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Non-Judgement: Meditation Stage*

It is one of the meditation keys, one of the truth keys, one of the most significant keys to return home, to the soul. Non-judgement is necessary to pass the mind, to move from your surface – the body – beyond the body, then move beyond your mind as well. Judgement is a type of thinking. Non-judgement is beyond the thinking. It is a sign which you can follow  in the worldwhen you are in your mind and cannot detach from it. You can notice judgement, valuing or thinking, whereas more intelligent people can evaluate less, think a little bit less, stay in silence, peace and tranquility for a while.

The majority of people and all the primitive do not notice that they evaluate, judge and think. Some reckon that thinking is a feature of a significant development.  If a man could evaluate or not evaluate, could think or not, could judge or not, it would be a sign of development. However, if a man is not able to not evaluate, think and judge, it is an illness or perversion. Such thinking and evaluation, restless trembling of the mind resembles Parkinson’s disease due to which a man cannot stop his hands and the head trembling. I can understand the ill if they cure, search for the way out but if they pretend to be victims, beg and do not search for the cause of an illness or do not eliminate it, it is hypocrisy and mental or even spiritual illness or infection.


There should be a balance, ability to think or not to think, judge or not to judge. Thinking is better than evaluation or judgement if one’s thinking is based on facts or the truth. When thinking, you can shape many things without long or even tough physical work. Evaluating and judging are always made in accordance with the model, dogma, morale, belief, doctrine, tradition and rules. The belief and the court of the wolf do not suit for the rabbit and vice versa, whereas the judgement and the court of the Muslim do not suit of the Christian or merely for the man. The change of belief in Islam is punished by a death sentence, whereas barely any Christian would pass such a judgment today.

Belief is frequently a perverted thinking. At the end of the second millennium the Catholic governmental leaders suggested that the Lithuanian government and the Ministry of Justice should establish special team to catch meditators and sentence them to inquisition. However, the failure to pay money for catchers, made the Lithuanians unwilling take on the Catholics’ initiative. Only a few Lithuanian Catholics, priests, officers of tax inspectorate, police officers, security officers, psychiatrists and journalists were tempted by the initiative. It was not for nothing. There is no big difference between the judgement and  the court, even though the demotic layer is more prevalent in judgement. However, they join and become a perverted reasoning, mental illness in an inquisitional judgement and judgment. This is natural because the believer blindly follows the faith but faith is never bright and conscious. Otherwise, the faith would be parallel to cognition and the truth.

The existence, in the deepest sense, does not judge in the nature but equally maintains the light and the darkness, the plus and the minus, the rabbit and the wolf, however the survivor will be the one who is more vital, through whom the vital energy flows easier and in a bigger quantity, whose vital resistance is smaller. It is alike in technology. The man buys the electric or petrol engine which is faster to run and uses less electricity or chemical energy to perform the same work. Electrical energy is lifeless vital energy, whereas vital energy is lively electrical energy. It is similar to a log which is a lifeless trunk and a trunk is a lively log. A fat and over-eaten rabbit will not run away and a fat and over-eaten wolf will not catch it. Look how vital energy flows through a running animal. It is a wonderful experience. You can spot it even on TV.

The existence maintains vitality, the flow of energy and especially consciousness unconditionally. This is an absolute law which applies from an atom to a man. When judging, the vitality, the energy, its flow is blocked; the man will weaken, become more passive, unhappy, sick and heavy. Judgement prevents totality, integrity and healthiness. A judging person will be heavier, more tensed; he will lack energy for witnessing and the flight of the soul. The spiritual and physical sides of a judging man do not merge but separate from each other. Judging is as if a damper in a burning furnace or a yashmak for the face; non-evaluation and non-judgement are as if dew for grass or light for fresh grass.



* - Quote from book "Meditation: Share of Soul" by Prembuddha. You can purchase it on the internet at, and Lithuanian bookshops.

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