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The new inquisition
versus meditation?

In 2000

What incites religious strife?

     It is normal that growth of consciousness of Lithuanian people has inspired birth of new religious movements. Their birth, ten years ago, was quicken by liberation from external enslavers and what is to be left is liberation from inner or spiritual bonds. The situation has become abnormal in the view that along with the birth of new religious movements, new inquisition has lifted up their voice i.e. the one, which consists of clerks and clergymen looking for heretics, witches and demons. For some years now, articles, inciting religious strife, appear in Lithuanian press media on regular basis. This is done by attaching superiority to one religion or sect; as a rule it is attached to Catholicism by trampling and slandering other religions and religious movements. The situation is set in a false light to such extent that new religious movements are described as even more terrifying than most dreadful terrorists (look for the reference in magazine “Veidas”), though there has not been found even the smallest evidence for such assumptions yet. What astonishes is the situation when officials often become instigators sometimes undertaking medieval methods of witch-hunt while they are supposed to take care of religious peace. Finally, mass media does not always make sense out of the situation or does not want to describe fairly what is going on. One may read about that below and in some more articles.

New inquisition versus new religious movements

     The supreme and at the same time the most important human right is religious freedom, freedom of soul. Other rights, actually, arise from the supreme one. I am not talking only about the right to confess old religions, which are often obsolete and dying out, but also about spiritual freedom in quest for new religions. Similar to what we have in Lithuania today, in the past old religions rose in revolt undertaking inquisition when the new ones were born. Unfortunately, this is more common approach in the West, in Christianity where hallucinations are often more important than reality. On the other hand, beginners of new consciousness all over the world were killed, for instance Pythagoras was burnt, Socrates was poisoned, Jesus was crucified, Mansura’s body was cut up. In Christianity, where the tree of knowledge is forbidden, Christian inquisition fought even against new thought, against scientists such as: Bruno, Copernicus, Galileo. We know the number of them killed and burnt. That was usually done with approval given by highest priests and politics. Why don’t we learn from that?

Sign to start inquisition


Governmental adviser, responsible for religious questions, Mr. P.Plumpa gave primary impulse for inquisition, undertaking inspiring global hunt of heretics and witches. Referring to “Lietuvos Aidas” 1999, Nr 89 one may read the following: “All European countries have departments of religious affairs or even ministries, whereas Lithuania is still enjoying uncontrollable or even dangerous bloom of sects such as: Osho centers, Unification Church (Moonies), Church of Scientology, Visarion global faith community...” “….Such attitude is likely to change, if there should happen some tragic incident, sectarians could be blamed for. ..” Mr P.Plumpa is sure that Lithuania needs department of psychological research, which would analyse “spiritual invasion, which is brought to Lithuania and has its goal to change traditional values of the society in the way of forming new world outlook and expanding methods of mind control.” According to Mr. P.Plumpa “we have no other choice but wait…” Mr. P.Plumpa says that spiritual invasion and attacking sects are very dangerous. Osho center, according to Mr. P.Plumpa, is the most dangerous one. There is no clarity to which people it is considered to be the most dangerous. Perhaps to clerks and clergy ? Now, Mr. P. Plumpa needs an accident.

     There are dozens, hundreds of accidents in Lithuania every day. People commit suicide, drink, take drugs, abuse children…Almost all of them could be called “Christians”. However, Christians tend not to see what is going on, for reality doesn’t fit with their teachings and annoys them. Mr. P.Plumpa and clerks of similar world- outlook have to answer their bosses’ hopes and the latter have to justify expectations of their electorate. Money must not be spent like water. At the end of millennium they need to give global explanation to all Lithuania’s hardship. One may say the Millennium Explanation. The explanation should be similar to that, which was once given by führer or by the secretary-general. It should be given in such way, so that people and congregation would exult over it. Forever. There is only a need in culprits. Why don’t clerks and clergymen join their hands and minds? We remember holy inquisition’s assistance in the past. That’s why they need the only case, which would be somehow related to new movements. That should be done somehow unexpectedly and nobly. That should be something like discovery! In this way an explanation will be found why everything goes wrong and why fewer people attend church. Thus, some details should be kept in secret i.e. when criminals are Christians or belong to one's own party; one should keep one’s mouth shut or even hide facts. Accordingly, when situation deals with other parties or movements, one is supposed to scream with all one’s might.

