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Tendencies affect our health, wealth and happiness most. It is easy to foresee how the tendency to work, learn, create, fear, blame others, drink alcohol, believe, lead, argue, and win operates. Those are yet only secondary tendencies, or biases. All the secondary tendencies hide behind them the primary ones. The tendency to drink alcohol or to solve arguments by force is only a secondary one.

Only primary, causal tendencies are easily changed, but they are most complicated to notice. It is easy to properly build a car using good equipment; it is very complicated and expensive to return the car into the factory and repair the car's inner spoilage which was made by an engineer who had had a tendency to work negligently. It is hard to maintain a tree, man, or a house that is bent, but it is the easiest way to grow a straight tree, build a straight house, a castle, and to walk straight. It is easy to drive straight, and it is hard if the car has a tendency to turn left or right.

One should start with the most apparent tendencies and gradually go to those which are the easiest to change, the inner ones. They are the easiest if you get to them and see them. The truth is also that physical, psychological and spiritual tendencies do not change of their own accord and go from childhood to maturity, and to senility. The Tibet Book of the Dead writes much on their harm and it is established that tendencies go from one life to another .

Movement within and transformation of tendencies – beliefs, identities, habits, superstitions, biases, etc. – into straightness and truth happens slowly and especially easily. In fact, inspiringly and ecstatically.

Tendencies towards truth and straightness were transformed by the students of Meditation Academy (MA). This took place in especially beautiful meditation garden of Ojas Resort and in Buddhahall, decorated by spring and sannyasins. Students were meditating, sharing, dancing, and searching for answers

On the way to meditations
On the way to meditations
Rising hands - the way of truth
Rising hands - the way of truth
Deep insights  are born while sharing
Deep insights are born while sharing


The course began with an open sharing of participants about the previous period.


Dhyan, who finished the second crop of MA 1.5 year ago, shared, "I lack higher meditative energy while meditating alone. I attached to the "the end of the world of 2012". I searched for information and “found'' it, approved by scientists. I started protecting myself; everything seemed to be so real. But the more time passed, the more tensed I became; I began feeling emptiness within. I went to Prembuda's session. Everything began to melt, fall off already before it. I unwound from that “end'' , let it go. It fell off so easily. When Prembuda’s meditative energy reached my heart, it became absolutely clear that I cannot keep on living like this, that it is me myself who already faces the end of the world. I felt I must go to Meditation Academy. When Prembuda told that women love only brave men, it became absolutely clear that I need to find courage and come. When the impulse comes, one has to let it go through and dare, for example, to kiss wife in the morning. When I listen to the impulse, both my wife is happy and nobody takes from me anything, any energy, because it did not exist at all.

When subtle energy moves to heart, I understand I cannot live without it.

At home, eating, watching TV cannot anyhow fill up within; I used to fill up only through kundalini meditation." Dhyan



Meditator and dentist Shaida shared her insights: "I was in a dentistry conference in Washington, USA several weeks ago. When I go abroad, I watch how people live elsewhere. When you are meditating, you may enjoy a considerably higher quality of life. I am currently living prosperously and happily. I look at those who do not meditate and see that even on the faces of the super class dentists tensions shuttle according to their thoughts. I may obviously be perfect in dentistry but in an ultimate sense, only meditation helps me not to become “obsessive'' about learning, improving. I feel that I always must go back to myself, to meditate, grow daily. Externally I have everything, but I need to meditate in order to be able to enjoy this."


"I was deeply affected by Prembuda‘s saying that if a meditator did not follow meditation instructions, he or she, as well as a seed which was grown improperly, did not germinate. During dynamic meditation I always opened my eyes; after this notice I have been meditating dynamic without opening my eyes all month, the quality of meditation is higher. " Sangit

Every morning started with the search of spirit and inner harmony, Osho Dynamic meditation. Some were meditating in Buddhahall, others, in a fresh garden of the morning. To experience truth, meditators sometimes were meditating alone, sometimes, together with Prembuda, and sometimes, lead by Prembuda.  Different experiences, different depth and height of meditation, different perspectives of seeing the truth.

