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From Inequality and Suffering to Super-Heaven – Equality, Love and Meditation (1/5)

It is known that the Lithuanian language originated from Sanskrit; therefore there are many wonderful words in that have the deeper meaning than accepted. Westerners, particularly Lithuanians lack the deeper real experiences for more profound content and relations of the words to be revealed. Thus, the surface meaning of words is often used. We have replaced real experiences and knowledge with beliefs and that shows our lack of wisdom. Otherwise, who needs to believe if he knows? Habits and beliefs bring benefits that are narrow and short-lived, but afterwards they bring suffering, misfortunes and war.


From tenses and tension to equality and heaven. In Lithuanian there is a word laikas, laikyti (time, hold). In English a word tense refers to time and tension. Sometimes to grasp the deeper meanings of a word, research about pronunciation, spelling or its deeper meaning is required. Time is included in our life when somebody holds on to something in body or mind; we hold something or feel tension. If we feel tension, time passes slower. Seasons of the year stand of their own, but the rumblings of Lithuanians that soon the Russians and their president Putin are going to attack us do not stand on their own. That needs to be held all the time, because it is unnatural and does not arise from within. We have to hold something that we like or we want, which does not stand on its own. That causes tension in body, mind and soul as well as exhausts us. Also, it makes us miserable, sick and unhappy. Then it seems that life on Earth is a place for misery and suffering, and it seems like heaven is impossible here. Because of this, the core statement of the 13-12-2002 address of the Lithuanian bishops is that, “Everyone has to remember that heaven cannot be created in a mundane life, therefore the words of those who promise it are empty.” But this is true only for believers. When promoting equality, heaven is not only possible, but also our duty to create it for ourselves and others.

When we do not hold onto something, we relax and find ourselves within; time vanishes like in a good dream. If we believe in a dream, it is different. Then like in a horrible dream waking up seems like salvation. The more conscious a person is, the rarer and more beautiful his dreams are. One of the greatest scientists of our times, Stephen Hawking, a physicist and professor at Cambridge University, discusses the way the time is born. If he was a meditator, he would see the answer.

With equality from body to spirit. When we let go of heaviness, suffering and their causes, and release them from the body and mind, time disappears. Timelessness remains. How does this influence our life and harmony? Harmony deepens and this has its causes. When time and holding disappear, the equality, thousands of equations discovered in matter and living nature stand on their own. When we follow equality in mind, we go beyond it and reach our heart. Then equality in a man reaches the higher level of non-holding, equality and balance, and the energy in our body, emotions, thoughts and imagination turns into growing, happiness and love. It is a guiding direction to be followed. It was not true before. The East did not go outwards to body; the West did not go inwards to spirit and consciousness. On the other hand it is obvious that following equality means going along with science, experiences and feelings. That requires feeling, sensing, mindfulness and intelligence.

We feel inequality. Even animals express their dissatisfaction in the case of inequality (Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay, Monkey cooperation and fairness). Inequality can also be sensed. If inequality is present in the mind, many different thoughts, emotions and energies are born in the mind right away; their amount as well as our state continues to depend on our consciousness and behaviour only. If by our actions we move towards inequality, then thoughts, different explanations and tensions multiply, which become blocks in our body, mind and soul. Later they turn into suffering, diseases, misfortunes and disasters. When following equality, the mood rises, the inner state gets better and we become calm and relaxed. The foundation for further happiness is laid down. These are existential matters which cannot be bought and no confessions, indulgences and prayers to gods can surpass them. They can exist, but they are completely useless if we go with equality in our body, mind and spirit.

Equality is the foundation of life. Life begins in equality. It is rather easy to see, even though it seems that this hasn’t been mentioned anywhere. Life begins and goes with equality. Through all of evolution. That which does not follow equality disappears and dies. That is seen. Only the individual feels inequality and receives energy from it as well as acts towards it. Equality and life started at the beginning of evolution and went through the birth of life, from viruses and bacteria to a cell, through organisms of animals to a human body. That is the easiest and happiest way. One who follows equality is happy. Unhappy is the one who follows inequality. The more you support inequality, the sooner you get sick, tired, exhausted and die. All human kingdoms and evolutional kingdoms of nature that followed magnitude, power and inequality disappeared. They are replaced by new born kingdoms in nature and society with higher sensitivity and equality. Because of that within the fifth extinction bigger and stronger animals disappeared together with dinosaurs. They were replaced by smaller ones (See From The Beginning of Time to The Present Day, 30:30 min) which followed wisdom and intelligence and later they evolved in mammals, birds and humans. Today the effect of equality is also seen everywhere – from the close to far, from small to big in space and time.

The Bible has a decent saying „Truth will make you free“. However, when looking deeper we will see that not truth, which has no good definition, but equality, will make one free. I propose almost the best definition of truth. Truth is equality everywhere and in all dimensions. That includes equations in all sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and other sciences as well as equality, felt and realized through insights, meditations and enlightenment.

Inequality is the foundation of hell. 2500 years ago Gautama Buddha gave a golden rule which can be named the golden equality – treat others as you would have them to treat you. The opposite is also true. Do not treat them the way you would not like to be treated. He behaved like that and became free from the grip of earth and inequality, became enlightened, reached nirvana. There is a positive side of the fact that Gautama Buddha did not go towards matter, did not provide scientific references, because then we would have contaminated the Earth and mind earlier. That was done by his contemporary in Europe, buddha Pythagoras. On the other hand, when using more earth resources and polluting, more intelligence may be assigned for the renewal of such resources and cleaning of Earth and mind. In our times, that was done the most by buddha Osho. Namely because of the precision of Osho’s references about what damages the Earth and people and what should be done, he was greatly abused. He proposed to meditate and transform body, emotions and mind through meditation so the actions arising out of that to have cleaning and joy-bringing quality. It may look too hard for you if you do not meditation, but if you do – that is natural and easy.


Equality is the foundation of heaven. Jesus taught: „Love your neighbour as yourself“. It is wonderful to start here. But when loving only your neighbour, the hatred to a distant person is born as a consequence. This is a natural and logical consequence that is seen among friends, in families, group, tribe and countries. This consequence is an aggression that we can change if we see its causes and results. If love is expressed to only your neighbour, hatred is pushed deep into the body and into sub -consciousness because it is not pleasant. It accumulates. Then seeing and feeling become perverted and a man becomes unable to change anything, because he cannot see the state in which things are and exist. Then aggression and hatred, which are always released, continue to accumulate. It will be released like a storm, flood, explosion, shock and wars. If we love only our neighbours, the Lithuanian bishops are right. Then there always was, is and will be hell on the Earth. But if we also love a distant person as well as animals and birds, and treat all of them equally, then Earth may become heaven, a place of meditation and nirvana – super-heaven.

To be continued in the second part.


Prembuda, Ojas


Updated on 12-06-2017

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