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2002 No.9

Metchislovas Vrubliauskas

Meditative conscience constellation (1)

Not only new diseases and disabilities, but also new ways of health improvement, new sciences, esoterica and new religions enter our lives. It is natural because peopleís consciousness is growing. If it wasnít so, it would show that the evolution of our mind and especially consciousness has stopped, and there is stagnation in our consciousness. In addition, spirit and matter can be united in harmony only by consciousness; mind does not have such capacity.

While practicing, usually learning how to focus, tense and concentrate mind, seeking for richer and richer life, new sciences penetrate deeper into matter and create newer materials and equipments, which have not only wonderful applicative, but also contaminating and destructive qualities. That is in the food industry - preservatives, recent medicine, atomic industry, biochemistry, etc. Finally, the more mind is tensed, the more body and whole our psyche become tensed, therefore non-relaxing formations, vortexes of materials and energies, dams and blocks arise in them. The consequences of such blocks are not only diseases of digestion, joints`, infarcts or strokes, but also the illnesses of nerves or even the central nervous system Alzheimerís and Parkinsonís diseases. The lack of consciousness in the levels of mind and spirit, and in their interaction also creates new spiritual illnesses, depression. When medical methods, which cure or improve health from exterior, are exhausted, the only one true medicine is left, which improves health and even heals from interior, spiritual side. This is meditation. That's why many illnesses start receding and disappearing when one begins to meditate even if nothing is done about them, because components of our higher levels start taking their natural places. Osho says we can cure half of illnesses by medical means and half - by meditation.

As new sciences and their consequences enter our life, new possibilities and illnesses of psyche, spirit, unconscious and consciousness reveal. These new depths and spheres of unconscious and consciousness can be attributed to religion, but it would be more precise and clearer if we will attribute them to the inner science. Then the one, total and whole science is left, in which all levels take their natural places, and it is easy to orientate in them, what has been already understood and what hasnít been known yet. We should not forget that science explores and knows truth, reality, which is possible to be experienced and tested. The inner science extends the research and search for truth, goodness and beauty deeper into the interior of a man and subjective reality in general. Faith cannot help here, because faith itself is born out of ignorance and unconsciousness. The first images, imaginations, hypotheses, myths, dogmas, etc. that were almost unconsciously taken to the doorsteps of our consciousness usually in childhood, become a basis of faith. These rather different arrangements form the foundation of our behavior, which are inaccessible for a man who does not meditate. Therefore people change faiths so rarely. Through these arrangements, it can be said - unconscious programs, information and news from world reach our unconsciousness and consciousness twisted. On the one hand, this at a large scale determines manís conscience and beliefs, but on the other - explains why members of certain faiths and sects hardly or even donít understand the members of other ones. Unfortunately, due to this, faiths still are the main reason of current wars and, especially now, - of terror. It seems that the only way to get free from the programming of unconscious and the chain of wars is meditation, because meditator goes beyond mind, thus beyond conscience, aggregate and unconscious programs. While meditating we free ourselves from both programs - not only of this life but also of the past ones. One of the criteria whether you are still in the bondage of unconscious programs is the remembering of the past lives. If you remember them at least partially, then it means you have started freeing from them, if you donít, then you still are in the clutches of superstitions, myths, different identifications.

Meditative conscience constellation (MCC), as conscience itself, is between inner and outer world and unites them. Conscience will be considered here as world outlook, manís inner law, entirety of his beliefs and faith rules. Constellation is perceived as a collocation of something, for instance, stars or family membersí, and the dynamics of their position. The word meditative indicates that constellation is accomplished not in point of mind, customs or faith, but of consciousness, the laws of existence, dharma, or dao. It also should be mentioned that MCC is applied considering family, collective, state or faith, etc. as a system, and a person in constellation is considered not exactly as a separate individual, but as a part of certain wholeness or system.

MCC method is special in two aspects. On the one hand, it empowers a man to become like sensor, conscious sensor, which not only shows, speaks, but also experiences and understands unconscious processes of the other man, and on the other hand, MCC not only improves health, but also opens new heights of manís harmony, well-being and plenitude. The beginner of conscience constellation is German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.

Further we will explore constellation of a family, where the rearrangement of an individualís conscience happens in the context or background of familyís conscience. First I will give a simple example of familyís constellation. While taking part in a meditative training in Osho ashram, in India, 25 years old Japanese man complained about the lack of communication and closeness with other people. A group leader asked him to stand on the stage and in intuitively felt distance and direction to place on the stage someone to represent his father and to stand himself. I was asked to be the father. When the leader of constellation asked him to bow down and thank his father, through whom he came into this world, he could not. It turned out that he had lost a contact with the father and at the same time with a masculine side of existence. He had to restore closeness with the father because first of all he came to this world through him and mother. Inside he considered his father to be imperfect, bad and not worth him. This seemed to be coming from his mother. I, being in a role of his father, felt how much love father has for his son, but the son does not accept it. He, his ego needed more perfect father. This was felt by some other participants of the stage, but the guy could not admit fatherís priority in the family, so his suffering couldnít be eliminated. Such are the laws of existence. They donít listen to manís ego and desires. Often mother supports and even evokes sonís hatred to his father and all suffer because of that: son, father and finally mother herself.

Family as a system. The family in constellation is considered as a certain system, in which wholeness and balance have to be kept. Each individual has its own role in the system, which he has to perform and there are the system laws functioning in it. We can say, that during the constellation of an individual, the whole family is being constellated. It means that when individualís conscience changes, the conscience of all family (FC) changes too. It unites family members into a group, helps to communicate easier and balances the giving and the taking.

    Three main laws influence familyís conscience:

  1. Everyone has a right to belong to a family - the law of belonging;

  2. Everyone has his own place and meaning. Those who came earlier have a higher rank - the law of systemic hierarchy;

  3. A balance has to be in a family - the law of balance. Any dissonance that happened with earlier family member has to be balanced by the later one. For this reason, for instance, the dead first son who is forgotten in the parentís family of one being constellated, will have to be represented by the grandson in the family of one child, most probably even by the same name. Secondly, a son of a mother who does not respect the father of her first child, will respect her similarly as his father respected her.

The influence of familyís conscience is not obvious, but usually it is more powerful than individualís conscience. FC protects a group - the family. This conscience serves both individual and family. What is more, we belong not to one group. An innocent action in one group may be considered as a crime in the other. Thus in the family of Muslims, childís actions against Jews or Americans Christians are considered to be heroic in the world of Islam, but in Christian world they are considered to be terror. This causes tensions, pains, anxiety, guilt, and so on.

    It has to be figured out in the family:

  1. Who is excluded or disrespected?

  2. Who wants to leave the family?

To create an order in a family it is necessary to include those who have been excluded, to honour those who have been dishonoured, and let go those who want to leave the family.

In the family constellation, the leader orientates how the energies and love are flowing, but not what things are being said or indicated. It means that sometimes when words are being said, they are empty and the energy doesnít flow. What is more, people, participating in the constellation, feel the moods, feelings, thoughts, desires, pains, love, etc. of those who they represent and they may continue to feel them for a long time afterwards. It is like with actors, only they perform the imaginary roles, and here is a flow of real energies present or withheld in the family. The exit from the role after constellation has to be attentive, by bowing down and accepting a person the way he is.

(To be continued in the next issue)

Meditative conscience constellation (2) (The second part)

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