Spirit raises hands and mood
Spirit raises hands and mood
Prembuda's energy touches  as the moonlight in the dark night
Prembuda's energy touches
as the moonlight in the dark night
Prembuda's leading – as a pathfinder's of mountains among rocks and passes
Prembuda's leading – as a pathfinder's
of mountains among rocks and passes

Each dynamic is different. It could all be spontaneous, born out of within. Everyone is searching for his or her own pace, rhythm, way to the source, to the spirit. But dynamic meditation is always new, fresh and reminds of blooming of the blossom, germinating of the seed, birth of a bird, sighting of the light from the top, and at the same time it reminds also the first breath of life, and the last breath of life, the flight, freedom.

"It is extremely easy, soft to meditate with Prembuda, energy runs pleasantly, I see well within. When Prembuda is leading meditation, it is different, I have to dig on my own, but I love it when he is talking. It is like beautiful music. I see my postures during meditation."Jivan

Prembuda‘s comment, "Where your postures are, there you, your „I“, your personality is; where there are no postures, there is no you, only lightness, truth, freedom."


"When people meditate here, the energy moves like when I saw in the video of dynamic lead by Osho (Pune, India, ~1976). The quality of energy is very similar, people seem to be so alive."Jivan


"During dynamic I feel the rigidity of body. I think it is related to the rigidity of mind. I myself must let the rigidity go".Sigita

Prembuda‘s comment, “One must relax, apply this to life as well, otherwise little will change.''

“During the breathing stage of dynamic I am breathing intensely, I am willing to get to refreshing energy, life, but tensions are interfering, I see that I am extremely tensed. I am only looking how to get to the energy but am not looking that there are tensions around. I wish the whole body breathed, relaxed.'' Kanta

Prembuda‘s comment, “Maybe you do the same in life? You are driving a car, something is clattering, and you do not repair it but drive on. You do not change, repair what is apparent. Then tensions will be felt during meditations as well.''


“When during the “Hoo'' stage of dynamic Prembuda invites to jump even more intensely, and it seems to me as if it is impossible, then in the video I see that it is exactly the moment when the energy is starting to flow, then inner eyes are opening, it is waking up.'' Shaida

Prembuda‘s comment, “Sensitivity is necessary. You will not go within by force or thought.''

“During meditations, I am searching how to be not in the thought, how to let the frame of thoughts go. Watching the video, the hardness, attachment to thoughts is obvious. And there is a moment when it lets go, such goodness and seeing emerges then. In life, I have a tendency to look down. How not to lose that goodness in life.'' Gatyo


On Saturday after dynamic, as usual in Lithuania, personal and male and female tendencies, the reasons of misunderstandings were being explored and answers of harmony were searched for.

Prembuda is demonstrating male-female tendencies and their effects
Prembuda is demonstrating
male-female tendencies and their effects
The search of the balance of femininity-masculinity
The search of the balance of femininity-masculinity

Search in pairs is changed by dance meditation.

The spirit of meditation raises hands, legs and mood!


In the evening meditators dived within during Kundalini meditation.

The stage of search, harmonising and wakening of Kundalini energy

Witnessing – a jump within

On the last day of the courses right and left tendencies were being explored.

Prembuda, “Nearly all people are born centred, relaxed, joyful, balanced. From family, society we obtain the belief or tendency to bend, hold, that spirit is primary or a tendency towards another, left side, that matter is primary. And we go through life with that tendency. Those tendencies affect us and raise many tensions, a chaos, and a mess. Thus serenity vanishes.''

Some volunteers put on costumes of completely different beliefs, in a sense of matter or spirit, in order to feel the effect of tendencies by body and within; their presentation and discussions with meditators took place.

Examples of right or left tendencies and emancipating from them

Bent tree straightens or falls down

Believers both in spirit and in matter only talk about serenity. They do not feel any serenity within.

Serenity is found only by the meditator who lets tendencies go, and lets matter, body, mind and soul be in his or her nature. He may find balance, let everything go and naturally be on the top, in thoughtless consciousness. This is the natural state of a healthy man. Of a man who is tolerant, calm, in tune with himself, his own body, mind, soul, and the whole existence.

