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Kundalini - The Sleeping Serpent*

The space where the life force is stored is like a kunda, a pool near the sex center; that is why the energy is known as kundalini, as if it is a kunda or pool of water. Another reason it is called kundalini is that it looks like a snake coiled and sleeping. If you have seen a sleeping serpent you know how it lies in coils with its hood on top. But if you disturb the sleeping serpent it will wake up, uncoil and raise its hood up. This energy is called kundalini also because the pool of life-force, or the seed of life is precisely located near the sex center and it is from here that life expands in all directions.

It will be good to remember that the small pleasure that we derive from sex is not the pleasure of sex, it really comes from the vibrations arising in the pool of vital energy along with sex. The sleeping serpent is slightly moved by the sex act and we consider it to be the whole pleasure of life. We are not at all aware of what happens when the whole serpent is awakened and it travels across our entire being and reaches the ultimate center in the brain. We are completely unaware of it.

We live on the first step of the ladder of life. There are other steps, greater steps, that lead to God. The small distance of two to three feet that is there in our body is in another sense a very big distance; it is the distance between nature and God, between matter and soul, between sleep and wakefulness, between death and immortality. That distance is very long. But there is also a small distance inside our being which we can traverse in meditation.

<...> If the energy within is awakened, you will die as you are right now and a totally new individual will be born – an individual that you never were before awakening. And it is this fear that prevents people from becoming religious. It is the same fear which, if it grips a seed, prevents it from becoming a tree. Now the greatest danger facing a seed is that it will be buried in the soil, it will be treated with water and manure and then it will die as a seed. It is again the same danger that faces an egg when it grows and breaks its shell. Then it has to die as an egg so that it becomes a bird. In the same way we are in the preceding state of something yet to be born. We are like an egg which is going to become a bird. But we take the egg to be everything and nestle down in it.


When this energy will rise, you will be no more; there is no way for you to survive. <...>

So there is great danger. The danger is that the person that I was till yesterday will not survive; when the energy will be awakened it will totally transform me. New centers will be awakened, a new individuality will emerge, new experiences will happen – everything will be new. If you are prepared for the new then you must gather courage to part with the old.

But the old has gripped us so firmly in every way, it has fettered us so strongly, that the vital energy cannot raise its head, cannot rise upward.

The journey to God is really a journey into in security. But the flowers of life and beauty only bloom in insecurity.


* excerpt from OSHO. In Search of the Miraculous, Vol. 1

It is wonderful that You can learn to meditate Kundalini meditation properly at Ojas meditation center. In Ojas, there are two demo's of Osho Kundalini prepared by Prembuda - classic and progressive. Progressive demo of Kundalini meditation on YouTube, has been watched by 9000 meditators only in this 2012 year, mostly from India, Mexico, Germany, Spain, USA and other coutries.


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