Servants look for culprits

     Just after Mr. P.Plumpa gave a signal, the most complaisant newspapers and magazines started looking for culprits. At last, a few of them found what they had been looking for. A girl committed suicide. Psychologists say that only during the years of Perestroika, when communists or Catholics, neither of them were in power, the number of suicides decreased. Now, since Catholics changed communists, the number of suicides has increased again. People, especially the young don’t see purport of life again. They can’t find peace of mind and love. But in this case, the girl was seen among Jehovah’s witnesses. The fact, that she was at school among Catholics, doesn’t count. The magazine “Veidas”, “Lietuvos rytas” addition “Sostinë” and some other diligent criers screamed “Got them!”. Inquisitors don’t need evidence. That was Jehovah’s witnesses who had to prove being innocent. “Lietuvos Rytas” of September 22, in the article “Sects wash brains and wallets” states: “Mr. K. Andriuđkevičius, counselor of relief center for those who suffered from religious movements and sects, took concern in several cases of suicide, though he didn’t find enough evidence to prove that only sects could be blamed for those deaths.”

     This is how inquisition speaks. Despite the fact the bubble burst, earnest witch-hunters even celebrated anniversary of this event. On the other hand, does “Lietuvos Rytas” (former “Komjaunimo Tiesa” engl. translation “Komsomol Truth”) feel responsibility for religious ignorance of young people?

Language and accusations of the new inquisition

     The most important thing in religion is truth. Truth is manipulated by means of propaganda. As far back as in Soviet era, I found out that people or movements, which were slandered, were cleaner than slanderers. Journalistic truth is reflected in an anecdote from the Soviet past. "There was race arranged between the Soviet and US leaders to prove which ideological system had more advantages. When John Kennedy was first and Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was second in the race, newspapers and journals in America wrote: Kennedy was first and Khrushchev was the last. Meanwhile, Soviet press propaganda wrote: Khrushchev was second and Kennedy was next-to-last." During Soviet era, all religions were slandered, especially Catholicism.

Let’s have a look at the facts, which witch-hunters and sect-hunters appeal to

     Daily paper “Kauno Diena” in the article with the tendentious headline "In search of antidote to sects" of November 12, 1999 No. 264 one may read the following: "Osho cults, tantric cults, Sahaja yoga, transcendental meditation, are attributed to the most dangerous Oriental cults". There is also a reference in the article with the cross heading: "From Osho center to the whorehouse" one may read the following: "Specialists convince us that Osho centers considerably change personal value system. Under cover of nice words to develop human freedom and reject bonding complexes there lies propaganda of absolute anarchy and group sex. It is said that people, especially young women, who leave the sect, feel miserably. There has been recorded that some of the women paths lead directly from the sect to whorehouses in Poland and Germany." etc. Such nonsense can’t be discussed. It is just as well there is no reference that the leaders of meditation centers are aliens.

     I suggest that "Kauno Diena" should carry out a simple survey in order to clarify the number of women who are "Kauno diena" readers and meditators. Then, one could find out ratio of women involved in prostitution dependently whether they are "Kauno diena" readers or meditators. I’m absolutely sure that Christians are involved in prostitution to the greater extent than meditators. Words of meditator can’t differ from his actions, for meditation is impossible otherwise. If thoughts don’t hold their peace, then movement inward is impossible. This is scientific and existential fact. Eventually, people, who started meditate, remain Christians for a long time. There is a large gap between Christian and meditator likewise a gap between a man of wisdom and a first grader in a primary school. A first grader believes whereas a wise man knows. I only anticipate how "Kauno diena" and Christianity affects prostitutes and their clients, but I really know that reading Osho books and meditating excludes either Osho and meditation or prostitution and Christianity. Besides that, I really know that Osho didn’t sell himself. This is undoubtedly acceptable to me. It is just as well one of the mystics who deeply understood a man and holding his ground remained authentic. He didn’t give himself up to gods nor his followers! This is an inspiring example!

The language of old inquisition and accusations

Religious visions
in MIddle Ages
(from J.M.Sallmann
"Witches - Fiancées of Satan")

One may find examples of the language of old inquisition in many books. For instance, in the book "Witches –Fiancées of Satan" by Jean-Michel Sallmannf, published by "Baltos lankos" in 1998, one may read the following: "The process of inquisition was contrariety to accusatory process. Defendants had to prove being innocent while a judge was absolutely sure about a defendant’s guilt. Judges had the only idea to squeeze a confession."

