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Meditacijos centras Ojas

2001 No.9

Metchislovas Vrubliauskas

Esoteric Psychology and Meditation

    A word “esoteric” in the International Words’ dictionary is derived from a Greek word “esotericos”, which means “inner, closed” and is defined as “secret, mysterious, inaccessible or only within a reach of chosen ones”. This description is misleading. First of all, an esoteric world or level is not secret, but absolutely open. It is possible to feel, see, and even smell or hear it with inner senses. Secondly, it is not inaccessible. It's quite another matter that special training, sensitivity and certain consciousness are necessary to explore and understand the esoteric world. Thirdly, it has nothing in common with choosing. It is accessible to anyone. So, when I say “esoteric” first of all I mean “inward, sensitive, subtle”, but at the same time necessarily experienced, experienced with inner sight or any other inner sense. Finally, by saying esoteric psychology I will have in consciousness an inner, subtle psychology, which is often not purely inner, but available to more conscious outer observer. Everything I assert here is confirmed not only by my own practice, but also by a practice of science and other researchers.

    Holistic psychology. Neither classical nor esoteric psychologies don’t cover a man comprehensively. Relatively speaking it is possible to say that classical psychology starts to explore a man from an outside, from his visible side - body and moves towards soul, while esoteric psychology explores an inner or invisible side, and moves towards exterior psychical expressions and body, but on the other hand, it moves towards the superior processes of spirituality and consciousness. Classical and esoteric psychologies together make an entire or holistic psychology. Classical psychology was born a century ago in the West, and esoteric psychology - several thousand years ago in the East. The main methods of classical psychology are observation, focusing of mind, thinking, and concentration. While witnessing, centering or meditation are the main methods of esoteric psychology. A psychologist needs mind and thought, an esoteric - consciousness and wisdom. Both psychologies complement each other and don’t conflict anywhere. The methods of research and practice of both psychologies can be and has to be verified and confirmed.

    Esoteric and Religion. Esoteric is often related to religion and beliefs. Esoteric, the true esoteric is based on practice, research and experience. Furthermore, it is a science of man’s subtle bodies and energies. Religion in its deepest sense is a science of consciousness and also related to the highest man’s bodies, energies and highest truth. For this reason esoteric cannot be dissociated from religion. We should remember that science is the entirety of learning and knowledge, and truth but not an attitude towards, any opinion or belief. In belief truths are revealed, which have also certain value, corresponds to certain truth. Nevertheless, taking a broader view, belief in esoteric is a blind alley. A view, an opinion or belief can be useful a little until we do not know truth. It is necessary to find the truth, to understand it and to learn to use it properly.

    I will give an example of religious esoteric. It is suitable for this year as political and spiritual leader of Tibet Dalai Lama will probably arrive in Lithuania. In his autobiographical book translated in Lithuanian “Free Exile” he writes not only about multiple soul reincarnation or rebirth, but also gives facts. The facts that are verified and confirmed. Firstly, this Dalai Lama has been incarnated as Tibet leader for the fourteenth time. The book describes methods how the one who has been incarnated or reborn indicates place of new birth, how during meditation, that place, time and newborn are being searched, how the identity of individual - incarnated soul is being verified, etc. These methods and facts are quite reliable to be acknowledged as scientific. They are similar to the methods of psychological research. They are even more reliable. For those who wish more facts, the book gives two more tulku - spiritual masters' photos from last lives, who recall their past lives, when they were old and their present photos, when reborns are agile boys of preschool age. Similar tulku in Tibet and all over the world are thousands.

    The fact of reincarnation shows that there is some certain essence in a man, or at least in a man of high consciousness, which crosses death and determines more man’s character than its physical body, parents or society. In fact all past lives are in astral body and its reading belongs to a sphere of esoteric. For that not mind so much as consciousness is necessary. It is known that killing decreases consciousness. Therefore, in such beliefs as Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism where killing is condemned and vegetarianism is accepted as basis reincarnation is experienced and recognized. While in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, where excessive animal hunting is a norm, reincarnation is not experienced, more exactly not recalled. However, at present time, when consciousness of people increased, reincarnation is more often experienced in the West. It is useful to know that animals when killed emit specific poison, which cause new illnesses.

