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Truth about Euthanasia

* What is your attitude towards euthanasia? Has soul the right to choose a moment of leaving body?
In herd, shepherd and butcher
determine time and way
of sheep's death.

Who decides for you the time to visit guests and to leave them? Usually the time for coming and leaving is decided by others in case you are sentenced to jail. Why the most essential moments of our lives have to be decided by others? Have you chosen the time when other man’s soul should come to a body or his birth moment? You look at a man like a shepherd at a sheep. A shepherd makes a decision when time has come to mate, fleece or butcher a sheep. An attitude of your question is that of a butcher, a dictator, but not the one of humane and conscious man. If someone is about to make a decision on man’s life or death, it is only a man himself and existence, the wholeness. He and his body came out of wholeness and returns back to it.

Meditators, buddhas know that there are past lives and treat death and euthanasia from deeper and broader perspective than atheists, Christians, Muslims or Jews. Meditators’ actions after death of a body are justified not by belief, but by exploration, experience, hygiene and ecology.

Tibetans explored death and passing through death – bardo very well. Because of great height, very hard soil, shortage of wood and worthlessness of a dead body, Tibetans simply give a body to vultures or other birds. This way they return debt to nature. A body of a man is not different much from other bodies, especially from bodies of higher animals. Unless computer of man’s body, bio-computer – brain is better. It is mostly different from animals not by physical body and basis of its program – genome, but by astral, mental body and soul.

In parish a man doesn’t have a right
to die at his natural time.

In society of believers, a parliament,
family and messiahs govern the time
of man’s body connection and
disconnection from equipment.

Meditators treat death of a body like a possibility to end life consciously. The more conscious man dies, the more properly, valuably the life was lived, the bigger thanks to entire existence. If man’s body is exhausted and is dying without support of artificial equipment, it means that it is time for a body to die. A man himself has a right to determine how long to use artificial equipment. Nobody has an existential right to connect a man to artificial equipment and torture him. Similarly immoral is to start life artificially and violently by connecting to artificial life creating equipment. And if a man, seeing that a body naturally dies, agrees with existence and is leaving, it is normal to ease his journey. The same way we behave upon birth, life, thus it is normal to behave the same way when body dies. If medicine is used for easier birth, for painless meeting and harmonization of soul with a body and surroundings, it is natural and logic that similar means will be used when soul departs body and this world.

A man should be allowed upon his wish and request to be disconnected from artificial equipment, do not use medicine and leave beyond. If we hold him on this shore by violence while connecting him to artificial equipment, then responsibility for holding a man in an old, painful body, his torturing falls on us. In general case, that is a case to be explored, but in this matter an individual has to be given the most freedom and responsibility. Only this way he will find appropriate action in a body and by uniting outside with inside will transfer it within, and through inside – also to the other life.

Only those who remember the beginning of life and death or at least sincerely explore that and are specialists and professionals in this area can decide on beginning of life and death. Unfortunately currently, neither in Lithuania nor in the West those people who aren’t familiar at all with sex and sexual energy transformation are spiritual mankurts and do not know completely neither how body begins, nor how it ends, shout the most, deceive little educated part of society, do not create and not only set their bags for money through the Constitution to support traditional, outworn doctrines, but also stick them to newly born babies. Because of that they suffer the most themselves. It is good that even when this is engrafted in a body and psyche, it do not pass through death and falls away like ill leaves of a tree.

© Meditation center Ojas
Leaves are not being attached to a tree in the autumn,
they freely return to the earth.

A moment of separation from a dying body is a peak of life of an individual and this moment has to belong to a man, to his conscious vision. From that his after-death journey, the other life, his relation with society and existence depend the most. According to the most essential view, that is not a matter of society, but of an individual, because an individual travels through existence for millions or milliards of lives and years. Societies composed out of individuals are only short-lived entities. Finally, society behaving nasty with individuals waits for their reaction – killing, suicides, vandalism, alcoholism, drugs, corruption, running out of the country. In these areas almost everywhere Catholic Lithuania leads or takes at least the front position in Europe or in the world.

Nothing ends with death of a body, only an individual passes to the other form, other place and state. That has to be explored and one needs to learn from that. Here a meeting of the East and West is very necessary, the meeting of Western science and Eastern esoteric. Remember that otherworldly journey is further than that one to the Moon and much physical, psychical and spiritual efforts, resources and time are necessary to explore it. Not exquisite, retrograde words, but such research would be true caring about people, beginning and end of their life, artificial fertilization, cloning and euthanasia.

On the other hand, euthanasia should be researched and maybe performed only by those people who feel a certain inclination and has sufficient wisdom, education and experience. And finally a choice, who has to perform euthanasia and a possibility to refuse to perform euthanasia should always remain. Osho recommends that meditation should be available during the last months for people who are hopeless, suffer, because it helps to rightly detach from body and mind, to reduce suffering and see when suffering becomes torturing and when it is time to leave. The most hygienic is to burn a body after its death. Then soul sees that a body is returning to nature and it is easier for a soul to travel its own way.

© Meditation center Ojas
© Meditation center Ojas
Rejoice departing, saying good-bye
in the autumn, and in spring –
return and blossoming of life.

Yet a little bit about Christianity logic which is promulgated in Lithuania and the West. Christians do not want to use at least minimally the newest medicine technologies while beginning a body or preventing from fertilization. On the other hand, they cling to technique and technologies, medicine when body is dying the most. That is a result of total illiteration, ignorance of what happens when body starts and dies, and of illogic.

In spite that body has a very huge value, it needs to be cherished, loved and cared for, but upon death it would be natural to say good bye to it respectfully and with gratitude allow to disintegrate into those parts from which it was made. If we cling to a body, use spiritual energy for this, we will loose balance, harmony and unnaturally pervert astral and mental bodies and in the other life we will be born pervasive, crippled and depleted in spirit. Clinging to a physical body – it is the same as clinging of an adult man to toys, sport or autumn. Autumn is very beautiful time. But if we weep about falling leaves and will start attaching them back to trees or paint the grass, we will exhaust ourselves and get ill not only physically, but also psychically. Vital energy does not flow according to our attachments. Attachment to a body and from there born excessive connecting man’s body to artificial life supporting mechanisms and torture shows that the life was not rightly lived and from there improper farewell follows. It is too late to rejoice leaves in the fall, a body when it is dying. For that we have spring, summer and youth.

* - Quote from book "Meditation: Share of Soul" by Prembuddha. You can purchase it on the internet at, and Lithuanian bookshops.

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