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In Search of Self*

May I also remind you that we cannot know the world, we can only have an acquaintance with it, information about it. And there can be no information about the self, we can only know it. That is why, in the case of matter, in the case of the material world, it is enough to be an expert in the scriptures, but it is not so in the case of the self. Science is scripture; religion is not. Science is information about matter, while religion is a knowing of the self. Science is a scripture; religion is a spiritual discipline.

I do not preach. That dimension is totally fruitless. What is required is not preaching but a treatment. It is not that doctrines about truth should be given. They are altogether useless. What is of value is the method, the technique by which one can see truth. A technique serves as a treatment and because of it the eyes open. Then you don't have to think about light, you see it. When eyes are absent you have to think, but when there are eyes, thinking is out of the question. In blindness, thinking tries to do the work of the eyes, but as soon as the eyes are restored thinking becomes unnecessary.

In my viewpoint, thinking is not a symptom of true knowledge but of ignorance. True knowledge is a state of thoughtlessness. It is not thinking, it is insight. And no doctrine about truth can give you this insight. At its best that remains merely an intellectual acquisition. It can become part of the memory, but it can never become knowledge.

Doctrines can be taught but they never bring a transformation to one's personality. Like clothing, they effect a change on the surface but the interior remains what it was. The inner being remains untouched by them, only the outer cover takes on a new form and a new color. In this way man does not awaken into wisdom. On the contrary, he falls into the ditch of hypocrisy. A great gulf between his state of being and his knowledge is created. He is one thing and what he knows is quite another thing. His personality is split in two. There is a conflict, and a duality is created between his inner being and his outer layer. And the natural result of this is hypocrisy. Such a man begins to pretend to be that which is not really there within him, and begins to hide that which he is. This acting is not religiousness. It destroys no one's life but his own. This is self-deception, but this is what is taken and taught as religiousness.

Mere intellectual teachings of dogmas, of doctrines, can only do this much: they can only change the outer covering. For a self-revolution some other dimension is needed. That dimension is not of doctrines but of endeavors toward self-realization. It is not the dimension of sermonizing but of treatment. It is not the dimension of thinking about truth but of opening your eyes to truth.<…>

And the garments of thought keep covering the self more and more. You have to strip off these garments and be naked. In order to know your self, you have to throw all garments away. In order to know your self you have to unlearn, not learn. When all the outside guests have gone you will know the one who is not a guest, but the host.

* - Excerpt from OSHO. Perfect Way

Updated on 22-01-2018

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