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Research of Health and Holism

Some people want to live well, richly, healthy, others - happily, spiritually, blissfully. People ask - is it possible to live richly, healthy and blissfully, to live holistically?

For many years we could observe man’s holism in the Meditation School (MS) of Osho Ojas Meditation Center. Even though the true purpose of MS is growth and experience of spirit and uniting it with life, but there the first four bodies of a man are awakened, cleaned and transformed also.

First of all, we were surprised by health improvement of those who begin to meditate. The number of sick-leave days of the third crop graduates of meditation school, who graduated in 2004, during the four school years compared with the four years before the school decreased 6.3 times. During the four years before the school, the graduates were ill on an average 11.5 day a year, and during the school - 1.8 day. Their age was between 19 and 65 year, an average around 37 year. The eldest MS participant, a woman over sixty years old, during four years before the school was ill 63 days and during it - only 3 days. During several MS years, the students completely cease to have throat, lungs’ and other diseases of respiratory system. Joints’, digestion and heart diseases decrease or disappear. Our studies and experience showed that morbidity of those and almost all other diseases first of all decrease because of relaxation of body and psyche, cleansing and harmonizing oneself. Relaxation from psychical tensions and blocks caused by disciplines and believes especially well influences health and self-feeling of students. Sometimes meditation helps a lot when medicine is completely powerless. There, a long treatment promised to Neringa M. by psychiatrists fell away straight off just after starting meditating. However, that is only the side effects of meditation.

More importantly, that almost all graduates, who before the studies described their spiritual state as angry, unhappy, chaotic and depressive, after MS not a single one indicated negative characteristics of a spiritual state. They named it as whole, happy, joyful and alike. It is examined that those who meditate more than four years, remain considerably healthier, more joyful and happy. What blissfulness to liberate oneself in body, mind and spirit from gods of earth and haven. That is true holism, true holiness. In fact, celebration is not when its day or hour comes, but only when an inside unites with an outside, spirit with body, when we become holistic.

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