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On Faith and Drinking

During the mass, priests lift and drink a glass of wine. This way a church drinks a barrel or a pail of wine in a year. Children and young people see this and follow them as if true sheep. They drink.

Priests and bishops do not drink the blood of Jesus Christ, but they do drink alcohol. It is simple to assure oneself of that by measuring the strength of “the blood of Jesus Christ” before drinking and the amount of alcohol in the blood of priests and bishops after drinking.

Faith deprived people of both the body and the spirit. Therefore, now people are poor and unhappy. And tense. They drink in order to relax and stop feeling their troubles and misfortunes.

People believe that drinking will solve their problems and new ones will not come up. They have such a hope. But the truth is that believing and drinking multiply problems, which even grow. The faith is a primary cause and drinking is the secondary one. It is not drinking that causes faith, but vice versa: drinking is caused by faith. Thus, animals do not drink, but believers drink the most. It is not in the beginning, but slightly later, when faith roots in the human subconsciousness.

In evolution, only those species which went along with the progress, with vitality: the flow of life, with the truth survived.
Others simply became extinct because they were at a deadlock. Much less than one percent of all species remained. Many people find themselves at a deadlock as well. Normally they did not come there on their own but they were brought by “bushkevichiai” and “tamkevichiai” via faith, orders and ignorance.  The people of these both kinds of the Kaunas city council are now trying to force people to stop drinking. Good through evil. I had a chance to meet with both kinds of believers and with their initiators.
All of them are believers. A believer is always unconscious in a thousand and one area.

Apparently due to this reason, initiators have attacked and still attack meditation directly and indirectly so savagely. I wish that they awoke at least some consciousness within themselves and then could suggest and decide, go and lead by a more progressive, easier and evolutionary way, never order. Orders and prohibitions are almost always a sign of ignorance and a mistake. It seems a small one at the beginning. But even a small hump overturns a big carriage, and when there are many humps, they overturn many carriages. The same is true for drunk people.

The best way to free people from alcohol and misfortunes is meditation. It returns the body and spirit, eyes and the light to people. Having seen where the light and happiness is and what you are holding in a palm, fingers unbend themselves. This way having found a jewel or a beloved one, fingers themselves release a stone and a prostitute.


Meditators do not drink not because it is prohibited but because they drink a much tastier nectar. Who will drink the blood of Jesus Christ or even God, when the nectar of knowledge and immortality, truth and freedom is already within us.

Prembuddha 05.11.2010
English translation 15.02.2011

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