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Thought and meditation go in totally opposite directions*

One is outward-going; the other, inward-going. Thought is the way to know the other; meditation, the way to know the self. But generally thought, contemplation, has been taken for meditation. This is a very serious and widespread mistake and I want to caution you against this fundamental error.

Meditation means to be in non-doing. Meditation is not a doing but a state of being. It is a state of being in one's own self.

In action we come into contact with the outside world; in no-action, with ourselves. When we are not doing anything we become aware of what we are. Otherwise, remaining involved in all sorts of doings we never get to meet ourselves. We don't even remember that we exist. Our busyness is very deep. Perhaps our bodies may get to rest but our minds never do. Awake, we think; asleep, we dream. Engrossed in these constant preoccupations and doings, we simply forget ourselves. We lose ourselves amidst the crowd of our own activity. How strange this is — but this is our reality. We have become lost, not in the crowds of other people, but in our own thoughts, in our own dreams, in our own preoccupations and activities. We have become lost in ourselves. Meditation is the way to extricate ourselves from this self-created crowd, from this mental wanderlust.

By its nature, meditation cannot be an activity. It is not a busyness, it is the term for an unoccupied mind. This is what I teach. It looks rather odd to say that I teach non-doing, but this is what I teach. We have gathered here to practice non-doing. The language of man is very poor and very limited, designed to express action only; that is why it is never able to express the soul. How can what is tailored for speech express silence? The word "meditation" suggests that it is some sort of a doing but it is by no means a doing of any kind. It would be wrong to say "I was doing meditation"; it would be correct to say "I was in meditation." It is just like love. One can be "in" love, one cannot "do" love. Hence I say meditation is a state of mind. It is of prime importance to be clear about this from the very beginning.


We have gathered here to do nothing but experience that state where we simply exist — where no action takes place, where there is no impurity of action. It is a state where only the pure flame of being remains, where only the self remains, where even the thought that "I am" no longer remains, where simply "am-ness" remains. This is shunya, emptiness. This is the point where we see not the world, but truth. It is in this void, in this emptiness, where the wall that keeps you from knowing your self topples, where the curtains of thought rise and wisdom dawns. In this void there is no thinking, there is knowing. Here there is seeing; here there is vision.


* excerpt from OSHO. The Perfect Way


Updated on 24-08-2013

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