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How are judging and thinking born? Was it necessary in evolution?*

Part 2


In the last two-hundred-thousand years, a man's consciousness was moving from the second to third energy chakra, from the emotional center of vital body to the center of mind and individual astral body. Since then, in the evolution of every human individual consciousness, began a period of intensive thinking and it's training, evaluating and judging. In the beginning, being born in a human body, we trained our mind for many lives and we were happy that we are able to think, evaluate and judge. In a sense, it was a big achievement for an individual, because this is how a primitive human is different from an animal, having an individual astral body, whose external function is thinking, doubting. A human acquires mind like a personal computer. Part of the astral body — the inner, more spiritual side — we take with us after death to another life and continue its creation.

In this context, memory of past lives is a certain sign of individuality and spirituality. It also demonstrates estrangement from an animal or herd. However, it is very important for the astral body along with the mind to be conductive to energy, life, sensitive to touch of body and consciousness. Obviously, expanding in both directions, towards the body and consciousness is not accessible to everyone and society provides only a general background for emotionality, sentimentality and intellectuality, not being able to give what a particular individual needs. It is his life purpose. Therefore, most people's astral bodies conflict with experience of their past lives and an individual himself does not realize it. This is a real misfortune. How many believers realize and appropriately choose their environment and life path? The ability to think is good but without the ability not to think, without silence and calmness, it becomes a misfortune. It reminds one of an individual's ability to make fire but inability to put it out. This way, the fire becomes a blaze. In the past, the mind gave great benefits. However, today, due to overrating the mind, an individual lost their ability not to think, to sense their body and reality, to feel and flow together with existence and life, and to move towards the heart. When flowing, we feel lightness, freedom, liveliness, love, bliss; when thinking – difficulty, captivity, laziness and suffering.

If another person or the surrounding life does not match our astral body — and this is the case almost all the time – an imbalance between our inside and outside emerges. Therefore, a reaction to those imbalances is born — thoughts, evaluations, expectations, demands, dogmas, law and commands, which themselves are veils, blockages and resistance to vitality and life. Because of these, less energy flows within us. Besides, due to constant thinking, an individual is not in peace and is exhausted; born in mind, conflicts and tensions transfer to the body and they are unable to relax and unwind.

So far, superstitions, faith, power and law-court in all societies are above truth and freedom. This is the case, because judging happens not according to the truth but rather, the law. Law is the truth of a herd, the truth of the majority.  Law-courts and government never looked for the truth. At best, law-courts and government support only fairness and justice. Yet, where there is no truth and freedom, an individual begins to feel exhausted, feels worse and worse an, gradually, realizes reasons behind this. They come from law, faith and power. Therefore, he stops respecting the herd, the tribe, shrines, law-courts, politicians, and the nation, and these collapse. Essentially, because of the lie and astral body — collective mind — blockages, just as in a large dump site, everything starts to decompose and decay, because people's vital energy cannot flow through caves, swamps and filth of law, beliefs and lies. Truth - connects, law - blocks. In Lithuania, court's judgment is the highest verdict, but until now, no one has looked how much truth is in Lithuanian law. Maybe only Lithuania does not walk with truth? Love flows between a young child But the United States of America and the entire religious Western world are similar. Christian USA attacked Muslim Iraq after declaring it possesses a weapon of mass destruction. The entire Christian, strange, but only Christian world, which believed in its righteousness, sentenced Iraq in the beginning, attacking it afterwards and...did not find any weapon of mass destruction. Who would want the truth if the law wins? The West claims to be bringing the freedom. But without the truth there is no freedom. This is dharma, an existential law and nobody can change or revoke it.


 Excerpt from PREMBUDA. Meditation: Body Soul Balance, available as e-book at Amazon:

Updated on 01-02-2021

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