     "There was enough simple public rumor to set court in action. As soon as a suspicion of witchcraft arose, a judge had to jump in and start investigation process without delay. There was no need in evidence. Every death, illness, accident, unpredicted or tricky event could be attributed to witchcraft." "Hardships, which often brought misfortune to people, had to be explained somehow. This is how tendency to blame Jews for epidemics occurred. Yes, Jews were those who were most often chosen, so that they could be blamed.

     Now, it is difficult to justify misfortunes appealing to Jews. Just recently, Israel’s Knesset invited one of the most active and prominent Osho followers, the leader of the humaniversity in Holland, Svam Veeresh. He was invited to give advice how to cure pains of the society including drug addicts.

     Here we go with some more quotations from the book "Religion and science" by Nobel Prize Laureate B.Rasel (published by "Mintis" in Vilnius, 1982) "Pope Inocent VIII issued a bull in 1494 declaring expanded authority of two inquisitors not only to persecute heretics but to solve the problem of witchcraft and inflict penalty on those involved as well. [..] There was made a list of questions for women suspected in witchcraft. Suspects were tortured on a torture bench till they gave answers, which they were required to give. There has been estimated that in the period from 1450 to 1550 a hundred of thousands witches were killed (mostly burnt)".

     "Threat to intellectual freedom has never been bigger than in any other period since 1660. Now, it doesn’t arise from Christian Church but from governments, which being scared of anarchy and chaos, have taken over the status of holiness and inviolability. Such status belonged to ruling clergy some time ago. There is no doubt that every scientist and everybody, who cares about scientific knowledge, has a duty to protest against new forms of persecution."

     Actually, phraseology and accusations do not differ. Hallucinations of perverts still remain as a ground for slandering and putting blame. Anyway, it seems to be difficult for inquisitors to pass sentence and execute today. People are not so simple minded as to follow lies.

Who responsible clerks serve to?

     There has been mentioned above that Mr. P.Plumpa is steeped in prejudice against new religions and considers them as spiritual invasion. Similarly behave all monopolists. One may see an obvious lack of culture and tolerance.

     Let’s have a look how people become Christians. I was baptized and being a child was forced to pray. The more I went into the heart of the matter, the more I understood harm to a man and mentality caused by Catholicism and communism. Therefore, I searched for religions, which were authentic but not egocentric. My life became more intelligent and in this way I raised my daughters. This doesn’t happen at once. Almost all people that come to the meditation center complain and want to get rid of unnatural chains of Christianity and communism. Artificial personality, belief in pseudo-miracles, dogmas distracts a man from reality, from himself, prevents him from discovering his individuality. Love and consciousness starts inside of individual. They don’t come from outside. Religion should come into one’s life in natural way. Even now, children are not allowed to know about true religiousness and meditation at school.

     How would Mr. P.Plumpa call those strangers, which came to Lithuania with crosses and swords six hundred years ago? Wasn’t it spiritual invasion? Didn’t those strangers change value system of the society? Where are they now? What is Mr. P.Plumpa’s attitude towards old traditional spiritual values, for instance rehabilitation of paganism? Another governmental clerk Mr.A.Peskaitis, working in the Ministry of Justice as an expert on religious questions, is against such step. He expressed his opinion in a TV show. So, who those clerks serve to? Do they serve to the state or Christianity? Is Lithuanian Seimas going to give support to their attitudes? Both clerks have no idea about meditation. What they do on every occasion is only shout: save us from meditators. I have found no sentence, which could prove their understanding about meditation.

     I’m in favour of absolute religious freedom, but not at the expense of others. Without religious freedom Lithuania will not recover. All other rights are only a part of religious freedom, for man belongs not to the body and mind world, but to the spiritual one. Without spiritual freedom there won’t be joy, light, creativity, love in Lithuania. There’s no more constructive religion than religion of meditation. I’m not talking about primitive freedom of belief, for belief is more likely to constrain soul, than make it free. Catholic belief, like any other belief, reminds belief in a dream. There are no doubts, but at the same time there’s no truth. However, a man who’s just woken up starts doubting. Doubting shows that a man is not dreaming, but thinking. I’d suggest that clerks of such world outlook should start from doubting instead of believing. This is the first stage of growing mind and spirit.

     Spiritual freedom is not associated even with gods. All the gods I know are egocentric and oriented to worshiping of themselves. Human soul needs no gods, but love and spirituality. The way to bring up human love, spirituality or consciousness is meditation.

