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Morality is an expression of bliss

Do you think it is a bad thing to be moral?

No. I do not consider it bad to be moral but I do consider the illusion of being moral bad. It becomes an obstacle to real morality arising in you.

False morality is an outer imposition, a. It serves no purpose other than satisfying hypocrisy and in my view there is no state of mind that is more immoral than that of hypocrisy and egoism. False morality even covers itself up with a display of humility and of freedom from egoism, but beneath it the ego is being nourished and it flourishes. Do you not see the truth of what I am saying in your so-called saints and monks? I call this so-called morality - imposed from outside, cultivated by effort - nothing but an act. Often things in a man's inner mind are just the opposite. What appears on the surface is missing inside. There are flowers above and thorns below. And this continuous opposition and struggle between behavior and the inner being – an unbridgeable gap between consciousness and unconsciousness - divides and makes him schizophrenic. In such a man there is no harmony. And where there is neither harmony nor music there is no bliss. In my view, a real moral life is an expression of bliss.

Morality is an expression of bliss, a sponta­neous expression. When bliss flows from one's inner being it is expressed in good conduct, in morality on the outside. The fragrance of bliss that emanates from such a man is the goodness of his life.

Hence I ask you to create harmony, not conflict. Try to see this truth. Do not just listen to what I say but try to live it. Only then will you see how with your own hands you turn your life, which could be one continuous dance of harmony and beauty, into an anarchy of conflict and inner duality.


Morality comes of its own accord - just as flowers appear on a tree. It is not brought about. The seeds of meditation need to be sown, and then the crop of morality is harvested. Morality is not something to be practiced; it is meditation that is to be practiced. Peace, harmony and beauty flow from meditation. And the one who is peace­ful within himself becomes incapable of making others restless. The one who has music within him finds the echo of this music reverberating in others in his presence. The one who has beauty within him finds that all ugliness disappears from his behavior. Is not becoming all this becoming moral?

You say that morality is a social utility. Is it quite useless to the individual?

Morality or moral behavior is simply utilitar­ian as far as society is concerned, but for the individual it is not a utility, it is his joy. Therefore, society's needs are satisfied even by pseudo-morality, but that is not good enough for the individual. That you behave well towards oth­ers is good enough for society but it is not good enough for you, for it is also worth considering whether you are good inside yourself or not. Society is concerned with your personality, not with your inner being. But for you yourself the personality is nothing more than your clothing. Your being begins where this clothing ends. Behind this mask of personality, separate from it, is your real being. And this is where real morality is born.

A society created by false morality is called a civilization. A society consisting of men who have attained to real life is called a culture. This is the difference between civilization and culture. Civilization is based on utility; culture is based on inner joy and harmony.

Today we have civilization but not culture. But if we want, we can give birth to a culture with our individual efforts together. Civilization is born out of purifying our behavior with other people; culture is born out of purifying ourselves. Civilization is the body; culture is the soul. Those who are create a culture.




*excerpt from OSHO "Perfect Way "


Updated on 06-05-2014

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