Meditative practices and meditations were followed by sharing:


“I wish I opened more and drank subtle energy, but because of the wrongs experienced from my mother in childhood, whenever I open, I am instantly doing everything to close myself. As if I revenge myself. As if I plant a plant and instantly tear it up.'' Sangit

Prembuda’s comment, “That pain needs to be accepted, drunk, because it is less than the joy of opening.''




 “During the practice of tendencies Christianity affected me a lot – believers (Christians) and materialists (communists). I was surprised how bent I am towards the side of Christianity. <...> Body cleared. I loved being here, and during free time – alone. I saw my fear to pour out when I did not understand something, even if because of that pressure in stomach, heart remained. I love playing and singing here because I always feel tension, I am in the flow, love flows.'' Dhyan


 “I was also greatly affected by the practice of tendencies. I saw that I had taken over the tendency to live posturing from my parents who lived by communistic ideas. When I grew up, I bent to another – Christian – side. I did not find happiness on either side. I am happy that I have found meditation, that there is a place where one can see his tendencies and let them go. I wish to be natural and enjoy life, share with others.'' Sigita



 “I come here and everything connects more flowingly, more harmonious. I have seen that the same harmony may exist in family as well; I only need to be in this meditative space more often, to straighten myself, to search for myself. I have not found such a space anywhere else and I do not search for it anymore, because I have found what I was looking for.'' Devadas



“I used to complain that I do not manage to dance, and now, by contrast, I do and I love it very much.'' Ahina







“When during the practice I was a pope, I saw that I must act all the time and there was nothing real behind it. I felt money, unconditional authority, honour, others were below. All belief were secondary things, the most important was to keep authority. These roots exist in me as well, I do not like it, but they do. This is very exhausting and lacks inspiration. Then I clearly see that I am attracted by connection, sharing, flowing, creating a nicer space, transformation, and the search of balance.'' Gatyo




   “I loved the practice of connection. I saw that everyone in work was equal, that everybody knew what each needed to do, everyone shared the energy. I saw that, most probably, my attitude, that in work, me – manager, was a pawn, that was why I needed to be pawned. I had changed my attitude a little.'' Jivan

“During the breathing stage of dynamic I feel that body is much tensed, was searching how to relax. And during this course from Prembuda’s answers, practices, constellations I saw that I had been rejecting my body’s and others’ personal needs. As if I look at first what to do for others, and for myself – not necessarily, or, only what is left from others. There is no balance, equality in that. I cannot do unequally for myself and others, because thus I become tensed.'' Kanta

“During this MA I was exploring my tendency not to solve problems. I had an attitude that I must work, earn a living, and there was no time to solve anything. But then I came to the point that nothing attracted me, toughness, much was unsolved, and there was no joy.

I had been living in ashram for 2 months and I saw how people solved things here. It was the greatest discovery for me that one had to solve so that there would not be any need to come back, to solve forever. It appeared that it was no good to delay and not to solve. One needs to let go the attitudes that it will not work, and solve, because thus the energy is flowing and inspiration comes.

When I had been living, working in ashram, I saw my inner chaos, that responsibility, accuracy were still alien for me. While working here the energy may be flowing all day long, alertness remains, steps are seen one after another, there is no need to think. I had been feeling tension all the time, but that tension was not a bad thing; this was energy, flow which flowed. One needs to go along with it, and then everything is easy. I felt as if flying. This is the real life. The dwellers of ashram – wow, such people do live here !'' Kundan

“I was greatly impressed by the practice “Connection of several people for a collaborative activity'' . During the practice energy was flowing, everything was subtle, clear, you could not cheat, you had to attune, and not to act according to your own rules. This was wonderful, the mood and hearing emerged.'' Gagan



  “I loved the practice when we had to shake hands. I understood that it was not important what kind of a hand it was, to share energy, love was important. I felt a change in myself, I gave my hand safely to another, I was not afraid that someone would touch my hand; it was fun.'' Shaida





See you in new meetings, on new summits of the world and spirit...


Ojas, Meditation Academy, May 25-28, 2012, the course was lead by Prembuda.







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