A word about a special witch-hunter

Hallucinating journalist
Gintaras Pocius

One of the most significant last millennium discoveries among paper men and priests who wanted to become famous and rich was the idea that inquisition, witch-hunt and prosecution of heretics is a profitable business. It wouldn’t be profitable to start the new millennium not taking advantage of obscurantism and prejudices of ordinary people.

chief editor of "Panelë"

The first issue of journal "Panelë" started the new millennium with the grand report. There has been discovered Osho sect and meditation center Ojas, which is degrading morals and economy of the nation. At the time when the author of these lines was at International Osho commune in India, a special witch-hunter and sect detective Mr. G.Pocius "got into" the very center of the "sect". Describing enlightened man, buddha, highbrow, Osho, he wrote: "Its leader "Sex guru" or "spiritual terrorist" (someone calls him so) especially emphasized sex".

Religious visions
of journal "Panelë"

Osho is buddha, highbrow, while Gintaras is not buddha, but a know-nothing. In Sanskrit the word "highbrow" means buddha i.e. awakened, enlightened, educated, free from all ideologies and beliefs man. It is habitude of a know-nothing to see sex, money, and greediness everywhere. It is their level of consciousness. It’s the idea of "sex paper man" Mr.G.Pocius who wrote the article "How I spend my weekend in the sect". A "sex paper man" is best described by a characteristic showing that while meditating he sees sex. Actually, sex people are unable to meditate, but can pretend to be meditating. Even looking at guru, buddha, "sex paper man" sees "sexguru". Human perversity has no limits. Obsessive mind sees what is blocked, perversive in it. There is only one Osho book out of six hundred, which is attributed to transformation of sexual energy into love as well as to treatment of sexual perversions. And yet again, it is attributed to transformation of sex, not to sex itself. According to Gintaras, if students of the Academy of Medicine are taught subjects such as sexology, sex-pathology, so its rector, as one might suppose, should be called sex secretary and most magazines - sex magazines.

Religious visions
of journal "Panelë"

I heard an anecdote. It says "A guide leads a group of tourists in New York. While pointing to the Statue of Liberty she explains what majestic and inspiring it is...One of the tourists says: "It is very sexy". Then a women points to a beautiful park, trees, singing birds. The same man says again: "It’s very sexy". After that, guide points to an obelisk. The man being excited shouts: "It’s surprisingly sexy". The guide asks "Where do you see sexuality here?". The man answers "I see sex everywhere. Besides that, I can’t talk about anything else except for sex".

Religious visions
in MIddle Ages
(from J.M.Sallmann
"Witches - Fiancées of Satan")

In this way the world was viewed by inquisition in the Middle Ages. Thousands of women were accused and killed under suspicion they had had sexual intercourse with devil. Did sex-priests and sex-inquisitors have any evidence? Weren’t their own hallucinations there? And we have the same situation today. However, I can understand Gintaras. He’s pretty young. He wants to earn much and become famous, though he isn’t wise enough. Just ask psychologists for comments about "sex paper men".

     When Gintaras was asked why he came to the meditation center, he answered and according to his own words "out of blue there strikes the most foolish idea: "I want to know myself better." It seems Gintaras hasn’t heard about heretic Socrates who knew himself. If knowing of himself is the most foolish idea for the paper man of "Panelë", one may wonder what ideas except for sex could be on his mind. Normally the center of sexuality is located at the lower part of human body. Those who are ignorant about knowledge their center of sexuality changes its location to the head. I’d like to address the words of Jesus to the people of similar world outlook like those mentioned above. Jesus spoke "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish ". Although Jesus rarely spoke about human inward, but with those words he spoke about inner self-knowledge. This is the matter of priority. How can one understand other man when self-knowledge is considered to be the most foolish thing?

     Didn’t the editors of magazine "Panelë" find a man who had a desire to know himself? One may think they probably wanted to become rich and famous. First of all, meditation is a method of cognition. How can one understand a man who is in quest of himself if one doesn’t try to know oneself? This is an example of a blind man who boasts about his blindness and being a know- nothing comes to the meditation center to get accustomed with light, inner light. One may hardly find more foolish example. Then, Gintara’s understanding about meditation doesn’t reach understanding of a blind man about light and understanding of a deaf about music. His thoughts continually slip down. Actually, Lithuanian people don’t know anything about true meditation, but only clueless and Pharisees dare to criticize what they haven’t experienced themselves and don’t understand.

