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Meditator and security*

Meditators should always be wary of security. Security is the greatest web of attachment for a meditator. If he seeks security for even a single moment, if he feels that he has the support of someone in whose protection he has nothing to fear and thus he will now not go astray, if he is thinking that he will go nowhere and be under his guruís wing forever, then he has already lost his way. For a seeker there is no security; insecurity is a blessing for a seeker. The greater the insecurity, the greater is the opportunity for his soul to expand and to become bold and fearless. The more the protection, the weaker he will become in the same proportion. To take assistance is one thing, but to keep on being dependent is quite another.

You are given support so that you can stand without support. It is given with the intention that soon you will need no more. Have you noticed that when a father is helping his child to walk he holds the childís hand and not the child? In a few daysí time he learns to walk, and then the father lets go of his hand. But at first the child catches hold of the fatherís hand for confidence. So if the child takes hold of the fatherís hand it means that although he has learned to walk he will not let go of it. If the father holds the childís hand, then know that the child still does not know how to walk and it is dangerous to let him be on his own. The father wants his hand to be relieved soon; that is why he teaches the child to walk. If some father allows his child to go on holding his hand out of the sheer pleasure he gets from it he is his childís enemy.

Many fathers, many gurus, do this, but this is a mistake. The reason for which the support was given is defeated. Instead of giving rise to a strong healthy person who can walk on his own two feet he has given rise to a cripple who will depend upon crutches all his life. This, however, is the pleasure that gives satisfaction to the father or the guru Ė that you cannot go on your way without their support. In this way their egos are satisfied.

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But such a guru is not a guru. So it is for the guru to shake off the meditatorís hand and tell him firmly to walk on his own two feet. And there is no harm if he falls a couple of times: he can get up again. After all, one has to fall in order to rise, and it is necessary to fall a few times in order to get over the fear of falling.

The mind tries to catch hold of some support and so the binding starts. This should not happen. The meditator should always keep in mind the fact that he is not in search of security. He is in search of truth, not security. If he is sincere about his quest for truth he must give up all ideas of safety and security.



* - Excerpt from OSHO. In Search of the Miraculous, Volume 1.


Updated on 01-11-2017

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