    Esoteric knowledge can be very useful for science. Then many things, among them tendencies of scientific research and even forthcoming results, are quite early. The process of man’s death and new birth is described in the “Tibetan Book of Dead”. It tells about a journey of man’s inner or spiritual essence - after death and before birth. When I researched visual perception at Vilnius University, I was greatly surprised that the color sequence of evolved sight canals coincide with sequence color of the buddhas seen each day after death. This relates to order and colors of man’s energetic centers -chakras'. Psyche and even body are linked with soul. After understanding one thing, we understand many adjacent ones. Today we still do not know at which level of cerebral cortex and how the process of color and spatial perception functions. Knowing color sequence in esoteric and evolution, it is easy to choose the course of scientific research because spatial and color perception is psychosomatic, even soul-somatic phenomenon.

    Reincarnation, knowledge transmission from the spiritual world into physical and vice versa during meditation as the very process of rebirth are attributable to esoteric and religion. This is widely known in Tibetan Buddhism as in every other authentic religion - Dao, Tao, Tantra, etc. Psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and other scientists should include these and similar facts: explore and deny them or accept. It would be a considerable contribution to unification of human, nature and consciousness sciences. After we realize consciously that we are the very essence, which separates from the dying body and passes over death, it changes many things and put everything in their places.

    Esoteric example. I will give one esoteric example from my practice, which happens quite often. A young meditator and good programmer Ignas for several months enjoyed not only good health and life but also well-being. Later, while on a business trip abroad, his joy started fading, and was changing into sorrow, boredom and depression. This continued when he came back. Even during meditations he couldn’t reach the inner energetic levels from which revival and joy come. Ignas asked for an individual session because another business trip was scheduled and his psychic and spiritual state wasn’t getting better. In the beginning of the session became clear that his problem is in astral body. In the West, this body nearly corresponds to collective unconsciousness. It contains the filled behavior norms, rules, accepted ideas, wishes and convictions of parents’, friends’ and believes’. They determine the flow of energies. If any chain of interaction between the astral body and other bodies’ distorts or breaks, the suppression, tension or conflict arise. Then an individual is becoming weak. Therefore, joy and blissfulness disappear and are replaced by boredom, sorrow and depression.

    Ignas started to meditate a couple of years ago and he feels an astral body a little as well as the flow of inner energies. When being lead, he can travel in his astral body, but still can’t move in its twists on his own. For one who leads this journey it is like a movement by wires of activated electronic scheme. Though it is more complicated here, because the one being lead has also to follow, and only he can allow or make certain changes. During the inner journey, two energetic blocks have been detected rather quickly. First energetic breach appeared because one close person accused him of not joining one very important project. However, the block appeared not because Ignas didn’t join it, but because he believed in his fault. These are the common problems of faithful people. People believe more in others than in themselves.

    The second block appeared because of woman’s assertion that he should look better, and that his private and partially sexual life is not useful and should be different. And again belief became an obstacle. He believed her that he is not perfect and is guilty. He believed, so it means he agreed to change and he changed the inner link, in fact many links, and at the same time he changed the structure of his astral body and its interaction with other bodies. The consequence was felt later, after some days or weeks. For this reason he couldn’t relate these changes with declines in his health. During an intimate communication, the above-mentioned people unconsciously damaged Ignas' subconscious links. Nevertheless, Ignas opened the door to subconsciousness and made the changes there himself. During the session, being lead along the labyrinths of astral body he easily corrected the mistake - cleaned the stains and untied the thought rolls, and the flow of energy and well-being had immediately returned.

    There are plenty of such cases. It is known that people get sick because of belief, even loose sight or die. Perhaps during massive epidemic half of people become sick because of faith. Surprises the fact that meditators who are centered into themselves and do not center into attitudes of media fall sick several times less or even do not get sick at all.

    It is worse that people still do not know how to look for the reasons of declines in health and are not inclined to learn. On the other hand, they have never been taught how to do it, and even doctors and psychologists haven’t yet found the ways of co-operation neither between themselves, nor between esoterics.

