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Is racism faith?

Faiths are varied but always unconscious and therefore often evoke miseries. Awareness of them would help to avoid many misfortunes and bring much prosperity and happiness.

A dog believes in a master and cannot change this belief. It cannot even think of changing belief, even if the master badly treats relatives, neighbours or even the dog itself. The faith of a dog will usually change only when the master has changed.

Babies and even children usually believe in parents. In nature such belief is beneficial. Teenagers already start seeing and thinking, and their faith in parents staggers. It is often evoked by inadequacies of words, beliefs and actions of parents. They raise conflicts and often, displeasures in children. Teenagers start to trust other teenagers more and form new groups. More intelligent children see the consequences of beliefs themselves and begin to explore them.

There is a superstition: a cat crossing your path will cause a bad luck. If you believe it, this will surely cause trouble. Furthermore, it is easier to cause a bad luck than a good one. On the other hand, it is not as easy to free from even such a superstition and not to think about it as it may appear. Such reflections and their effects may be partly compensated by consciously thinking opposite. Meditation totally frees from such beliefs.

Criminals often believe they will not be caught. It would be hard to commit crimes otherwise. The press announced that in a Lithuanian Christian family mother did not save daughter from father paedophile because she did not believe he was paedophiling. She believed he did not paedophiled daughter. Over decades hundred thousands of children have been paedophiled by catholic priests over the world, and their parents, foster-parents, courts and government believed that priests do not paedophile and according to such belief punished not the priests but the children who have been trying to get out of priests’ grip. Such belief has been still held in Lithuania by presidents, Parliament, the Government and courts. Today few people realise the harm of beliefs and explore them because they often make use of it.

Most miseries occur due to beliefs. Germans started the World War II believing they do good and they would win. Soviets also believed this. Those who met accidents because of being drunk believed they would not be in trouble. Or, at least, that nothing bad would happen to them. Communists are rude because they believe there is nothing subtle and after death no individual is left. Several buses of polish believers went off the road because their travellers believed it was more important to believe in saints than have proper car maintenance and watch the road. People give away money and authority to frauds because they believe in them. Beliefs are first of all useful to frauds and authorities. Economical, political and spiritual authorities. For all of them.

Let us have a look at the faith and unconsciousness of one believer.

On April 15, 2011 the member of the central committee of Republican Party of Orange County (USA) Marilyn Davenport wanted to lift her and her friends’ spirits, to boast, what believers are constantly doing. Therefore she sent her colleagues an email with a picture attached, in which three chimpanzees were wearing human clothes. The republican added a face photo of the USA president Barack Obama to the body of the smallest chimpanzee, and, to emphasize the impression, wrote: “Now you know why -- No birth certificate!” For her it was very funny and convincing enough why Obama was undeserving of a post of the president and why she and her party should come to government again. Furthermore, new election of the president was coming.

Many wishes and attitudes lurk in the montage, unidentified by the believer. To see it as racism is, most probably, the easiest thing.

Racism as well as faith in gods is born due to ignorance and unconsciousness, due to the lack of personal experience. In common case every belief manifests as some kind of perversion. Racism is a peculiar direction of faith. Evidently, when youngsters shout, “Lithuania is for Lithuanians”, pointed out, this also means “Kaunas is for the dwellers of Kaunas” or “Vilijampole is for those who live in Vilijampole“. But this also means they cannot show up in another street, city and especially other countries of Europe. Such shouters are obviously narrow-minded and thus unhappy. Suffice to broaden the consciousness a little and especially look at it from another side, and one immediately sees many inconveniences and miseries of such behaviour.

It is evident that the email of USA republican Marilyn Davenport to her friends of the party and faith, in which she added to the third monkey not the head of hers or another white-skinned person, is not only racism and disdain for the black, but also her Christian pride. Arrogance and disdain are born together. Arrogance because of being a Christian and disdain for another who is not a Christian spring together. It is a law of the science of spirit. And in spirit, action equals reaction. If you wish to turn right, it is necessary to push somebody left. According to Christians’ belief, God created them. And others were born only out of their own nature, the inside, evolution. As well as the whole Universe. Christians believe that there was no evolution, and that evolution from nature is a disdain too great for a Christian. That is why they have disdained for centuries those feeling oneness with nature and those evolved from nature. All evolved individuals not from the Christian god apply only to the meal and service of Christians. This agrees both with the Old Testament and current actions of Christians.

The embryo of an elephant (11 weeks) [1]
The embryo of a dog (4 weeks) [2]
The embryo of a man
(6 weeks) [3]

The fact that a white-skinned republican added the head of a black-skinned president of the USA to the smallest monkey down in the left shows her great belief and even greater unconsciousness. According to her, it is better to be a racist than a black man and it is much better to be in the right than in the left, up than down, besides, be the biggest. If not physically, mentally or spiritually, then at least according to faith, arrogance and pictures produced.

This racist picture of a Christian also shows that Christians do not evolve. Faith intervenes. Thus not evolving individuals will remain Christians, and evolving ones will not.

Science has determined that human body evolved from monkey, and monkey, from mammals. Therefore it is right to say that monkeys are our ancestors, and mammals are monkeys’ ancestors and our great-great-ancestors – the biological foundation of all of us is common. However, Christians kill and eat mammals, embryos that closely resemble human embryos among them. Resemblance is in form, atomic consist and even genomes. Even in consciousness. Reactions to external influences and consciousness of zygotes and embryos of mammals, monkeys and men are totally identical. Science has not found significant differences among them yet.

Christians kill and eat their great-great ancestors. Fortunately, they do not eat their ancestors. Eating great-great-ancestors, of course, disturbs evolution. Hindus and Buddhists, as well as meditators, offer not to eat great-great ancestors. Moreover, there is plenty of humane vegetative food. Thus more food would be left for starving children as it is well known that to produce the same sustenance of one kilogram of meat approximately ten kilograms of vegetative food are necessary.

It is more humane not to eat great-great ancestors, not to be a racist, thus, not to remain a believer. Then the evolution of body and consciousness of the individual takes place almost itself. And the consequence of this evolution is not only individual but social wellbeing and happiness as well. This would be a slight step towards greater happiness, freedom and love, towards meditation.


Prembuda, 21/06/2011, Ojas



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