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On respect and standing up in schools

There are parents, teachers, psychiatrists, officers who demand that one should respect them. In some cases these people will even ask one to stand up when they come into the room. To understand the way of evolution, it would be wise to check what nature teaches us on the topic.

In nature as well as in loving families offspring do not stand up when parents appear. They settle down, rejoice, and radiate: we will be safe now, we will eat, pry, learn, play up.

Curiosity is one of the several basic emotions, natural to not only human children but also to all mammal cubs. To teach something, the presence or upsurge of curiosity is essential. Politians and officers would talk less rubbish if they gave heed not to the ten dictatorial commandments of god, but to nature and its evolution. Suffice to see how birds and animals teach their poults and cubs to hunt, defend or fly. In most cases they succeed in teaching. Those who do not manage to learn survive harder, die faster.

The fourth commandment of god, honour your father and mother, is ignorant indeed. This dullish law is necessary when parents and teachers do not love children. Evolutionary nature is much more sensible and sentient than gods are. Let us look, for instance, at swans. These birds look after, feed and teach their poults so carefully and affectionately. The same with much bigger families of animals, such as suricates or elephants, where parents and aunts feed, guard and teach children. You will not find any standing up, any commandment, any demand for respect and – even any greeting there. Is it not possible to enjoy even deeper tenderness, humanity in human families? Of course it is!

Demand for respect not only does not evoke curiosity, but only suppresses it. This is well known by Swedes, Finns, Estonians and other nations with a small degree of belief and a high degree of inquiry and humane. For this reason they never demand respect and especially standing up when parents, teachers or psychiatrists come into the room.

We must not demand that a child should stand up, as the very requirement suppresses the curiosity of a child or a student, thus breaking the link with the process of learning. Demand for respect and standing up when parents, teachers or leaders appear is ignorant, dictatorial and always injures. It is harmful because the demand for respect is a thought that blocks the flow of qualitative energy and love. This is the law. A thought blocks the flow of love. Such demands of leaders are necessary when they do not correspond to life and evolution; when they do not share, work, learn and teach others, including children, with attention and love.

Let us go with life and evolution; share and teach with attention and love. Then we will not only have any need of demand for the signs of respect and attention, but also open up for even greater inner our possibilities and summits.


Prembuda, 2012-01-01

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