    The perception of an astral body helps to untie the blocks and knots of collective ideas, thoughts, wishes, faiths, etc. What Christians consider to be a sin is only a stain in an astral body, that has to be cleansed or a knot, that has to be untied. Such cleansing of inner stains or untying astral knots improves health and well-being a lot. Conscious person cleanses the sub-consciousness on his own. It is necessary to note that an astral body is only a rung in esoteric world.

    Meditation. Meditation is the main method of esoteric psychology’s research and learning. It is necessary to balance concentration. All grand movements ended with concentration camps because of the lack of meditation knowledge: Christianity ended with inquisitional, national currents - with fascist, and classic currents - with communistic concentration camps. It seems the time for meditation camps has come. Until meditation won’t enter our life naturally, a threat of concentration camps remains.

    Several thousand years ago, Indian mystic Shiva described one hundred and twelve basic meditation methods. He is nearly the only mystic, who widely described meditations suitable for women. It is possible to create a great number of methods and technologies out of them. In order to learn and apply these methods, time, energy and studies are necessary. On the other hand, using any method, there is something common. First of all, the key to meditation is witnessing, secondly, in order to enter the state of witnessing, totality is necessary. Thirdly, non-judgment is necessary for meditation. In addition, meditation is more a method of discoveries, than of inventions. During meditation one reveals what is already in him, but what was not revealed because there weren’t conditions for this. Like in a seed is tree’s, and an egg - bird’s potential, so is God’s potential in a man. Meditation starts from mental body, from the body where between thought gaps inner sky opens and leads a man towards the splendid highs of consciousness.

    Effect of Concentration and Meditation. As it is possible to concentrate or focus light, it is possible to concentrate physical power, mind or consciousness. Tension and tiredness always lead concentration. In addition, when mind is tensed and concentrated its effect grows, thus the violation of alive process is possible. A thought in esoteric world can be compared with awl or forceps in microworld. A thought and mind are too rough for inner subtle operations.

    Everything what is alive and eternal are not born by mind or its concentration. A thought fits for modeling or manipulation of lifeless world. A thought doesn’t pass through the death. It doesn’t even pass through the sleep. The last thought before falling asleep becomes the first one when waking up, and the last thought before death determines the posthumous journey and becomes the first one in incarnation. The thought melts in consciousness, consciousness is able to crystallize into a thought.

    Meditation is a clear and high state of consciousness when an individual is not identified neither with body nor emotions or mind. It is a flight of a soul. Then the perception is happening directly, but not distortedly. The truth is being discovered then. It is discovered in consciousness and never in mind. Pure consciousness reminds a little bit pure and nonjudgmental child’s look. In the state of high consciousness, when your own and even others' emotions, feelings and thoughts are seen as the Earth from the bird’s flight, all things fall into places. An activity becomes creative, easy and blissful. In high consciousness everything transforms very harmonically: rough movement into gentle touching, anger or jealousy into love, even tar into honey. Everything starts to happen solidly and existentially. A distant becomes close and conscious man is surrounded by love as flower by fragrance. Violence becomes impossible because there is no violence, anticipation, plan or idea of how it should be in consciousness. Conscious man absolutely knows that he can’t harm other without more hurting himself. Such state of consciousness sustains unfolding of higher man’s centers - heart and soul; and on the contrary. Then individual acts not according to mind or morality taken from outside or even to conscience, which come from the past, but under the perception of the whole situation and present.

    The Future of Meditation and Esoterics. It seems that nowadays, when people exhausted almost all negative and positive sides of the outer world and mind, esoteric and meditation become almost inevitable. Even if a man doesn’t do anything, meditative consciousness moments start to happen spontaneously because in the very surroundings and people’s actions there is more and more consciousness. Even a natural search for goodness, truth, love or relaxation leads towards esoteric and meditation. If there is no search, a man drinks, takes drugs, and cleanses by fighting, beating or combating. As in the past, a direction of people’s growth was thinking and concentration, now such potency is a process of becoming more conscious and meditation. Uniting concentration and meditative methods returns to the man a balance of body, feeling, mind and spirit, and together with it health, goodness and blissfulness.

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