are also using it. This makes our heart and soul rejoice.”



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Meditators look at the problem of transplantation in a much wider and deeper perspective; they include what is flowing from within. Some things which require especially great centrality and sensitivity are impossible to convey to those who do not meditate. Those who are interested in the alignment of meditative and medicine transplantation, may read more.


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