The first eavesdroppers and telltales

     This is my personal experience, which could be presented as a short example. One day, in 1974, while I served in the Soviet Army as an officer (mandatory service for 2 years for those who graduated from Institutes) the junior lieutenant Anatolyj Filinskyj came to me and said "Mečislovas, I’m very sorry but KGB asked me to report about you and I gave them the details. You know I joined Communist party recently and I would like to live better."

     I was called up for military service in same year when Kalanta committed self- immolation by burning himself. Then, I spoke simple words and true things. I spoke about absence of religious freedom and freedom of speech. There was no revolution and people were churchgoers. "I understand you" I said to Anatolyj, "just live as much better as you can". Another Russian officer Anatolij Pasko said, "Let’s go and teach him a lesson". "Let’s leave him in peace" I replied. I didn’t feel any anger; I just felt pity for obscurant and greedy people. A few days later, I was called to the security service. A major showed sheets of paper and said, "You see, you are talking wrong things. People are complaining". Then, I understood for the first time that I was being spied.

One has to pay for truth

     I’m grateful to the selfish lieutenant for he felt having done something wrong and he was sincere with me. He showed to me what simple methods were used by KGB i.e. the methods which now Mr. P.Plumpa and Mr. A. Pe?kaitis feel longing for. They might not have dealt with the KGB that time.

     That was the lesson I learned that one has to pay for truth. I was ready for that. Kęstutis Sabas, a lieutenant from Kaunas, who I shared a room with, was a friend of the division security chief. He told me it was a graduation dissertation at the Academy of the KGB.

     I wondered why I was chosen from thousand of officers for that dissertation to be completed. Later on, I understood that the first complaints were born in Lithuania and reached Soviet Army along with me. That security captain asked me during first our meeting at the start of my service, where I was at the moment when Klanata burned himself. It seemed he already knew the answer. People want better life not only in Russia. When I lived at Vilnius polytechnic hostel (then, I had just graduated from Kaunas polytechnic institute and worked as a lecturer) for a few months I shared a room with a colleague. He would hopefully say, "My father served in a platoon," he meant a sort of militia troops guided by KGB. He probably expected to gain something from that. It seemed some sort of controversy shrouded us, for security police spied me whereas my neighbour visited Tunis, Paris. I got a pass to visit Tunis for showing excellence organizing work within construction team. However, I was not allowed to leave the country by KGB. Oddly enough, those people work as heads of governmental offices today. For the sake of truth, my colleague tried to right a wrong. But I always felt the claw of KGB. I felt it many times.

How is one supposed to look cleaner?

     I was the president of the club "Dialogue" in 1988. Then, I invited a priest Vasiliauskas. The priest sincerely wondered about grannies, which recently peached against churchgoers and now started peaching on those who don’t go to church. Grannies consider love, truth, even belief to be unimportant. Therefore, they strongly feel that peaching and slandering is a matter of importance. Then, without having a wash and instead of that doing the dirty on someone, one may feel cleaner. Unfortunately, this habit has deep roots in human minds and hearts. Those, who are not completely unconscious zombies, could get rid of the habit. The method is meditation. Then, there’s a chance the center of sexuality will get back to its primary location too.

     If dear Gintaras and the editors of "Panelë" will continue suffer from hallucinations, please, do come to the meditation center when I am back from India. Meditation treats such cases. Of course, there’s sometimes a need in more conscious attendant.

     Dear paper men - guys and girls. If sexual visions oppress you, don’t be ashamed of ignorance. Just seek and find, but don’t write nonsense. People are already rather perversive. Move from perversity to norm and from norm to divinity. The way is meditation.

Let me pass a remark. Meditation is the way of escaping from communism and Catholicism.

     Lithuanian people are familiar only with Catholicism and communism, but meditation is neither of them. Meditators consider communism and Catholicism as roadsides, which may help finding the true way. The way or method is meditation. Meditation is condition of soul only when it is in pure consciousness instead of being fallen into some system of thoughts, ideas or beliefs. Meditation is flight of soul whereas thought is a ditch. In other words, soul in meditation is not coexistent with body, emotions and mind. In meditation soul is clear, joyful condition of consciousness and one may freely use ones mind and body like a computer or hammer.

