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Daughter because of religion was locked up in mental house

A thirty years old daughter, who was resting at home, suddenly was put to mental hospital by her mother’s force because of different religious beliefs. Mother, who took advantage of her daughter’s trustfulness - the latter gave a key to the flat the under-age sister, brought in accomplices: they got into the flat six together. Read about the first part of this story in the article: “Insane children of Catholics’ want to meditate” on the web page . After compulsory “medical treatment”, Neringa visited the author of these lines of her own free will and regretted using Osho meditation center “Ojas” for slander and confirmed the justice of mentioned published article. Neringa’s story shows terrible fanaticism and intolerance of her mother, psychiatrists, LNK television program “Srovës” (“Streams”) and their inspirers regarding other religions. LNK “Srovës” new about Neringa’s early psychical outbursts and still brought framed-up charges against Osho meditation center “Ojas” and against the author of these lines. Even psychiatrists weren’t able to do it in the program.

After 52 days of physical, psychical and spiritual violence Neringa at last got out of “other religion than Catholicism” “treatment” in mental hospital in New Vilnia, where she was tied to the bed, dosed with drugs by force, almost every day heard talks about group sex and was forced not to meditate in the future.

In the childhood Neringa was beaten by her mother and also had to kiss mother’s legs so that she could feel better.

How many people of different than Catholicism religion - meditators will have to die and put into mental hospital, so that meditation could step into our life? People, who are fond of happiness and truth, be considerate towards the attacks of inquisitors and support happiness and wealth of people of different religion.

More about it, Neringa’s narration and the comment of the author of these lines read in the near future.

With love

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