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Love Features and Its Source*

When it is raining, when the flower is blossoming… you can attribute this to anybody. When the man accepts responsibility at least for himself/herself, the time comes when the heart starts blossoming. Its released energy is called love. You can attribute it to anybody. But is it necessary?

Love is energy. It is very subtle and almost conscious. Love is the energy and fruit of a mature heart. Love is almost consciousness, even though it is still blind. People lack it. However, it is possible when learning the laws of transformation or transcendence. Love is possible for everybody.

Love can be childish, immature and mature.

Childish love is when we ask for it without giving anything in return.

Immature love is when it needs an object or subject. It can be a child, a woman, a man or even God. Then love is shared in exchange.

Mature love comes from a mature heart. The heart is within us. You do not need to look for it outside. Mature love requires neither an object nor a subject. When in love, you do not act on purpose or for the good of others. You have to love for the sake of love, art and sharing. A flower also does not grow or blossom for the sake of others. Love always finds where to flow. The aroma of the flower finds its ways too. Love does not need another. The believer perhaps needs the other, perhaps God, but love itself does not need them. Another is not needed for the love to be born in the man. This is not the theory, this is practice. In fact, only love not directed at anybody has all its features.

In belief, love needs another, sometimes the prophet, sometimes God. This is immature belief, immature love. Belief can never be mature, love instead can. A tree does not blossom and produce fruit for the sake of others. It does not need the commandments of God. Such is its nature, the style of living. The meditator also does not love for the sake of commandments or merit, but for the love itself. Love suffices to love. It is simply nice and good when you light the fire and when you light love, everything becomes more beautiful, better and more free.

An apple tree is a very mature tree. It took almost four billion years of evolution for the apple tree to appear on the Earth. It does not cheat, harm and gives fruit to anybody, even if you grab it with leaves. Its love is perhaps unconscious but it gives fruit to a close one or a stranger. It does not have any possession. A man can strip all the fruit whereas it will ask neither to be fertilized nor to be watered. The apple tree does not do business. It is absolutely open even for the Christ and Barnabas.

The Christ can get angry if it does not have apples, he can curse it but it never gets angry and always gives everything away. It is not strange that the symbol of life is the apple tree. The apple tree does not sell itself, does not believe and does not ask you to believe in. It will not run away from you. Failing to understand the symbols of the apple tree and the snake, the Christians stuck the snake into the apple tree and imposed the image of the devil on it. This way the tree and the snake were fouled, and the life even more. The apple tree and the snake do not sell themselves. Mature and real love does not sell itself as well. It is not possible to sell it even if you really wanted to do so. Such is love, such is truth and such is existence.



* - Quote from book “Meditation: Share of Soul” by Prembuda. You can purchase it on the internet at esoteric centre AUM, AUM and bookshops.

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