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The spoilage of God in zygote: geneticists make amends


Children having three parents may be soon legalized in Great Britain. In fact, Britishers have in mind genes of three different people that may help a future child to avoid fatal diseases. Society is being asked to state their opinion on the procedure during which the embryo is created from genes of three people. 

Lithuanians are also excited about such news; on the one hand, this really improves health and the way one feels, on the other hand, this is shaking the foundations of catholicity. As Christians believe, and as was declared by archbishop S. Tamkevichius in 06-05-2011 even in Parliament, from the very moment of conception, the first cell which is usually called zygote, and its formation of DNA, Christian god infuses soul. While cells keep on multiplying, DNA remains the same. Thus logically thinking, it is best to heal DNA of the cells when there are not many of them; it is best when it is only one. Only zygote. It is namely that zygote with which god is communicating. Namely, omniscient and omnipotent god infuses soul into the zygote that is spoiled, and man suddenly sees that he can make amends. It really looks strange when omniscient and omnipotent god infuses souls into spoiled cells, as if he would like to disserve deliberately. Meanwhile people may defend from the spoilage of Christian god by such genetic procedures. Unfortunately, this kind of health security from god’s spoilage has been forbidden by Christians even in Great Britain. Whereas irresponsible Christians have forbidden even much more in Lithuania.

Under the procedure mentioned above, a DNA segment from ovum of another woman would be injected into the embryo of a child. In such a case, a baby will have DNA of not only his biological father and mother, but also a small part of a third person, a mitochondrial DNA of another woman. The healthy DNA that has been taken from the third person would replace the part of DNA of biological parents which contains disease-evocative genes.

The law in Britain may be accepted already in the following year. The medics declare that allowance of the method mentioned above will help parents have healthy children. Yet critics are worried this may be a start of genetically modified, healed and healthy, children.

A question arises, whether we wish to have a healthy or unhealthy body and psyche? Crippled children and people and their relatives must be also given this question. It is not enough to replace belief by knowledge here, as it is mostly done by current procatholic government of Lithuania.

Obviously, only ignorant and egoistic person may wish to have a crippled child, yet made of his own genes. Of course, parents must decide. However, it is better to decide having in mind the risk and statistics. On the other hand, we have got the genes of all nature of the earth and the genes of thousands of generations of our ancestors. The number of our genes is not one, two, three or thousands, but genes of thousands of generations of people. That is a necessary condition of health and evolution. It is not egoistic. It is scientific. It is a consequence of sharing and cooperation, coming from the unity of within and without.


Now we transplant not only genes but organs as well. Blood also. And this is wonderful. One man may contain blood of several people and organs of some other several people. This is more than genes of three people. We will soon be able to grow transplant organs. Blood and genes as well. Food also. We are eating not only what we have grown. Genes of nature and other people, transplanted with knowledge and love, may be the most wonderful foundation of our health and happiness. This should be better than transplanting accidentally. Earth is one, nature is one, and humanity is one. It is better a healthy child of nature than an unhealthy own copy. Healthy children of all earth would be best of all.

Besides, genes, embryo and foetus are only bridges through which a soul comes into the body, going from one life to another. We see this in meditation. Let children come through best ways and best bridges.

For children, good health and growing and loving surveillance are mostly important. For parents, healthy and happy children, they themselves and their descendants are mostly important. Thus let us build the bridges and go towards health and happiness.


Prembuda, 29-09-2012

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