     There are roadsides or even ditches on the both sides of the road. Meditators understand them as coexistence with body, emotions or thoughts. All these elements are important and useful. However, it is wrong if a man identifies them as himself. Then, Lithuanians say that one is obsessed. A man may be obsessed by idea, the whole complex of ideas such as ideology of a party, national ideology, belief. Meditation is a method to escape from such obsessions.

     The first who found the middle way, almost three thousand years ago, was unrivalled mystic Gautama Buddha from India. Catholicism is on the right side of the road and communism is on the left. Christians attach priority to the right side and believe that the most earnest believers will sit on the right of Father of God while communists rely on the left side of the head i.e. rely on logics, science and believe that there’s no God, and there’s nothing after death. Meditators carried out a research in this field and found their earlier lives and divinity. Believers did nothing and in the words of perestroika remained obscurant or according to special detective Mr. G. Pocius they remained zombies. Gintaras, appealing to his memory, could check which category he belongs to.

     Catholicism is more oriented to life beyond grave, whereas communism oriented to life before death. Catholicism sees life as temporary, like preparation to eternal life beyond grave. Communists don’t believe in soul. Communists believe that there’s no soul. They don’t feel it. Meditators understand their belief. Meditators understand komsomol or communist turning over from left to right i.e. from communist world outlook to catholic. But this is only turning over. Nothing changes having done this, for the roots and subconsciousness remain the same. Of course, it makes it more comfortable to have a nap. While turning over from one side to the other, love and consciousness don’t grow.

     In 1990, Lithuanian people found themselves between those two world outlooks and felt insecure. Remember that world outlook is only attitude to truth, but not truth itself. The way out hasn’t been found yet. People are going round in circles, suffering. There must be an orifice somewhere, the way to truth, finally the very truth.

A glance at the meditation

     People are afraid of meditation. They are afraid for they don’t know it. Besides that, there are so many those who being scared or concerned strike fear into people’s heart, so that nobody knew about it. But meditation is a door to freedom, joy, love, and consciousness. Wisdom doesn’t coexist within thoughts or system. If one tries to know wisdom, one should rise above thoughts. One shouldn’t move to the left or right instead of that just rise above them. A man who appeals to both sides of mind has healthier mind. Having healthier mind meditation is possible. From this point of view it is better to be neither communist nor catholic. However, it is not enough to remain a freethinker, for one all the same remains in mind. One has to become freehearted or even having free soul and this happens through heart and soul.

     Meditation begins above thoughts, above mind. Then, a man escapes from the clouds of thoughts and he starts seeing, gets rid of dogmas, bonds of mind, beliefs, various obsessions and prejudices. Consciousness grows; birth of love is on the way. Meditators know consciousness separately from body, emotions and mind. Mind is not consciousness. However, there’s more consciousness in mind than in body or emotions. Western science has approached such understanding. Actually, science has already surpassed religions in many fields and soon it is going to research matter and consciousness altogether. While moving outwards, we find mind, emotions, nature, and matter. Moving inward from matter we find energies, their accumulation - emotions, thoughts, consciousness, soul. Noble buddha of these days Osho says that matter is sleeping consciousness and consciousness is awaken matter. Those are different sides of the same essence. That’s why a man with awaken soul in Orient countries is called buddha, i.e. awaken, enlightened. Buddha is enlightened, flowering soul. From consciousness and its laws, knowledge of its mysteries, its upbringing, starts religion.

     Concentration is a method of science of moving outwards, whereas meditation is a method of religion, which involves upbringing of consciousness and moving inward. Healthy and joyful people, happiness need balance i.e. the balance of mind concentration and meditation, the balance of science and religion, meeting of East and West. There hasn’t been born any deep science in the Orient countries, whereas there hasn’t been born any deep religion in West. It seems that our consciousness hasn’t been able to cover those both sides of existence. I mean inner and outward sides. It has been too narrow. Now the situation is changing. Why should we use one leg, one wing if we need two ? Flight with one wing is impossible. Without disidentification of consciousness and meditation, there’s no easiness, clearness, freedom and love. I have known both wings and invite everyone who wants to live happily to know and use them both. In this way, body and soul will be free and harmonious. A man will be loving and peaceful.

     Probably Chinese politic Lin Biao said: "I don’t care if a cat is black or white. As long it chases mice." Expanding this quote, I’d say I don’t care where science or religions come from. The most important thing is there would be love and truth in them.

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