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From Censorship and the Despising of Art - to Peace

In Lithuania a tumult around the freedom to press one’s faith onto others and the freedom to purge oneself of faith has arisen sparked by the play “About the Conception of God’s Face” by the Italian Romeo Castelluci, which has been performed in theatres and the devices used in it.  It is high time to balance freedoms and responsibilities.   However, it is a very subtle process; possible only when deep inner silence and peace are present, and those are possible only if there is an infinite inner balance, from emptiness.


The deep balance of freedom and responsibility is interesting only to a few, moreover, deep inner balance, and the inner silence of the seeker are necessary, but those are absent in the believers’ world.  For a start, a simple but quite elaborate article will be sufficient.  The journalist V. Sinica writes about censorship of the play “About the Conception of God’s Face” and the presumed despising of the symbols held dear by believers.  Censorship and despising are never good.  But it is wrong for the author to write about spirituality without having even an elementary personal spiritual experience.  The author’s statement, that “Belief is a very intimate and immediate part of identity, incomparable with political views or something similar”, at once shows the author’s comprehension and his place in the spiritual investigations.  These words show that the author does not have any real deeper spiritual experience or inner balance and does not know inner peace.  But these things are necessary when talking about spirituality or, more precisely, talking from inner balance, inner silence, and a state of thoughtless inner peace.

In exploring deep spirituality and peaks of it, one can find that the base of materiality is identity and that of spirituality – a natural disidentification, infinite relaxation and existing in reality, and in truth.  Believers, fundamentalists, and politicians, and sectarians are born from the identification with something that is pleasant for them, that excites them, but they are impotent detach themselves from it.  Namely, the identity and the contraction that follows it make belief, politics, fundamentalism and hooliganism similar.  Only the degree of it is different.  A newborn baby and a child already have this quality, when he grabs any completely needless toy. This identity and contraction lead the soul from the spiritual world to the physical, material world.   Disidentification and relaxation lead to the opposite direction.  Nowadays there is not enough disidentification, relaxation and a balance between them.

The first step of letting one’s identity go is the ability to think.  Not just exchanging thoughts about things, but also thinking about a belief, its symbols, forms, thoughts and other things.  V. Sinica and most believers in Lithuania clearly have the ability to think, but they are still unable to think about the ideas of belief, images, feel the energies of beliefs or see identities.  And there are almost no signs that the author and most of the believers could dive deeper inside, beyond thoughts, beyond mind, witness their bodies, their thoughts, reality, to see the truth and to speak it.  So the authors’ juvenile thoughts could only be the rudiment of self searching, but not guides to the discussion or even partial answers.  Indeed, the author himself declares that he belongs to the movement “Right Thought”.   But right thought is related to truth and balance only as much as the right leg or arm.  The disposition to use only one side leads not to the inside, into spirit, truth, but rather, to move around in circles.  A bigger or smaller circle, in the body or in the mind, but still only in a circle, like a vicious circle.  People gather, bewitch themselves and believe that they are becoming more true. 


It is obvious, that the play in question was partially born as purging, vomiting, catharsis from a continuous sickly forcing of the Christ and the Catholicism onto babies from their first breath.  This cleaning is a natural cleansing of the body, mind and soul from different physical and mental garbage, remedies and poisons, and from the self-important Jesus lying and damaging a child’s psyche; trying to scare, as if nobody could go deeper inside without him.  This is also cleansing from the god dictator sick with Alzheimer’s disease, who forces you to love him, but he himself is unable to remember the events of a few days before, because his ravings about the creation of the world absolutely contradict the facts and commonsense.  Taking these ravings inside destroys inner silence, peace, evokes unbalanced body-mind tensions and leads to over reasoning, trying to silence thoughts with thinking and beliefs – like covering infected wounds with gold, which leads to dementia and schizophrenia.  Members of parliament look miserable when they start to boast that they are going to follow these dictatorial orders.  These ill-witted achievers bring misery to Lithuania .  Simple self-cleansing of the mind naturally rebuilds inner peace and calm. Such is a practice, such is the truth.

Censorship and despising are born out of an identification with something that people do not know, and are yet impotent to think of. They do not know how to test what they cannot witness and cannot disindentify themselves from.  This is why wars start, and a lot of illnesses and accidents. In fact, all disasters and miseries.  Identity is good only in the short term, but it should be followed by natural relaxation and disidentification. Then it is natural, then there is balance, peace, spirituality. It is through meditation that one is led to this.

Prembuda, 06-10-2012

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