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How are judging and thinking born? Was it necessary in evolution?*

Part 1

It is very important to understand the reasons behind judging and thinking, to have a true vision, perspective. It helps to harmoniously unite spirit with mind and body and live wealthy and spiritually. Let's take a broader and deeper look at judging — through the eyes of a scientist and a mystic. Reflections of spirit and matter merging are easy to see in the world and life. Those who have eyes — see. How and from where did life come about, and, where is it moving to? What are its signs and levels? Science has already answered this question quite deeply and it wonderfully coincides with the truth uncovered by buddhas.

All science argues that a man was not created, but rather evolved. Evolved from the consciousness, from conscious emptiness, from emptiness. Consciousness is not material. It is a truth uncovered in the East, which everyone can experience. Everyone returns to it. Evolution comes from the inside, from inner potential. You can experience this by watching an action coming from the inside to the body, from the thought-free consciousness to the body and how that action crystalizes. Meditation enables one to watch all of this. But you will probably get stuck in a thought and your entire journey will end without really beginning.

Does the body follow mind, consciousness or does the consciousness follow mind, body? Scientists and materialists say that the mind follows the body, whereas mystics argue that the body follows the mind, and the mind — consciousness. They experience consciousness separately from the body and discovered that the body and mind are almost mechanics, whereas freedom and responsibility lie only in the consciousness. The answer depends on whether your action comes from inside or outside. If, from the inside, then you are a mystic, a meditator, and, if — from outside, you are a materialist or a scientist. First, let's take a look at how an object is born, how it improves. Does the object improve by itself or is it being improved by a progressing consciousness, mind? How, for example, "evolution" of a computer happens. Computers do not evolve themselves. Only an impression of their evolution can be formed, because the consciousness of a man creating them evolves — maybe it is better to say awakens, and it improves the mind, and only then, the mind, through hands and instruments, improves the construction and qualities of computers. Computers have been "evolving" for around sixty years now and this may last for another several hundred millions of years. Similarly, for hundreds millions of years, plant and animal bodies, cells are "evolving", even though, in living nature, mind and body interaction is more familiar, flows more, because it is happening through organic materials.

In the evolution of life, spirit is moving towards the matter, matter — towards the spirit. Vitality flow appears, and an individual's consciousness awakens. Similarly, a man's consciousness awakens every morning. Since the beginning of life on Earth until now, around four billion years passed. However, a man's body, the way it is today, originated only around two hundred thousand years ago. Back then, according to scientists, the Neanderthal had already emerged on Earth exercising his body more, along with Cro-Magnon, who evolved by the means of exercising his mind. The body, power lost to the mind, and the Neanderthal vanished. The mind won against the body, and Cro-Magnon survived, because the mind is much more conscious than the body. Though the consciousness itself is incomparably more conscious than mind. People, who are attached to their minds, are destined for extinction, and people who walk with consciousness are destined for immeasurable wellbeing and bliss.


 Excerpt from PREMBUDA. Meditation: Body Soul Balance, available as e-book at Amazon:

Updated on 05-01-2021

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